Tesla Model 3 Cost Breakdown – How Much I’ve Spent in 6 Months

It’s been a little over six months since I got my Tesla Model 3 so I thought we could look at all my expenses and see what they come to. Join our community of Tesla fans at https://teslanomics.co/join

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Gangus 0341 says:

Thanks for the info Ben and always enjoy your videos. $4500 for paint correction and ceramic coating Holy Crap!!!! I guess I will be doing this on my own. I cannot justify that amount of money for that. I was picturing about half of that for coating and clear wrap. You could almost get the whole car repainted for that. It looks amazing though. How much did you put down to get that payment?

Samy Ali Aragon says:

Did you have to paint repair in order to ceramic coat it? I want to ceramic tint and crome delete mine

J-F Gaudreault says:

This is insane. Upgrading a Model 3 like it’s a M4. For me EVs, mainly exist to save money on gas/maintenance that’s it. Gas/electricity is the smallest expense on this car. Do you know how much gas you need to save to justify 3500$ of ceramic coating. So you’re obviously don’t care about gas cost.
Get a regular EV like a E-Golf. Something you will only need 2 years to justify/save the price difference vs a regular Golf.

Franky & Yvonne says:

Great video! You made it really clear and understandable.

Ryan DeVoll says:

You don’t rotate your tires? Isn’t that maintenance?

Brian Young says:

Can’t wait for the seeking alpha article saying it costs $5500 for paint.

Matt Fitzgerald says:

We did window tint (all windows including front) which cost $1000ish here in SoCal. Also a center console wrap + door handle wrap from the fine folks at RPM Tesla. That was about $50. Took off the Aero Wheel covers and put on the cap kit and got the all weather trunk mats (we have kids), and we’re good to go. The car looks cool, and it rides really nicely.

Lucy Hampton says:

There are times that Ben is full of it. Lets concentrate on the subject of Tesla. People in the real world wanted a Tesla but unable to afford. And now Ben is talking about spending more money like paint correction? This guy gets a lot of freebee from the public because people listen to him. Ben…If you really want to help Tesla consumer and future consumer, discuss and talk about how Tesla need to par up their quality issues with other luxury manufacturers like MM and BMW and such. Tesla should have corrected your paint problem. An yes, what happen to your roof crack issue. You never shared and follow up with others. Stop being a guy which is full of it. I like you at first but now you’re getting ridicoulously pathetic at times.

Pogo says:

Don’t think solar power is an option if you don’t own your own house.
California home ownership rate is 54% and is projected to fall below 40% as housing availability continues to grow tighter.

Krishna Yalamanchi says:

26$ for fuel seems low not disputing your math but this is not what your average Tesla owner pays, I have solar as well but pay .26$ to PG&E which is the same price as a Super charger, it comes to 78-80$ for every 1100 miles.

Alex Bird says:

~280 usd per month for me, no repairing for my 1 year old S.
Your digits high, bro.

Till Man says:

I know Dave Ramsey ain’t watching this.

Virtual Willis says:

700 a month… Holy crap… I thought my 150 a month payment was brutal. That’s just insane, where do people get that kind of money?

Nicolai Weis says:

Your mic sounds like it is clipping

Harold Becker says:

No loan, payed cash, about $6500 in upgrades ( paint protection, wheel covers , floor mats, etc ) , insurance about $105 / month . Saved at least $200 plus in the month I have had the car ( old car Acura 3.2 / premium gas ). Total cost charging,maybe $15 , I have solar also.

Rumel Ahmed says:

The real question is how much Tesla spent on repairs under warranty. With such small margins anything slightly wrong will decimate it.

kzelkin says:

Ben who is your insurance carrier? Trying to shop now for my delivery coming up

Frenchy Alicea says:

I thought the paint damage was from a car wash???

Chad says:

this is the most useless video you have made in a while and thats saying a lot ben… absolutely NOTHING useful for other owners other then telling them how much you got ripped off on your ceramic coating

Jordan S says:

I don’t know about any of you but my Tesla doesn’t use fuel. Mine uses electricity. Did I get ripped off???

Jose says:

When is the leasing option going to be available?

StarliskJanova says:

how the hack you got #102 insurance :O is that collision full coverage ?

Fernando Rodriguez says:

Kalman Isaacs is suing Musk and Tesla for his tweet about going private.

Virak Song says:

It is too much money. If I would spend extra to upgrade wheel, lower, etc. I would rather buy performances version model 3 or model s at similar cost.

Jordan Jones says:

How is your insurance so low? I’m a 21 year old guy on my mom’s insurance still and I pay $225/month… What’s the deal?

Lucy Hampton says:

Ben you’re so fired up saving a few dollars on fuel but also fired up spending $4000 to fix your paint? That is insane…This guy is really full of it.

geoffrey calderone says:

Ben…you paid too much for the ceramic coating…way to much…it must be a California price. Here in southern Florida it’s nowhere near that!

Adam Smith says:

$700 for a car payment?! How much of that interest and how long is the loan?

Daniel Morreale says:

make that intro a little more brief. as always, great content.

falcon7350 says:

thanks for not making this a 45 min video . next time keep upgrade cost off. others want to know a out the door cost of what it could cost them

Benjamin Orlowski says:

Cost per mile? Operating cost per mile?

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