Sacred Geometry is the Blueprint of Magnetic Energy – Bringing Tesla’s Tech to Public – Josh Toms

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Sacred Geometry is the Blueprint of Magnetic Energy – Meet the Inventor Continuing Tesla, Leedskalnin, Depew
Josh Toms is an artist and experimenter following in the footsteps of Nikola Tesla and Ed Leedskalnin’s work. His art depicts mathematical, sacred geometric and energetic relationships based on Tesla’s and Leedskalnin’s discoveries, as well as from his own experiments…

Josh is an avid supporter of alternative solutions such as free energy and supports movements such as the Tesla Science Foundation and the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement. Josh is also the founder of the Million Volt March which has the goal of bringing like minded individuals together to explore different sustainable options for the future.

In Awakening Truth, Josh speaks about the history and fates of Tesla and Leedskalnin and shares information about their work and discoveries, and how our society may prosper once again given that we start implementing the results of their work. Also discussed, is how he aims towards changing the current paradigm of our society by bringing inventors together.

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graceanneful says:

Synchronicity- Every time a flower is plucked…. it disturbs a star

Lola Waters says:

OH you need to have a web page to find this guy because just googling josh tom does not take you to him so you need a web page for him

Katherine Willie says:

The energy is called Human RESONANCE!

Love & Light Sirius B says:

Brilliant seperation from the oil industry

Katherine Willie says:

What’s in my heart is my spirit!

shaun forks says:

Rex, you need to track down a man named Kevin Hay. I found him on Facebook. He makes ORMUS and is like a modern day Tesla much like this guy.

Blue Blood says:

That book you read, pyramid power, was written by Patrick Flanagan. He claims to be the reincarnation of Nikola Tesla and have all memories . He’s invented a lot of great things. Dig deeper into him

graceanneful says:

Perfect balance is weightlessness. I have experienced this. It’s true. The man in this video seems tongue tied only because as he is speaking… creativity and beauty is enveloping him all at once.. meditate on the spectacular grandness of these things

BradyH84 says:

yo dude cracks me up

Krookiemonster says:

Energy, vibration and most important of all frequencies… and even more important where the freqs come from and why..

John Walls says:

Josh is a savant with a great mind and knows how to connect the dots of the matrix to help set the flow of energy to change reality as we know it .

Atwill tam says:

your a genius man your touching some 50 karat gold right here !

jennifer cowart says:

to your title I answer yes and the creator of the blueprint is Yahweh and it was stolen by Satan Lucifer and his fallen angels copy used by the Fallen to make other worlds other beings this and that after doing this for a couple of billion years I started manipulating our genes and then they share this technology with us so we can also be partakers in this forbidden sacred geometry and leave our place of habitation thanking that God will have to banish us from the kingdom as he did them for leaving their place of habitation but he won’t because we weren’t armed with what all they are armed with Lucifer was created the full pattern lacking nothing he can imitate The Cinematic effect and frequency of God’s voice to fool people into believing his God but the true children of your way could never be deceived by him and we are chosen by God adopted by his own blood sacrifice of himself we are adopted into his kingdom he saves us just to spite Lucifer

MrGruffy 44 says:

At 1:15, Rex says that he wonders who is behind the scenes, and really controlling the world.
I can answer that question. Just read this book:
“Can You Stand The Truth? The Chronicle of Man’s Imprisonment”, Angeliki Anagnostou-Kalogera 2009 and 2012, 700 pages

The book was written in Greek, then translated into English The author claims to have been visited by a Being from another time and space. He is referred to as the “Messenger. This book offers explanations about the two creations soul, spirit, extraterrestrials, “sin”, the actual “gods” that created our material world, what to expect when we die, and many more subjects and questions.
This book is very difficult to read, and to interpret what the author and the “Messenger” are trying to say. Besides English punctuation errors (no commas where there should be commas) and convoluted run-on sentences, some of the text seems like nonsense.

It will show that there are two main gods: The Father God, and the Creator God (Yaldabaoth). It will show how and why Yaldy created our material physical world. His angels (demons) control the human rulers on Earth, who, in turn, keep us as slaves.

If one sticks with it, one will learn more from this book than from the Kybalion, Nag Hammadi, and the Emerald Tablets COMBINED!

These beings or entities go from planet to planet to exploit the resources and leave the people impoverished or as slaves? Hasn’t that been the policy of the U.S. for 200 or so years? Invade some country under false pretenses (brutal dictator, or spreading democracy). Then let the banks and big business exploit the resources?

Quotes attributed to Cecil Rhodes (Alluded to on page 49 in Quigley’s book, The Anglo-American Establishment ):
“Why should we not form a secret society with but one object, the furtherance of the British Empire, and the bringing of the whole world under British rule, for the recovery of the United States, for making the Anglo Saxon race but one Empire? What a dream, but yet it is probable; it is possible.”
“We must find new lands from which we can easily obtain raw materials, and at the same time exploit the cheap slave labor that is available from the natives of the colonies. The colonies would also provide a dumping ground for the surplus goods produced in our factories.”

What goes around, comes around.

Carol McCash says:

As a female I feel like an angry violent person, daily pissed off at ignorance all around me , and I realised from a baby age my name which I would say over and over and it would make no sense to me , I didn’t relate any feeling of being this name until I learned it’s a calling and my surname is family. The cruelest thing you learn as a child is death . Everyone you love will die , but I learned I’m energy and vibration my body is purely a vehicle for my spirit to have this human experience. Knowledge,learning to know thy self. So when my vehicle ( body) packs up and it’s off to the fire to be scrapped I will have flown from that vehicle. I’m not going to sit in my car when it’s time for it to be crushed am I… now I’m older I like to be home and surround myself with guys like you… people think I’m crazy or don’t care enough about how our collective minds can change everything. I’m still a fun loving witty happy grateful human but I care that not everyone equal. I’m going to end this rant as I could go on and on but it’s the first time I’ve bothered to write something , but my point is I was meant to be born on the 17th march saint patricks day but lucky for my mum I came on the 13th 3 69 . I’m well aware of Tesla but shocked that the everyday person says who!!!! So I have a tattoo of Buddha lady with her earrings 1 and 3 and her gold banded necklace has 369 my date of birth and the secret code …..

Love & Light Sirius B says:

Aikido all about deflection Bruce Lee philosophy is what I have been following

Marsha Price says:

I sucked at geometry I barely passed. Would sigils be considered geometry?

Hide Behind says:

No Matter What You Name It.
The subtle reality of the Universe cannot be described.
That which can be described in words is merely a conception of the mind, so no matter name and descriptions applied the subtle reality is beyond description.
Sacred geometry was bastardized by Western minds and even their religions were to control physical realities, mechanical geometry.
Eastern thought upon geo.etry was that of energy, energy combined, assimulated or detracted from there is (are) effects within that Universl.Tesla said he did not fully understand where or how his ideas came from or to fruition.
Intuition is not understood, we know not how our brains find truths ot falsity.
A birds beaK with magnetic particles , magnetism is waves, but how those waves transmit to the physical action by the synapses within the brain and from brains to heart. Synapses cause vibrations that pass through empty spaces at different frequencies
To put on tin foil hats that block up to 30g, also blocks one self from the natural, the guest mentions growing up in a natural environment, neutral ground, where one recieves vibrations that surround us.
The past, present, and the future already exist, and we are now learning to tap into that Universe.
Music is vibrations but can be mathematicly defined, now how does one use math to describe a combination of unseen sounds.
Sorry folks but pi is not a finite number, it allows us to conceptualize a finite when it is an unfinished infinate.

oakley2280 says:

The Don has Teslas work ….

tony martinez says:

Its about time someone understands what we have been saying Linear Dynamics Energy. Read the blogs.

JenFlorudaNumberraccount Cowart says:

Rex sacred geometry is just that sacred and copied by the fallen to manifest a world where they could be worshiped as gods get on board buddy

SpaceManAus says:

Nikola Tesla found a way to draw the power directly from the earth, the device was called The Orgon Generator I made a video about it on my channel, he found out about this energy when he went to Egypt, I think if you knew the layering of minerals inside the pyramids you would know how to build it I think, it also said it would not work unless you are drawing power from it.

Love & Light Sirius B says:

Yes it’s all patterning, spiralling DNA coding, particles that make us shape us interwoven quantum entanglement

jennifer cowart says:

Tesla was involved in seances where he channeled spirits I channeled the Holy Spirit daily what he use is what you call Prime quadruplets you have 24 layers imitating the layers of the dimensions layer 3 on top of each other and have them move simultaneously and counterclockwise and clockwise motion is called a flywheel you can manipulate gravitational forces these things are not fascinating to me they’re simple because I was given a mi d by YHVH

Roger Whitley says:

Keep doing your research you’re wrong or just not at the true answer completely… makes you look like a modern academia fool, keep repeating what you where force fed..

davey crow says:

gr8 hear sumone talk a science art free of usual limitations lost in possabillities or wotever u find ,where-along-it-takes u!….anything and everyting is probable!..creativity is a mama of invention….’sounz good2me’…cum-on then!!

Love & Light Sirius B says:

Yes here in UK a fella can spin boulders as long as you find the weak spot

Ashera Star Goddess says:

Josh is correct….. Josh it’s all is about balance…. study humans and all of their imbalance… the best way to balance human race, is mix it…. read the Book of Enoch, and decode it ! read tablets 6 -8 of the Emerald Tables of Thoth…decode it… with electromagtetic spectrum scale

Billy Silva says:

What they teach you in school is the very simple basics that you will have to use that help the elite cabal run this planet in the fashion that they choose if they give you too much information and you can see the truth and wake up they can no longer use you for their agenda

Ashera Star Goddess says:

sacred geometry is used to create this universe from a Gamma ray (plasma consciousness) going into a black hole, I believe Tesla’ “death Ray” was meant to be shot into the eithers into a black hole….. the sacred geometry is a consciousness of the (plasma, Spirit, dead person, 4th state of matter of a melanated being activated by water ) . Im going to also cover this topic as well soon . in order to be able to travel in the eithers you need to balance and use magnetism to travel … THoth’s spaceship, is actually this info…. lol look under the shpinx for the diagram

MrGruffy 44 says:

A few thoughts (may or may not be correct) come to my mind as I watch this video:
Pyramid. The angle of each side to the base is 52 deg. as it is in the Great Pyramid. For a given length of the base of each side, the height must be a certain measurement so as to form the 52 deg. Here is where one uses sines and cosines (?) to determine the height? In right triangle (90 deg), for a given length of the base (adjacent side to the angle), and for one angle at 52 deg, one can compute the height (the opposite side). For a pyramid, you use 1/2 the length of the base of one side to form a right triangle. I need to look up how one uses sines and co-sines. I recall this from high school. But I don’t remember how to do the computations.

Look at this site:
But I don’t understand how one gets the required height (opposite side) with the 52 deg angle, and the length of the adjacent side is known. I give up. I can’t figure this.

Magnetic Currents: A document written by Edward Leedskalnin (Coral Castle builder). No gravity; just magnetic attraction or repulsion ? My theory is that he was able to cancel or decrease the magnetic attraction between a boulder and the Earth, so that the boulder would be easier to lift into position. He made some machine to do this. He also had a tall tripod, on top of which there was a wooden box. What was is this box?

Sparky Vee says:

soon young obewon,
some day, very very soon

Migdivided says:

This guy is all over the place take ur meds dude

davey crow says:

JOSH have u cheked-out Clif high?hes into all ths stuff inc.especially martial arts

GOYA says:

Congratulations Joshua on overcoming teachers & those who attempted to hold you back. You have it all within your many facets of the dimensions with which information flows to us. Keep being you! AWESOME

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