Tesla Model 3: Everything You Need to Know

Tesla has officially unveiled the Model 3, a $35,000 car that will get drivers 215 miles of range—and that’s just for the base model. Here’s what you need to know.

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Hezekiah Domowski says:

It’s also not a hatchback

Peeps001 says:

I dont like the doors

FIREHAWK1979 says:

A little too much meat in the rear quarter. Glass roof would make the car hot in the sun. Cooling the motor in transformer oil piped through an intercooler might significantly reduce the electrical resistance in the windings.

A. Kessler says:

So beautiful, so electric. Would buy in a heartbeat. Love it, and love what the company has acomplished.

Landon Hughes says:

A $35,000 price tag is not bad at all! Definitely going to be an upgrade from my jeep liberty 😀

Ankit Sharma says:

This is everythinjg I need to know?? What about the power, torque, clearnace, turning radius, yada yada.. sheesh, this is what happens when tech channels start talking cars. This video basically had nothing!

Curtish8892 H says:

Same reason you would buy a BMW over a Mazda 3.


make tesla like a citroen looks… future cars

Hezekiah Domowski says:

the Auto Pilate might not be available for the 35k car. Musk was careful to say that it’ll have the hardware. the software upgrade cost on the S, I’m sure the 3 will too

Amaz3ments says:

Looks like an Aston Martin allot.

tr7862002 says:

Am i the only one thinking that if this takes too long to come into production it may be outdated?? I am putting a deposit down but i having a feeling that it may be too late.

xIAMDAVEx says:

I just dont like how there is no instrument panel on the dash! no speedo or anything so you have to look to the right onto the screen every time you need to check your speed :/

Jesus Gonzalez says:

like your idea of recording while driving. and the end was even better.

Will Bar says:

Ill take one once it comes out and I can get financed for it.

Sadeq Ameen Abed says:

That guy breathing heavily at the end, made me feel out of breath

gifford lee says:

1st of all of all. MSRP dude. Manufactored standard retail price… all that is BS with other dealerships. It has always been a mystery how much does a car truly cost. 1st is Tesla Mod 3. This car can do away all emission and engine and fuel of gas and oil. That leaves a ton of room for the car. This editor doesnt explains details of cars. He only explain what Elon musk said duh. Now. This car has more and spacies to knock the roof away, while put a thick glass on top too make more spacies. It has ton of room and space and power to the throttle. this guy dont know what he is talking about lmak

Dusty Foot Philosopher says:

I am coming for you! I was going to get the Model S, but this looks soo good!!!!

Frosty Supernova says:

250 miles isn’t a long enough range. And that’s why I still am not willing to buy an electric car. My old car (2013 Dodge Avenger Blacktop) got about 500 miles on one tank.

clanclasher@coc says:

please do it

Tommy Popescu says:

My bro is one of the 180000 pre order people.

Philip Jasper Recel says:

Nice Car!

AvelPersonel says:

That is unbelievably cheap!! I thought it would be minimum $80k

Splash says:

Tesla wants the cafés and shops around the superchargers to pay the electricy for the superchargers, thats how they want to finance it

Forgo says:

There’s gonna be nothing special about driving Tesla once everyone has it.

Aaron Briggs says:

I think it looks freaking ugly

Hector Gonzales says:

model 3 giveaway?

Russell Jensen says:

Would anyone recommend this as a first car? Jon? Ron? Anyone?

courgargold says:

Love this BUT… The downside is that states use gas taxes for road maintenance. In WA/OR they are trying to install gps tracking devices on all cars to charge citizens per mile driven on public roads. That’s right… The states are trying to track your location now. This is where technology is used against citizens. You will never be off the beaten path again. 🙁

Pål Vindenes says:

I am 14 years old boy. A computer nerd like most of us. My goal in life is getting a tesla, and when i saw the price of this i can see it is 110% possible making me happy. And in 4-8 years cars would have probaly changed alot and many many more electric cars. Most likely alot cheaper:))))

ReeceAUS says:

Hi Jon, you get teslas autopilot hardware, with safety features enabled only. the auto steer, summon park etc you have to pay for. source; is Elons presentation, and a test drive video where the driver was asked the question. great video though

vaajchang says:

I’ll wait until tesla fixes their below average reliability

TalonTSI95 says:

I reserved one. It’s going to be a long two years….

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