Tesla Acquires Maxwell Technologies for Battery Breakthrough

Tesla welcomes Maxwell into their house with $218M acquisition for battery technology and battery expertise.
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Tadd Awesome says:

smart comment about chemistry 😉

Fly Lice says:

Tesla acquiring another money losing company? No wonder the CFO left again.

Peter W says:

Great video, thanks. Way more informative than CNBC!

shanefanon says:

Smart move.

Roger Starkey says:

Elons attitude to battery tech??
Reminds me of

UK viewers will understand.

RedTriangle53 says:

I don’t believe it will take that long to integrate. Maxwell is an old company with working prototypes. Tesla works at a breakneck pace as well, so I think they are making this acquisition with the intent to use their technology for every future new model, meaning we will likely see it implemented either with the reveal of model y or with the release of the $35k model 3. Next level battery technology like this is such a huge advantage that I can’t imagine it not being one of their absolute top priorities going forward.

Arnis says:

If Tesla integrates supercap bank they can slightly tune chemistry to be less capable of output and more capable in other specs. There is no need for huge power output if there is a capacitor bank. It just has to accept charge rate of at least 130-150kW (100kWh pack)

Barbara Brinkmeyer says:

Market is wide open.

Tony Chong says:

Is Maxwell Tech a subsidiary of Hitachi ?

Leigh Amos says:

It may not be Batteries. But the ultraCap to protect the abuse of the
batteries because of the Regen braking and superchargers? lookup
Riversimple <-car it will show you what the Caps are for

don frank says:

Maxwell is not up because of this deal. It was manipulated down over the past few years, and especially over the last few months. Anyone who invested in Maxwell in the last 10 years would have never made any money. The best case scenario happened for an investment in Maxwell (got bought out) and Maxwell investors got screwed. Unless somehow someone knew to buy in the past month. I didn’t press the like or dislike button either. Perhaps you could do more videos on boiler room stock sales, Maxwell was one of those.

brinbrin62 62200 says:

Thunderf00t / Why Tesla batteries SUCK!! -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3K43XC9J82Q
That Maxwell acquisition will not give the tech leap we’d need.

shobhit seth says:

Graffin battery r the real future .

Darth Awar says:

Dry Batteries are better known as Solid State Batteries!!!

Josh Schwartz says:

I think the one dislike is from a GM shareholder!

Kalyani Aditya says:

Do you think that Lithium ion battery bank and super capacitors both clubbed up and be used in EV ? Is there any posiibility that they work together and there wouldn’t be any casualities? Pl clarify!

Michael Valente says:

Im thinking that Tesla has been working with Maxwell for a while. They may be already using their tech in their semi truck and maybe even in their next gen roadster.

George Hawley says:

Pretty lightweight report from a technical point of view but the caveat of wait and see is sensible.

Hung Tran says:

Check out Skeleton Ultracaps which uses graphene and buses and chargers in France and China are using them.
Holds 50km per quick charge, i had been waiting ever since first model S came out.

Caps are known to electronic, especially the power amp in car audio are useful, i learn it helped the car starts up so much easier with the cranking amp

Tag Makers Pet Tags says:

There could be a situation in the not-too-distant future when car makers the world over are begging Tesla to sell them their battery packs and related electro-tech… they become the “Cummins Diesel” of the EV auto industry. Volvo may be an interesting experiement for Tesla in this regard. Volvo, a relatively small player in the global auto industry, does not pose a threat to Tesla, but shares (in general) their vision for an EV future. Volvo EV’s could become Teslas, just with the Volvo badge. It then follows that in order for full electro-mechanical integration to work (ie: all components in the car need to work off one central computer system), automakers would then beg Tesla for its computer-tech too. How ironic it would be if most cars on the road in 2030 happen to be Teslas, regardless of whether they are branded VW, Audi, Peugeot, Mercedes, Toyota, Ford, GM….
Precedents have been set… IBM allowed Microsoft to own DOS, and what followed was practically every computer maker (aside from Apple) based their PC’s on Microsoft’s DOS – and Microsoft became one of the world’s most valuable companies.

Enco 8 says:

Is Tesla going to compete whit their partner Panasonic now the purchased a battery company?

duke1duke1 says:

They should make a short haul plane if the claims about density are correct. Or release the patent because that energy density level makes short haul electric aircraft possible.

ron adami says:

According to Maxwell’s website, they are primarily an ultracapacitor company that tangentially get into batteries by incorporating lithium into their caps and they develop dry electrodes which I think has to do with there charging characteristics. The vid doesn’t mention ultracaps

Argasy Argasy2 says:

I smashed my like button, now its broken. =(

Sventasis says:

Elon probably needs 1.21 gigawatts flux capacitor for his next iteration of functionality, so naturally this acquisition is well worth it.

Eric Kosak says:

Keep it real.

goodfella21f says:

Do they make coffee too?

Roger Starkey says:

The supercaps could be just as important

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