Tesla 2018 Shareholder Meeting [Live]

Join me as we listen in to the Tesla 2018 Annual Shareholder Meeting LIVE and have a discussion about the news. Get an invite to the private chat during the show by signing up for our email list at http://teslanomics.co/join

Source: https://www.tesla.com/shareholdermeeting

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Danny Colverson says:

Amusing the confused PETA lady sees Ferrari as having “stepped up” because they offer alacantara steering wheels, yet to my knowledge (I am a long-time fan) every single Ferrari ever made has leather seats and many have significant amounts leather built into the interior too.

Al A. says:

Hello Ben, h r u?

Robbie Frazer says:

it would be insane to see where Tesla will be at in 10 years.

Leam Godfrey says:

Elon built the European factory in the uk plz

1Wj1 says:

Rick & Morty tshirt… pass the butter

Noah Boddy says:

If your overriding principle is Safety First, you’re expecting someone else to look out for your safety – not the smartest idea.

Patrick Hoffman says:

Holy shit Elon and Tesla are funny!

Gene Morse says:

Model 3 walk up unlock capability is being taken away!
This morning my phone would not unlock the charge port or unlock the car, not automatically or using the app’s unlock features. I had to use the card to unlock the car, then the phone did work (no need to put the card on the cupholders). This happened again at lunch time so I called Tesla for help. After a transfer, my suggested fix was to delete and re-install the app which seems to have solved the issue for now, BUT while I was talking to the Tesla support person I was told as a ‘heads up’ that Tesla would soon be taking away the walk up unlock feature associated with the Tesla Model 3 app. To say I was animated in my upset would be an understatement, if we are now required to use the phone or key card (which I was hoping would slow rot in my wallet forever without the need to see the light of day, like an insurance card) this will be huge loss in functionality. The Tesla employee did not know why simply that it was going to happen. One of the most enjoyable parts of owning this car so far has been not having to use a key of any sort. Just walk up hop in and drive away. This will be like going from high speed internet back to dialup. Has anyone else heard this? Does anyone know why? Is there anything we can do to stop it?

ANDy JK says:

ok so now after we eat the meat we throw away the leather. that woman

AZBlueVeg says:

Why did you overlay the sign language interpreter in the lower right corner, whom deaf people need to see in order to understand what is being said, with your own image which we don’t need to see? Tesla made an effort to make its video accessible, which you just took away. There are three other corners available to you, yet you chose to cover the ASL interpreter in complete disregard for the needs of those who are disabled.

Tony Sonidis says:

Rick and Morty shirt!

John P says:

all of a sudden everyone is an expert? pull your heads in and let Elon do his thing. its unlikely anyone will ever want Tesla to succeed as much as Elon himself does

ANDy JK says:

im a big fan of Tesla and i cant wait for Tesla to come to Africa. when Tesla meets its customer Demand. please Elon make CArs for Africa. we dont need auto pilot or anything fancy. we just need EV. Fuel price is killing us here. but we have a lot of Sunlight

seren8ty says:

Audio miserable as usual…sigh….

Jonas Santos says:

Much respect

Fyrebat Skymarshall says:

PETA showed up?!!! fuuuu

Unitedflyier says:

if he only has 12 shares why is he worried about Tesla being lead by Elon Musk. Just sell the 12 shares.

contramano says:

Hey Ben! Thanks for sharing this video and comments… So question fo you: Something I don’t quite understand… Elon is saying that if you place an order TODAY you’ll get the current configuration in about 3 to 4 months… but he is also saying that they will take them about two years to deliver all the reservations they have to date when they ramp up to $5000 a week… I’m ok with math, but that doesn’t seem to add up 🙂 can you please explain? thanks!!!

Patrick Hoffman says:

I hate to be that guy, but you seriously don’t want Elon as the chair and you can barely speak English? Not the best way to present your case….

Scott Purdy says:

ELON MUSK FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

English Settlement says:

I thought the most significant statement was that the price of battery technology will drop significantly below the magic $100/100Kw/h threshold late this year, and certainly very definitely within the next year or so. This is the news everyone has been waiting for regards EVs. It is a significant tipping point that some predictors were suggesting would happen as late as 2025 [Bloomberg], and it surely means the death of any new ICE vehicle sooner rather than later.

Andreas Seifert says:

nice how some “investors” are trying to destroy tela….. money making, money raping, money lovin….. yeahy…

Aboliamo il motore a scoppio! says:

Thank You Ben, can you turn the volume of the conference higher please?

Bryan Seigneur says:

I can only guess the Roadster SpaceX Option has some very exotic conductors (electric and maybe thermal too) allowing some extra amps.

Lukas Boscher says:


harry camper says:

turn it up a little please . . .

Lounge lizard says:

Important to realize he’s thinking of u.s. car companies when he says “only Ford and Tesla” haven’t gone BK. It’s REALLY hard to produce cars in U.S. Is it the insane politics? Ridiculous product liability laws?

hdf hhddff says:

love tesla , I wish I could afford one. :(.

Jørn Liverød says:

Always fantastic to see the man i charge of a company show love of what he does. It instills confidence and so much more for everyone involved. By the way, incredible how fast we have come to global and competitive EV. Nobody saw that coming just a few years ago. Nobody at all.

Dustin Pratt says:


What's Inside? says:

Who let the PETA lady in. No way she is a shareholder

Federico Galimberti says:

Ben the audio is terrible. Can’t hear much

Daniel Kleinmeier says:

U need to get rid of musk…. sorry, but he was good for the ground work, but obviously not 4 the long haul…BMW will wipe Tesla’s ass in one year w their electric technologies…- again, Germany out-smarts American know-how…

Steve Blomefield says:

Send a message to Elon. Steve from Zimbabwe sends congratulations to you. Clearly, you are under stress. You have plugged on. Rolled with the punches. strode through the storms. Genuinely when I saw you at the shareholders meeting my heart felt an inner agony for you. You are a hero… not a military hero but an innovator hero. You are changing the world and you are suffering for it. Your boring company, SpaceX, and energy storage are also commanding immense respect from me and millions of others. You deserve your billions and your fame. As a far away observer, I am deeply grateful to you for your work, your vision, and your achievements.

Danny Colverson says:

The idea of removing Elon from any of his posts or positions at Tesla is so ridiculous it sort of beggars belief. Thankfully Tesla is owned mainly by people who believe in it and the numpties that subscribe to the aforementioned thought process don’t own very much of the company!

Scott Purdy says:

its a little quite even turned all the way up but it works ahh 1 min in u turn it up LOL

Andreas Seifert says:

CHINA. China has a policy of stealing tech and than making their own. I think copmpanies shouldnt invest in china anymore. in 20 years tesla will be ousted by china. The tech will stay in china, and not tesla. As happened so many times with other companies. They take the tech and than produce cheaper than any western company can, driving the companies that they stole the tech from out of bussines. I wonder what tesla and musk are doing to protect tesla, solar city and spacex? It would be great to hear some answers from them ore anybody viewing this vid. Thx.

Hannes Beukes says:


Nicholas Valera says:

Audio was far too low. The constant commentary made it difficult to focus, no one cares if your taking notes.

Tom Goldstar says:

great new stuff

Jeff Bommarito says:

thank you elon gracias elon

Harvey says:

Is it me, or does Elon look more and more like Tony Stark each day?

Contrast Bright says:

Rest of the auto industry want Tesla to fail but everyone else want it to succeed.

constructioneerful says:

‘Internalising all tier 1 manufacturing systems’ ..that was a timely final answer, as the dreadnought is so critical to Tesla.

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