Tesla Model 3: Everything We Know

Here’s everything (we think) we know about the Tesla Model 3, which Tesla is going to talk more about later this month.

Read more about the Tesla Model 3: http://bit.ly/1WVHVPa
Tesla Model III – The BMW 3 Killer is Coming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDcKwDy8c58

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Rajat Bansal says:

The video you showed was not of model 3

michael whiting says:

its a lovelv little car

Gregor Šemrl says:

I m exaitet

naifsexy says:

i want one of each tesla model

Anton Meisner says:

Meh. I admire Mr Musk but the competition by 2018 will be harsh. Many companies have money to waste for years. Tesla has not.

Mershell says:

The Model S: beautiful!
The Model X: Ugly
The Model 3: more than beautiful! 😀

parthiban vk says:

Am still waiting to buy my first car in India 🙁

ClaudioPerez42 says:

I am super excited, I was thinking of getting a car soon around $10k but I think I’ll hold off and buy a beat up car to get me through until the model 3 comes out. at least then, its an investment.

John Smith says:

Elon Musk: ” Oh my! If we name our car the Tesla E, our lineup spells S-E-X! I know what to do, replace E with 3.
S-3-X. Much better.” Now if this wasn’t Elon Musk I would be confused by the logic behind this, but this must be some personal joke to him.

airconditionerking says:

So this car will be available…… never? WOW- Long Long Wait- Grrrrrrr

Leo de Figueiredo says:

They did want the SEX thing…

Thomas Bayly says:

I’m basing my dissertation on the adoption of electric vehicles. I’d really appreciate if you could fill my survey 🙂

Daniel Carrera says:

Guys. I saw you used music that was “CC BY SA” but your own video is not “CC BY SA”. You can’t do that. That’s illegal. The “SA” part stands for “Share Alike” and it means that you are required to use the same license. Just giving an acknowledgement (like you did in the video) only covers the “BY” part.

Leslie Borregard says:

If Tesla can cars can self charge themselves internally without the need for any pit stop charging that would be a massive leap forward.

Also if it’s autopilot system can integrate itself to specifically take you towards a hard to find address, without you having to manually drive to find would be another improvement!

I’d be jumping to get myself one with those pretty features on it.

vasudama says:

Once the batteries and charging catch up then it is endgame for ICE.

Diego's Last Adventures says:

He was about to say Apple but he said tesla

netKnap6 says:

Its time to talk about EVERYONE’s favorite technology company – A…. Tesla
Oh please, Apple… PFFFFT


don’t understand why a model s… is showcased in a model 3 video…

Sirena says:

I just hope it’s more of a 400mi range.

kamikazikaizer says:

lifetime warranty on the battery?

chuck mayer says:


Colas Graveline says:

A 200 miles range is not enough.

Peter Sea says:

Guy sound like he has hangover.

thepro08 says:

did you just said 2019? common musk nobody really cares about mars, we want that cheap cool electric cars you promised us about…. that in it selves will greatly improve the pollution as long as you can offers us a actually cheap car…. otherwise we are stuck with the same civic, whatever car….

21st Century says:

200 miles is pretty low, I get 550 miles from one diesel tank on my current car and have to fill up every like 2 weeks.
Edit* 20 mins to charge is pretty damn good though, I thought it would take hours

mr k4sperski says:

supercharging and autopilot are included in baseline model. awesome!

Paralyzer says:

I have already preordered this car, tesla! Take My money!

Lorenz Schäfer says:

that lens in the Cupholder xD

Bmw EM says:

every day we hear that the electric power infrastructure is old , flex your power wash your laundry after the peak hour, turn the AC to 78 , use less electricity, yet this idiots are bringing an electric car in the market and every other idiot oohs and ahhs about it , wait till your power company becomes the next oil company and increase the electricity rate through the roof like oil companies did, the only difference is that who ever used gas was effected by high gas prices and who ever used public transportation was not, but with electricity getting more expensive, everybody will get effected regardless. it’s not about environment, I’d take a V8 BMW any day over this Toys R us toy. plus it looks ugly

Open Source says:

Nikola Tesla

Lorentzo8354 says:

This is the future.Make a hydrogen electric hybrid and win the people

Sam Baugh says:

Tesla did want sex, they were devastated.

Raymond George says:

Nice Video..
Already pre-ordered the Model X.. Have no clue when it will hit India!

Alejandro Vaca says:

can’t waaaaiiitttt !!!
but I have to .

PlumpCh1cken says:

click on tesla video, get a prius commercial

clanclasher@coc says:

video on Tesla To Manufacture Tesla Model 3 in India for Asian reagion …do the video man

flon faurillo says:

i want my…
i want my…
i want my model threeeee…

fish fingers says:

It looks great but.. Is the screen just a little bit ott ?

Steph Gijzenberg says:

200+ miles!!!!

John Smith says:

This really is Tesla’s big car. Right now they aren’t doing so well and the oil crash hasn’t been helping. Hopefully the status symbol for for the low price will propel it in front of Chevy’s “b-car” nonsense. I mean, a new car for 35k coming from a six figure company!

Thomas Englert says:

2018 is a good year for me to start now on saving the down payment. The winter weather battery tests should be in by then.

Veikra says:

march 28th…

Dan Rigsley says:

Now why cant other company get a 200 miles range.

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