Tesla Model 3 review

The Tesla Model 3 achieves everything Tesla intended with this car: It’s fast, fun to drive, relatively affordable and has great electric range. The only downside is that you’ll have a heck of a time getting one.


Vitali Hr says:

This was a panel review!?

Namealize says:

Very nice car!

Maarten Vaes says:

Back to reviewing gadgets please. Worst car review ever…

abbaby555 says:

Not impressed with this model…

Mike Novelli says:

Modular buttons? Those buttons are not made on modules. … What you mean is they can be set to your personal preference.
This video is late to the game and ineffective…

Planet Fabulous says:

His beard is super sexy!

allierogers says:

Was camera mounted on a selfie-stick? Or is the ride that poor?

Michael S says:

A glossy, non-adjustable display with low contrast graphics. Unbelievable… The driver should have his/her own adjustable, high-contrast, non-reflective display. The passenger should be able to adjust the other (larger) display as well.

alex gritsenko says:

Great car!
In the future It’d be helpful to install AlhpaCar AI on board to guarantee supremacy of Tesla on the road.

killswitch001 says:

they could have molded that screen into a dash. its so old school futuristic looking. 20 years from now people will laugh how dumb this shit looked. they could have had a curved screen that is molded and envelops the driver. this looks like a shitty designer straight out of school slapped an ipad on a horizontal 2×4.


It seems that you have dock an iPad on AC air slot. BTW where AC vents are??

Guru H says:

He is too casual….waste review

Jules Verne Reyes says:

Camera is shaky and dialogue is unintelligible in some parts. Definitely not one of your better reviews.

D MAN says:

Liking Tesla

roidroid says:

3:29 What’s up you cool baby

allierogers says:

Air curtain is “cool”… but what problem with existing design are you solving with it? I rent many different cars while traveling on business and I never once thought “wow they really screwed up the vents… someone should design it better”. Innovation is great. Redesigning a non-broken design just because you can is just a waste of time, effort and resources. There are ton of things that can be improved with existing car transport: focus on fixing the broken things.

Robot Ninja says:

Simplicity of design does not always mean good design…

Bruce Burns says:

There will certainly be an after market opportunity to make something to fill in that naked grill area , it looks weird and no doubt the vinyl cutters will be busy  not just for looks but chip protection .

MrPathorock says:

Tesla 3 is not that good and overpriced.

socalbhiker says:

Question: Were you on a particularly rough/undulating road? One of the common “complaints” about the Model 3 is the somewhat harsh ride, and from the camera (and driver) bounce, it appears to be the case here. Can you comment on the ride quality vs. other cars you’ve driven?

Carl Rei Saito says:

It’s really weird, I almost fell asleep during this review, but I still really enjoyed it

Any Any says:

You are killing this car, there is no enthusiasm in your voice. No more show for you

Howard Luken says:

Typical millennial bullshit. Try adjusting anything while driving. No he sits parked because you CAN’T adjust things while driving. He even mentions its like an ipad attached to the dash. I see it being pulled off by kids, drunk friends or even frustrated drivers. Yea, and try driving in changing rain situations. Even in a high end Mercedes S 550 the wipers wouldn’t function half the time and I see this car being the same. I’ve never seen a car yet where you can actually reach the console without leaning forward out of your seat… unless you’re a munchkin.They don’t show things functioning on the road because it would quickly show its limitations. Techcrunch, how much did Tesla pay you?

Brandon Balcer says:

Either you picked the worst bumpy ass road to do a review on.. or the suspension is as tight as people say.. ..

Samuel Nam says:

Lower the music.

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