Tesla Factory Tour with Elon Musk!

Walking and talking through the Tesla factory
Part 1 Interview: https://youtu.be/MevKTPN4ozw
Behind-the-scenes with TLD: https://youtu.be/Tz9ZuI0PSSI

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Vianey Pereyra says:

Was I the only one that saw the supreme sticker at 11:13

Magikarpp Splash's says:

Elon is thicc

SuperMarioVEVO says:

Seriously, a random question! Does anyone here notice that how many word “LIKE” in this video? lol

WlfBoyz02 says:

He seems like a really nerdy boy excited to tell his friend(s) about science. He seems kool

Nor Rilsk says:

Seems like an awesome down to earth guy to work for. Good to see diversity of workers in that factory. Good interview bro!

Venkatarangan Thirumalai says:

Good video, enjoyed it. Normally, ordinary folks like me don’t get a chance to do a factory visit, thanks for taking us IN.

Muantea Mt says:

if an indians guy interview him it would be like “heyyyyy how about a 100 bucks”

smartycummins2500 says:

Say like a few more times lol

My Opinion says:

Hit Like for Musk

all things electric says:

sycophant meet pathological liar.

Rolex Swiss trained says:

Elon racist musk

Wineboxpapi says:

Seeing Elon almost get hit by that robot was the greatest shit I’ve ever seen

wrinklysox says:


brad h says:

Interesting how brilliant people can seem so every day.

Kimani Peter says:

Too bad Elon has twitter fingers, he seems pretty cool in person.

Rafi Abdelilah says:

Building the future

Scott Reid says:

Don’t sell yourself short on this production. Well done interview given the industrial setting. Thanks for creating this

alex ojideagu says:

The most popular car colours in Europe and America are Black, White and Silver

Todd Melville says:

Hey man! Totally excellent that you did this tour with Elon (in the matrix)! Thank you.

khaja Miyashaik says:

Elon Musk please do invention of hydrogen fuel power station which should 220MW TURBINE.PLEASE TRY YOU WILL GET GOOD ORDERS

Sockpot says:

Elon Musk is brilliant; it is probably not an accident he stopped in front of the sign @ 9:01

NapoleonDynamiteer says:

have you ever been in the midle of a car factory and try to speak?? this factory is super quiet!

Rishav R says:

bad. it’s more of a date than a factory tour.

Jor Cap says:

@marquez your sound deadning cube placement on the right makes my perfectionism buzz

SkyBooFast says:

Can you guys tell me how many times elon says the word “like”

Michael Vescio says:

Do those hats double as a helmet? Looks like a thin hard plastic under the mesh and seems like everyone in the factory is wearing one.

sandwichtube says:

When speeding up a production line always start at the end, then make your way to the beginning.

jan arens says:

Thx for this video!

Brunson III Films says:

This was an excellent video you ask very good questions this man really knows his company I wish the video could be longer or I hope to see more video like this on the discovery channel again this was a excellent good brother.Thanks

Red Wave says:

Two African Americans Chat ….. HaHaHa

William Wesselhoeft says:

Interesting how Elon said that black is popular in Europe and white isn’t. While in the US, black and white are pretty equally popular.

Trey Troy says:

He is loosing a lot of his South African accent

Rick Sanchez Jr. says:

10:59 Is that a Supreme sticker on one of the machines…? I have no words…

Dan Fitzgerald says:

More of this please. (endless amounts of this actually)

Fred Buck says:

Loss repeat complex rather delay industrial rank tunnel currency driving.

Andromediens says:

Mr Musk is a living legend to me.

xndrxw sxnclxxr says:

11:05 is that a supreme toolbox……

averlade21 says:

I love that those are hard “hats”. You can see the shell underneath. Pretty cool

Sonny Moon says:

at 6:05 they pass a girl (hi by the way) and she is doing anything she can not to break out laughing hehehehe.

Cell of Green says:

So Beautiful

The Kaifu says:

Omg !!

Noel Shaback says:

Elongated muskrat

Koll VossFam says:

Elon Musk, one of the genius of our life time. Kudo!!!

Jack Foobar says:

I don’t hear a single person talking in that factory. That’s really strange.

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