Tesla Aggressively Pushing Solar in 2018 Says CTO [highlight]

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// Tesla Aggressively Ramping Solar

* Tesla Chief Technology Officer JB Straubel made the comment to USA TODAY this week:
* No one should see us as stepping back from solar. In fact, it’s the opposite. It’s like with Model 3. People have come flooding in and are waiting on the product. So now we’re aggressively ramping our capacity.
* Since 2015 over 1GWh installed
* Hoping to install over 1GWh this year alone
* Need more production from Giga 2 in Buffalo

* This is great because people are waiting forever for power walls – https://www.greentechmedia.com/articles/read/tesla-solar-and-storage-delays-and-deliveries
* Tesla is facing blowback after numerous reports of delayed solar and energy storage installations.
* Some people receiving calls saying all shipments of power walls have been halted indefinitely
* TMC page dedicated to this – https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/powerwall-2-supply-issues.114618/
* Some users reporting wait times up to 2 years
* Personally this is the same, through the referral program I’ve earned 3 power walls, the first dating back to March of 2017 and I was recently informed it won’t be here until 2019

* Tesla’s statement
* Tesla responded to GTM regarding these press reports and user forum claims. A company spokesperson said that Powerwall deliveries continue globally for orders already placed, and that new orders placed this month will be delivered at the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019.
* Upon Powerwall production ramping at the Reno Gigafactory in 2019, the goal is for retail deliveries and installations to happen within one month. The company added that Solar Roof production is also ramping at Tesla’s Buffalo, New York factory.
* As for PV, the company remains bullish on traditional solar for both commercial and residential rooftops and claims a four- to six-week span from sale to install. Tesla had a 16 percent market share for residential solar in 2017, way down from its 33 percent share in 2015, according to Wood Mackenzie Research.

* According to GTM these don’t line up – and say it’s part of the Tesla Way
* There’s plenty of innovation in the Tesla way, but there’s also a lot of hype, noise and distraction. There’s a clear tendency to radically over-promise and under-deliver. And there’s a cavalier attitude toward one’s own customers, employees and stockholders. We’ve seen all of these qualities in the almost three-and-a-half years since Tesla introduced its storage line and the Powerwall.
* The mission-centric Tesla way brought boring batteries into the hype cycle and the public consciousness, and inspired an enormous cohort of competitors and entrepreneurs to focus their lives on the energy storage industry. Now, Tesla needs to manufacture and deliver on the vision its CEO created.

* I agree, this is unacceptable, and I sincerely hope JB isn’t feeding the media a line about this when he says they’re aggressively pursuing it

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Frenchy Alicea says:

With the increase and maintenance of the increased model 3 #’s and huge demand for their solar, its a nice opportunity to pickup shares with the dip just had. Scooped some up today!! LONG TESLA!!

David Chan says:

you will never get that power wall. They will never give it to you. Tesla is insolvent, they can pay for parts, hence trying to get rebates back

D Wolff says:

I still don’t understand why MORE people don’t do solar DIY. This is NOT brain surgery and the people that will install for 5-10 thousand dollars in 2 days are highschool graduates from non science based cirriculums. That’s not Einstein and Newton up there putting the system together. It’s people JUST LIKE YOU with 2 arms and legs and a brain. Putting the system on the roof is very straightforward and MANY of the DIY companies have not only blueprints that a child could understand but 24hr help lines for questions regarding install. If you can put together lego’s and put a screw into wood with a cordless drill then YOU have all the skill necessary to grid tie your own system. $40,000 to the utility over 25 years or 8 grand for the DIY kit. You could buy a model 3 with the cost savings.

Yogi says:

Any information on how Tesla is doing in Puerto Rico?

Clash Library says:

Wunder doesn’t work around the world they work only in USA and currently they are able to collect investments only from USA citizens.

cusman says:

I spent about 30k more than I initially expected to spend on my Tesla Model 3 (didn’t wait for 35k version), so I really don’t mind the delay in Solor Roof / Power Wall before they are ready to proceed with installing that in my home. I can use the time to keep saving up for that eventual expense. Long term plan is to have no Electric Utility costs nor any Vehicle Gas costs.

Chris Cloud says:

I wonder when Tesla will get into wind power products

DIOSpeedDemon says:

They have the Hot Air market, locked up four ways till Sunday.

Francis Chan says:

How many things you get free from reference program?

Twelve Wing Productions says:

We had 2 of our 6 powerwalls delivered to our installer but some strange communications with them in the last couple months.
Hopefully we will get the remaining 4 so we can complete our install.

Brent Taylor says:

I’ve been waiting for two years also, but It’s business 101. You go after the high dollar, high margin accounts first.

James Zawacki says:

Ran the calculator on their site for my small 1260 sq ft home and it was going to cost $50k for solar roof and power wall. Pass.

Jeff Clem says:

the oil companies are ramping up there bounty all media are attacking Tesla!

Matt Hargraves says:

Tesla Solar = Something only worth it for people in California. Everywhere else, spending $5+ per watt is just completely stupid. But when you’ve got a house that costs you $1.2M for a 2200 square foot home, $50k isn’t a big deal. But in middle America, $200k for that same 2200 square foot home, spending $50-70k for a solar roof is just flat out STUPID. I can do it with a contract company here in Michigan for less than $3/watt.

Elon Musk talks about a 20 year payoff for solar roofs and I’m looking at 5-8 years in Michigan for a solar system.

Tom Robertson says:

i imagine Puerto Rico is taking a lot of power walls

Bernie Bernstein says:

Big oil is trying to ruin solar and electric, the paid not trolls in the comments is now an accepted practice used by corporations to brainwash just like commercials on TV radio print and billboards. Tesla on the other hand doesn’t even advertise because the products speak for themselves. Keep an eye on the big oil fossil fuel trolls.

KAOS says:

Nearly forgot, you guys should look at buying your solar panels from Australia. They are cheaper than the US and way cheaper than Britain. With the exchange rate you will still be in front even with importing them to the US. Same product but cheaper

Mac Mcleod says:

I’m getting really pissed off by these commercials you can’t skip AND they make you watch two of them before a video.
They are never for products I will buy so it ‘s a waste of my band width and of youtube’s bandwidth.

For now I’m switching off the sound and swapping over to something else. Then I come back and restart the video I’m trying to watch at the start. Sometimes, I have two youtube windows going and swap back and forth to avoid the advertisements.

The 5 seconds and skip ads were tolerable but these are intolerable.

sidejobs6 says:

Quick thought now that your phone is your keys have you ever misplaced your keys…I mean your phone?

Nikola GROMOVIC says:

first time I actualy like the sponsor in a youtube video…

nycameleon says:

My roof is getting old and a solar roof would be sweet, just hope they start to sell them before I get leaks… don’t want to reserve, then get roof failure, leading to traditional replacement, and then getting an invite to install

Rudy Van De Walle says:

Living in Italy I recently acquired a PowerWall 2 which I ordered back in March and got it installed earely June and working great.
Meeting recently the installer he did confirm that Tesla will not supply any PowerWalls anymore until early 2019 for unknown reasons. I was damn lucky to get it virtually on the last minute.

lystfiskerlars says:

GW or GWh?

Reverend Greg says:

E. Normas

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