More Tesla Model 3 details revealed!

In this video we look farther into the Nooks and Crannies of the Model 3 and reveal a few new secrets!
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Mark Mathews says:

these things are Soy Boy Toys,complete with rattles

Steven C D says:

thx so much for answering my question. And thx for the extra info. Good job!!

Kuth70 says:

Ive heard that they’ve since added just a little more padding to the rear seats.

Jim McLaren says:

Presumably, now the gen2 rear seats have more padding, the floor won’t be as flat when the rear seat backs are folded down…does anyone know how much they now tilt up? (Hoping to use camping mode)

Gordini says:

19:04 May be access code to activate the ‘Valet’ mode for example?

Michael Young says:

Thanks for not showing ‘…your junk in the glove box…’ 😀 (sophomoric humor)

Best Hand says:

Tech Forum I bet this access code gives Tesla service guys some special access to special functions and data.

travis romine says:

Love your detailed vids. Info I don’t see on other channels. Great for people who haven’t seen it in person. Keep up the great work Matt.

Mark Arbuckle says:

On the x it enables the holiday dance Easter egg

Xbox Gamer says:

Is there a 12v cigarette lighter

Kurt Thompson says:

4:04 Speakers: If there are 13 speakers as you say, it sounds like there are only 2 in the dash. Here’s what it sounds like to me:
2 – speakers in the dashboard
6 – three speakers on each side in the front
2 – one speaker (tweeter) on each rear door
2 – one speaker on each side of the rear deck
1 – one sub-woofer in the trunk
13 – total speakers

If there are indeed 4 speakers in the dash then there would be 15 total speakers.

2revoemag says:

Please. Please! Do something about your sound in these free form videos. Typically when you’re in the car it isn’t as bad… but I’m surprised as someone who claims to be into audio so much you haven’t noticed. The windnose and you shifting grip on the camera sounds like you filmed inside a ballon.

Carl Groover says:

you can tap on the charge door to open it.

GameKingFaiz says:

I’ve seen in a 70D that if you type “performance” into the access code it allows you to change the performance of the car. This is useful for if it’s in a showroom and there are no lower models available. So for example on the 70D you’d only get the option to change the performance to a 70. But for example, if there was a 100D on the showroom, the tech could “nerf” the performance to that of a 70D (for example) in order to test drive that performance to a buyer.

Gordon Tyler says:

can you show all the chrome areas for those of us that want to do a chrome delete process?

ArizVern says:

Access code? Looks like a Back Door.

Eli Janney says:

Thanks! Picking mine up in two weeks! This helps a lot,

Richard Enstad says:

Very detailed sir. A lot of effort went into it. Solid video !!


This is the second video i watched. Please!!!! Before any more “secrets”……… MORE LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A J says:

Can you tow-charge the car?

Aaron Bounds says:

Seems like the back seats have been redone in newer editions of the 3. Thanks for the video.

Ashley Hill says:

I havent seen anyone do / show off the google assistant and siri integration for the model 3 (and not really for the model s or x either to be honest).
coulpe of things i can think of:
telling it to unlock the trunk / frunk (like if you have a box in hands) and then see if can lift the rest of the way up without putting the box down (how much does it open if commanded?)
what happens if the blueetooth drama happens and you would normally need to use the card; and if you can use it to unlock and drive away without the key card
then some general everyday things like setting the temperature (like when your getting ready to leave); getting the charge rate; telling it to start / stop charging (case i can think of if you saw your exporting power from solar to the grid)
and if your want maybe try using ITTTN or similar to bundle commands.

Abdurrahman AlQuran says:

I’m pretty sure it’s along the circumference of the window arc, not a diameter

Sean says:

Some people have figured out some passwords for that access screen. One is “Mars”. It brings up the Mars navigation.

Felipe Buccianti says:

I’ve seen several model 3 cars where the door seal bulges out in places. I was told that it’s within spec and not something Tesla services. Did your car have any of that? Here’s a pic

Tom Kramer says:

You briefly covered the summon feature and adjustment of the distance from the wall while parking. However, I didn’t notice how close you were able to dial it in. As an M3 reservation holder with a tight garage space, I’d be curious how close it can be set to the wall. Also, will it just as easily sense the vehicle in front of it (tandem garage slot), or is that not recommended?

Timothy Graham says:

Hey do you have what look like missing grommets under your rear wheel wells holding the inside fender cover on?

Marko Milenkovic says:

try typing in “showroom”

Kevin Smith says:

One other thing, Matt. You don’t have to go to the screen to open your charge port. If the vehicle is unlocked, all you have to do is tap the charge port door and it will pop open.

DFKnightmare says:

Wouldnt that be 14 speakers plus a sub?

Roger Moiny says:

Great video once again!

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