Shootout: Tesla Model S vs Audi S7 for high-tech performance

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One of today’s best sport sedans takes on the electric car of the future when the Audi S7 4.0T quattro takes on the Tesla’s Model S 90D. Which will be crowned king of the tech cars?

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John Smith says:

Wow, you can read the brochure.

LeilaMurka says:

Audi is such a beautiful car. Audi hands down. beautiful interior…that marvelous v8…that sport exhaust. can’t beat it. tesla is the future…but im gonna keep my v8.

Paxton Williams says:

Interesting comparison test! But are they really comparable? Yes, they are similar in price and performance, but these 2 cars clearly appeal to two very different types of people – tech guy vs car guy. And no, im not saying you have to be strictly one or the other but there is certainly a dominant preference. If you want to figure which one you are, Id ask, “Who didnt pick a winner the minute you heard that guttural sound the Audi made under acceleration?” Answer: tech guy.

Yes, if in this market, Id test drive both b/c the Tesla is incredibly cool. But, sound is a huge part of the automotive experience in any sports sedan/car category and the Tesla is devoid of it. None of this is a dig at Tesla; its awesome. It just seems to me these 2 cars are worlds apart in appeal and not really competitors at all.

Eric Litman says:

P90D, top of the line Tesla model, was more suited to be compared with the RS7 with even more performance accessories. Both are excellent cars, but we choose to buy an S6 and I stand by that decision. This was in part due to Gov. Snyder’s pro-big 3 lobbying to the point where the nearest maintenance shop is in Ohio. However, I do stand by our decision. The Tesla will likely be a better buy in 5-10 years when there are more charging stations, superchargers are more efficient, and there is a range of 300-400 miles.

xXblinnyboyXx says:

The S7 can be tuned up to around 750 horsepower. Another thing some of you don’t realize is at high speeds the Tesla fails. At high RPMs electric motors lose their power. That beefy strong V8 on the other hand, linked with a transmission will kick that Tesla’s ass any day. I will admit that if Tesla decided to make a model with a 7 speed transmission (preferably manual) it would most likely be unbeatable. However that is currently not the case. The Audi wins hands down. Another huge thing is the sound. The Tesla sounds like an RC little pussy car. Lots of car enthusiasts really enjoy the deep growl of a petrol engine. Even if the entire world switches to electric you can bet your ass all the true car enthusiasts will continue to own a petrol car. Sorry Tesla, you can’t win against a racecar. Maybe at the start, but in the long run on a track you will lose. Audi for the win OOOO

Faust Von Barley says:

Two real estate agents reviewing cars? Interesting…

zoodhye says:

The driver of the Tesla did not do justice to the car and did a very bad presentation and his driving ability is moronic!
1st, he wasn’t able to do proper tight/fast turns because he didn’t know that Tesla has several driving options like the Audi, if he chose the correct Sports option then he would’ve beaten the Audi hands down.
Also he mentioned 0-100 in 4.2sec!! that’s too slow, he is using the wrong car to go against the Audi. The Tesla P90D has the Ludicrous option that makes it the fastest car in the world with 0-100 in 2.6sec!! it beats the Ferrari and Lamborgini. See other YT videos about their drag race.
Also the driver didn’t demo the many new features of the car that doesn’t exist in any other car. What a lame driver!! no wonder it has so many thumbs down.

Jim Taylor says:

Audi is better looking car

armygentleman says:

Wow I was not expecting the Tesla to lose the drag race! I thought for sure the driver had messed up the start off the line, but then I remembered this version of the Tesla doesn’t have Ludacris mode. Maybe even no instant torque performance settings?

James Mueller says:

I’d like the tesla if it didn’t come with the mandatory requirement of being the worlds douchiest owners circleY’all make Porsche guys look like Subaru sti guys lol

DarMerc21 says:

517 likes and 518 dislikes, should I make it even?

fsinner says:

I’ve never seen a more boring video by 2 people who make watching paint dry seem like a day at a Disney park! You guys should get different jobs… definitely behind the camera!

Wesley Crabajales says:

2 unprofessional idiots.

quinlansee1 says:

who are these jabronys… in their sport coats

Lucus Kane says:

Tesla hands down

iDroid7 says:

in an Audi fan and A7 is my favorite model. just looks insane.
but between these two, i would take Tesla. i mean do you really need better cornering in high speeds and launch control in everyday use?

but Audi just looks amazing. Tesla from the outside looks like a Peugeot or a Acura or something average. doesn’t scream performance that it has.

flatbyfour says:

The king is clear…

Q3 2016 sales Tesla Model S: 9156, BMW 7-Series: 3634, MB S-class 3138, Audi A7 1532

Alexandre Andrianov says:

16 MPG is ludicrous!

Graham Sutton says:



But the Audi is a more premium car than the Tesla.. And certainly the more beautiful car of the two..

Anthony Elenbaas says:

Give me cooley or emme.

Max Sznaza says:

Wow why is this so much like another auto review I’ve seen?……..hmmmm…….motor trend knockoff

RB26DETT says:

Can he fuckin launch a car?!

spacegreycoralred says:

Maybe if the Teslas driver wasn’t sleeping it would have been a closer race… I counted a whole second before he even started.

Thiago Sestini says:

Tesla is awesome, but I just lost at “so the car is so boring you don’t even wanna drive it”.

Two different cars for two different types of buyers.

Liam says:

its obviously that the tesla lost the drag race due to not pushing the accelerator way too late

D S says:

model s!

Milk Lizard says:

This comparison was a joke! These two guy were biased from the start and said so throughout the tests! Anyone who has any real world experience with German cars, especially Audi, knows they cost $$$$$ in constant repairs to keep on the road! Many people lease them for 3 years while under warranty and trade them back in once the lease expires. Everyone knows they’re junk, which is why their resale value drops so dramatically over the years. The idea of owning a Tesla and easily keeping it for 20 years is very appealing!

soundseeker63 says:

So they did a test based on performance and tech, but didn’t choose the performance Model S…… Makes sense :-/

FastLikeUNO says:

Tesla… oh man that hot tesla… But the Audi is definitiely second pick over most cars for its price class with the exclusion of Jaguar.

Indague says:

This is a sad video, your comparing a tesla to an audi, both of these men are audi fanboys so it’s pretty clear that the idiot driving the tesla didn’t slam the pedal fully down otherwise he new the audi would get smoked. Honestly the audi is a nice car, it sounds nice and looks nice, but that’s it. It’s not possible for a gas car the beat a tesla, the tesla is better in every aspect except for the slightly shorter range. Buy an audi if you want, but we’ll see who’s laughing when fossil fuels become hard to come by.

Ken the Eagle says:

This actually seemed like a fair match for the most part, compared to the others out there.

zoodhye says:

Tesla is the iPhone of the cars. i.e.: the way iPhone transformed the smartphone market, Tesla will transform the auto industry.
Tesla is far ahead of any gas engine cars in all aspects, including security, reliability, maintenance cost, luxury, handling and more.
If you haven’t driven a Tesla, then please don’t comment. Tesla drivers know what others are missing.
However, as Android beat the iPhone, perhaps later on Google car will beat Tesla. Which is good news for the consumer. The more advancement, the better.
Also with the Tesla or Google car, no more drunk drivers, sleepy drivers, road rage, human errors, etc. the roads will be safer and the accident levels will drop significantly.

James Ross says:

You can clearly see at the start of the drag race that the Audi has taken off before the Tesla’s wheels even move a millimeter. Clearly the guy driving the Tesla botched the start. Poor reaction times.

Javier Quintana says:

tesla is the one…

Jason Ji says:

these two men are the worse people for a car review. they sucked before and just keep on sucking now

Ramon Zarat says:

I would take the Tesla a million time over this POS of obsolete ICE Audi…

Silly D says:

I’ll take the S7 any day twice over 😀

joe biden says:

The Audi sounds like a old rust bucket and tesla sounds more futuristic.

bxfinest42788 says:

audi started that autonomous driving tesla just made it popular

Avi Oberoi says:

tech? Tesla
speed and performance? Audi.

BadlndsBob says:

I really enjoyed this comparison.

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