Tesla Dominates China Auto Show – Factory Coming Soon? [live]

Tesla showed up at the Chinese Auto Show and was the envy of everyone. Does this mean a new factory is coming soon? Signup for these updates at https://teslanomics.co/join

// Fully Charged Live

” Part-show, part-exhibition, Fully Charged LIVE will benefit from some recognisable presenters, including established hosts Jonny Smith & Robert Llewellyn as they talk to an audience of end-users about the latest energy & transport technologies. A steering committee of leading partners from across the energy & transport sectors will be working with the Fully Charged team to ensure that the show is as educational and interactive, as it is entertaining and exciting.”

* In-person event
* June 9-10
* Silverstone Race track

// Model 3 for Tim (Everyday Astronaut)
* Friend going to be in town May 14 – 21 and is looking for a Model 3
* Happy to pay, but can’t afford the insane prices
* Hit him up on twitter https://twitter.com/Erdayastronaut

// Special Video This Week
Delivering the couch and announcing charity on Friday
* Originally planned the follow up to the ceramic coating
* Check out that video last Friday
* Traveling, quick turn around
* Stay tuned!

// Tesla Could Dominate in China
* New rules mean they could own their own factory
* Giant market for EVs
* Stole the show at the Chinese Auto Show
* Would need some more capital, maybe next year

// This week in stupid
* This week in stupid
* Please don’t mess with this
* License suspended

“A man in England has been banned from driving after he switched his Tesla vehicle to autopilot and moved to the passenger seat.Bhavesh Patel was on the busy M1 highway in his Tesla S 60 when a passenger in a nearby vehicle was shocked to find there was no one in the driver’s seat of his car, according to a police report from the Hertfordshire Constabulary. Patel, 39, had shifted his Tesla to autopilot mode, leaving the steering wheel and foot controls unmanned before moving to the passenger seat, authorities said.On April 20, Patel pleaded guilty to dangerous driving during the May 2017 incident. Not only is he disqualified from driving for 18 months, but Patel is also required to complete 100 hours of community service over a 10-day period and pay prosecution costs.”

// Tesla Q1 2018 Earnings Preview
* Switch to model 3 will hurt earnings
* Higher cash burn due to Model 3 investments
* Record deliveries, poor earnings, still YoY great

From report
* Tesla’s stock has dropped by about a fifth over the course of a tumultuous two months
* The drop in deliveries for the Models S and X in the first quarter was the biggest yet
* Selling zero-emission vehicle credits masked a very weak underlying gross profit margin in Tesla’s core automotive business in the fourth quarter of 2017
* Forecasts for Tesla’s first-quarter cash burn blew out in early January after fourth-quarter sales numbers were released, but haven’t moved much since then
* The risk premium on Tesla’s high-yield bonds has begun to widen out again

My take
* All short term growing pains
* If they post a profit in Q3 all will be forgiven
* Can they get to 6K a week by Q3?

// Autopilot v Supercruise (review by Edmunds)
* Well done comparison
* Hands on vs hands off
* Cadillac system seems good, but less ambitious
* Monitors your eye position
* Road needs to already be mapped (good strategy but not easily scalable)
* Autopilot can’t handle surface streets (no surprise)

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David Alton says:

Why are you pushing Bloomberg? They push negative Tesla news as you said for the shorts. Are they paying you? Edmonds is also a slanted news outlet. I watched the video and just showed the Model 3 screwing up on side roads which is now much improved. Why not take the caddy on those roads? Oh of course it won’t work at all there.

Massimo says:

Is this the couch for Elon ?

Aaron Bounds says:

I think the punishment fits the crime for that British bloke.

Danny Dhillon says:

Tesla in Indian – lol u see the way they drive?????? And no road markings. Donkeys? Elephants lol

Brent Taylor says:

When it comes to China, money moves one way. In and not out. They may produce cars in China, but getting the profits back home will be tougher.



Nenad Jovanovic says:

You should improve on story telling skill. Too much going around letting us wait to see what is the point. And then we must endure plugging stuff while we wait to hear the point. No thanks.

Ray Foss says:

Edmuns was really harsh on Autopilot, knowing that all their complainst were adresed with the massive 10.15 autopilot update. Even on the separate video where they adress it, they ignore the benefit of using the new autopilot on non mapped roads.

Roger Starkey says:

Check out the latest Fully Charged episode!
Model S estate, (shooting brake, station wagon, depending where you’re from)
TOP quality conversion!

David Webb says:

“Heart Ford Shirr”. “Con Stab U Larry”.

Aaron Bounds says:

Super cruise is a short-sighted way to do this kind of desk, hardcoding as you put it does not seem like it would be something that would be very adaptable or flexible as road conditions change and or no roads are made and or taken away in rare cases. Seems like a short term nearsighted fixed type of solution to a long-term fluid problem.

subixonfire says:


Roger Starkey says:

Silverstone, home of formula one.

Chris Bates says:

Bad timing. I am in London June 1-8! Then off to Paris. Oh well

Mike Z says:

Tesla NOT tezla!!!!! Damn

Curt Ringgenberg says:

OK Ben. I am also a fan of data. Here’s the question: 95%+ of people “Tesla”. You and <5% of people “TeZla”. Are the masses wrong? How does Elon say Tesla?

jimmykhot xyx says:

Tesla great car will revolutionize the auto industries and the planet.

Koug Arpaw says:

Constabulary = police station.

Koug Arpaw says:

Tesla does not have a “cash burn” issue. If Tesla has a “cash burn” issue because they are investing capital in new plant and equipment and to bring new products to market then EVERY company in the world have a “cash burn” issue. Stop parroting other media outlet propaganda.

David Beppler says:

Best way to lose money in the stock market is to sell Tesla stock! If you don’t sell it, you never lose! Big Oil and Dark Gov do not want you to know! Just buy Tesla stock and then do not sell it! Never lose money again! Amazing way to become a millionaire they don’t want you to know about!

Richard Evans says:

I’m just round the corner from Silverstone and going!!!

Mark Yao says:

Ben, your understanding of the car company model isnt completely correct, a chinese car company doesnt have to be owned by the government. For example, Volvo Car’s parent company Geely isnt a government-owned company

Paul McGreevy says:

So what caused the rule changes in China? Can’t bring yourself to give credit where due?

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