Talking Tech with Elon Musk!

Talking Tesla, tech and the future with Elon Musk.

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FaceI3ss says:

Elons Mind thinks far faster than his mouth moves

rushikesh Mahajan says:

Dude … you’re dope

venkatesh !!!?? says:

Elons action looks like Richard Hendricks from silicon valley …..he needs some sleep

Harrison Wells says:

I am waiting for the HyperLoop technology

Vladimir Milosevic says:

camera man with close up on Elon has no clue about his job, but he’s buying tesla. Damn. He better learn how to use tripod and focus on that lens.

tonymoose27 says:

Is that jacket you have in the first 40 seconds of the video going to be for sale? I don’t see it on your merch site and it looks awesome.

Behnam Anisi says:

he is very hard working! many of the guys like him are spending it on their holiday home chilling!!

Eran Boodnero says:

he is such a good example of this phenomenon where people attack those who are successful, completely disregarding merit and good will.

Mario Abad says:

Fantastic! Thank you

Ramesh Balu says:

Elon is a time traveller

kevin111nov says:

More like talking bout cars

Benjamin Tran says:

9:43 “Word” LOL nice Marques.

Mduduzi Lebelo says:

Elon Musk needs Toastmasters. He’s got a wealth of knowledge and its great that he is willing to share but I get distracted by all the ahs and the uhms.

Chrystian Wolski says:

Elon is a present day Renaissance Man

turquisestones says:

He’s already sitting on drugs badly

Anthony James Hiscock says:

I like that Tesla specializes. 3 models would be all they need to accommodate everyone.

KilluaXIII says:

mixing ambian and recreational drugs isn’t a good idea

Martin R says:

Elon is outstanding. Either he will take mankind to the next step, bringing us to space, solving environment problems, overpopulation and world hunger or her will be the first supervillian trying to steal the moon and blackmail the united nations so we have to send a James Bond. Love him.

Natalia Rogers says:

this is so awkward but i love it

toprakcem savas says:

So… Elon the underdog huh?

Abdilrahman Aljamali says:

Weird accent

Leon Hermans says:

Tactic truth object azeanfk boot complex reliable tie enormous acquisition total restrict install far

Alpha League says:

He is super tired from all those nights of hard work…

LegacyRanger says:

I don’t know how to react to this… let’s just say: *I N C R E D I B L E !*

Мохмад Мохмудов says:

Elon, are we going to Mars. What I should take with. I m ready

0dinko says:

Your “wish” came true… Well done! 😉

Marc Plant says:

I cant believe Marques missed Elon’s spaceball’s joke. Disappointed. hahah

uncle_gazpacho says:

Even his name screams “future”

Rutger's Stuff says:

Small tip Marques: EQ Elon’s mic a bit in post next time. Insert a dip where it sounds muffled in the mid-high, and maybe boost the sibilance highs a bit.

Aaron Jones says:

Industry leaders are soooo lucky Elon Musk runs like 5 companies. If he ever runs just 1, he will CRUSH his competition.
I love listening to him, so intelligent.

Hash Info says:

Elon I’m a hash master

clear men 007 says:

i just came here to say ” I love you , and Elon alot!”

John Westerlund says:

awesome vid! you handeled the interview great

James SALAKE says:

Very good tour, I loved all the attention to details that Elon pointed out. And, how the assembly line is always moving along at maybe 0.5 mph? Good Job on the video.

MikeYT Studios says:

Elon gives me herbet Powell hahahah!
Great guy :).

Juan Vargas says:

I thought there was a bug on the screen Jesus it was a person in the background

jm watches says:

Elon nailed it! ‘Resources to execute’ product is Tesla biggest challenge. The only thing that ‘defeat’ Tesla is not competitors, but a lack of resources to stay out in front.

JScope says:

Elon i lov ya but you gotta stop stuttering.

Saberwing says:

My Uncle Works with Elon Musk

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