Revenge of the Tesla Killers | New Models Hope to Dethrone Elon

Tesla makes the best cars in the world, by many objective measures. But regardless of which measure you choose, it’s obvious that every automaker is playing catch up and lacks the luster which Tesla still holds. Get these updates in your inbox at

Here are the stories from today:

// Revenge of the Tesla Killers

* Jaguar I-Pace
* Porche Mission E
* This is good for EVs!
* Is Tesla hiding something?

// R&D in Greece
* Long tradition of automotive engineers from Greece

Musk’s electric car business is an unsung success story for the Greek diaspora, with three of Tesla’s top designers boasting degrees from the National Technical University of Athens. Tesla’s plans for the country have such “game-changing potential” that the head of the Hellenic Entrepreneurs’ Association, Vasilis Apostolopoulos, has pledged to hand over his own industrial plant for free as a testing ground for new products.

Addressing delegates at the annual Delphi economic forum, Apostolopoulos said: “I have personally emailed Musk to welcome Tesla Greece … and to say that for the next 10 years I will give, at zero cost to his company, my group’s own industrial plant outside Corinth so that Greece can be on the frontline of global innovation.”

// Smart Cars become MB EQ
* Faster charging
* Ride share ready
* Faster charging

“smart is electric, innovative, intelligent and totally unique, or in three words each: ‘smart EQ fortwo’ and ‘smart EQ forfour’. With the smart EQ fortwo/forfour, we are putting the first products from the Mercedes-Benz Cars EQ family on urban roads and showing how much fun electric mobility can be.”

CEO of smart Dr. Annette Winkler

“From May 2018, a particularly powerful 22 kW fast charger will be available as an option in Europe. This makes it possible for the smart fortwo (combined power consumption of 22 kW on-board charger with fast charging function.”

‘Smart EQ control’ is also linked to Daimler’s new ‘ready-to-share’ private car-sharing function. When buying the ‘ready-to-share’ package, which includes things that can facilitate car sharing, like “keyless entry” function, owners can easily share the vehicle through Daimler’s app.

// Model 3 Tracker
* Dropped to 599 per week?
* Delay for tax credit maybe?

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// Tesla + Honda = Teslonda?
* Amazing

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Steven Hill says:

“Tesla Killer” is a laughable statement for sure. Every electric car owner including Tesla welcomes the competition. It’s all about furthering the electric/renewable energy movement.

Koug Arpaw says:

Jaguar iPace vs Tesla Model X looks so rigged – possible faked video. Independent test, please.

Stephen McGauley says:

Hi Ben, You ask how the IPACE beat the Model X? The evidence is in the video!!! They raced it against a 75d is the answer.

Edward Mitchell says:

You know Ben you are really naive as if Tesla goes belly up mark my words all the other car manufactures will go back to the way things were before Tesla disturbed their business models. That is what they mean by a “Tesla Killer,” as they want to put a stop to this as they had a good thing going before Tesla came on to the scene.

Tuxedo Apps says:

Dude, the Jag was pitted against a 75D !! They probably figured that few people would snap to that fact. I still like the Jag but it’s embarrassing when they try blow smoke like that. I’ll lend them my wife’s S 90D if they want to do a fair drag race.

Jim Challender says:

What is the car in at the beginning of today’s video?

Mr. Tesla says:

Thats a 75D model x… which is slower than the 100D modelx

therepguy1 says:

Jaguar should know better and there a better company too

Quebec 100% EV says:

Ummm… has he never seen an electric smart car before? It’s not a new vehicle they just changed the name from “Smart Fortwo ED” to “Smart Fortwo EQ”. The smart electric has been on sale in the USA for years.

McMicGera says:

Hmm, if Tesla is doing a “facelift” I am hoping they increase supercharger power, maybe to 350 kW. Here in Europe they are slowly getting serious about installing those superfast chargers with CCS for VW, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Ford and so on. But the moment they will do that, it will not be good for depreciation of older Tesla Models. I hope Tesla will be leading in the case of fast charging. I am not a Tesla driver, but would it be noticeable if charging times are half or a third of todays times?

Wood Hughes says:

Ben, I’d like to hear more about the Leaf & Bolt updates. I understand they aren’t Tesla/Porche/Jag level, but they do hit the mass market and they are E cars.

Richard Linares says:

These companies need to stop trying to kill Tesla and kill ICE/diesel cars. They don’t promote it that way because ICE/diesel cars will still be 90% of their sales.

Scott Wills says:

They only raced the 100d not the p100d. The Jaguar is much lighter too I believe.

Donovan says:

I’m trying to understand why these car companies aren’t investing in charging infrastructure……..

Jonathan J says:

If I get a rwd m3 now can awd be retro fitted.

Arnis Tarassu says:

iPace range is above 220. Look at the kWh rating. iPace is smaller.

creator generator says:

I believe Tesla designed the initial Smart Fortwo power train and battery pack. Hopefully Mercedes have learned and improved on it. Anybody got details?

MrDannesboe says:

They only raced the 100D. Not the P100D. 100D is 0-100km/h in 4,9. The P100D is 0-100 km/h in 3,1. So… yes… it can’t beat the tesla model X P100D

Jens Holck-Clausen says:

Off course the Jaguar wins when they race it against the 75D that does 0-60 in 4.9 sec.

filipo erikssso says:

How exactly do those cars kill the teslas? do they have a kind of electric current that turn off the teslas while driving

Kevin Wiltshire says:

Already saw door handles for the model 3 on the parts bend at the Tesla service center

Everythingtech says:

I think Tesla is done in electric they are really good at that so I think when the those cars Tesla is going to try be working in at self driving by the time they come out

wmlarch says:

the delays of the Models S and X is simply what Elon eluded to in doing the right thing for tax rebate. I’m thinking they are shipping S and X overseas in this period to keep the US sales below the 200K mark until the end of Q2, then all the cars in Q3 and 4 get the full tax credit. Also, how does creating cars that cost more than $100K moves us as a society toward with electric mobility? We need cars in the $30 to $40K range.

Ben Campbell says:

Ben love your channel and Brooks at Drag times. He always keeps it real regardless of the out come. Both of you always have a great reputation. Thanks

Filip Nikolic says:

Ben love your videos and am a huge fan of Tesla, but the *I-Pace* (90kWh/0-60 4.5) was compared to a *70D* (70kWh/0-60 5.2), as it is its closest price competitor. The P100D is almost double the price of the I-Pace!

Tommy the Barber says:

Competition is good….awesomeness

DarkWing494 says:

I wonder how many of those Tesla killers are using the free Tesla patents XD

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