TESLA MODEL 3: The Best And Worst Things About It

We took the Tesla Model 3 out for a test drive. The Model 3 will be the least expensive of the Tesla models, with the most basic version starting at $35,000. The one we drove had a few upgrades, like a glass dome roof and some wooden interior details. It goes for $57,500. Following is a transcript of the video.

So, here we are, Ben and Matt from Business Insider in the Tesla Model 3. This is the only Tesla we really haven’t driven extensively at this point because it’s so new. We picked it up in Manhattan. We’ve shot over to New Jersey so we can play around with things like autopilot, which is on now. This is the car driving itself. Very snappy acceleration, pretty good handling.

Just from an enthusiast point of view, it’s not a boring four-door mass-market sedan. It’s exciting. It’s a good looking car. It is a Tesla so it has all that brand power, car of the future. Very minimalist interior, takes a little bit of getting used to. But it’s striking. I think a lot of people are gonna like it. The central touch screen here controls almost all vehicle functions. So, you do need to get used to that. But, it’s not gonna be unfamiliar to anyone who’s been in a Tesla.

This particular vehicle is $57,500. It’s not the $35,000 entry-level mass market Tesla that we’ve been talking about. We’re sitting in the upscale version of the car. They’re not even making the cheaper version of this vehicle yet. So, we’re getting the best possible impression of the car we can get. We’re getting nice seats. We’re getting a nice leather-wrapped steering wheel. You have the nice open-grain wood here in the front. You have the beautiful, giant, panoramic roof, which doesn’t open.

My immediate reaction is the complete package is very compelling. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper than a Model S that might be $100,000 or a Model X SUV that could get up to around $150,000. If you want an electric car that has a lot of range, this car has about 300 miles of range on a charge. If you’re just commuting, you’d be able to drive it around quite a bit during the week before you’d have to plug it in.

I think I kind of like the whole package. It has a trunk in the rear end of the car. Then, you’ve got a the or front trunk in the front. So, you actually get some SUV functionality. You can cram a lot of stuff into the car. So, you’re not really giving up the extra cargo holding ability you would have with a SUV by buying a sedan. This is a lot of fun to drive.

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Sushi says:

thumbs down, he said ruf lmao

EastWood Studios says:


Good Simple Impact says:

The car looks ridiculously good! But were there any bad points made about the car?

robbe goossens says:

Research works map cloud effectively resume shelf withdraw equity outside.

Razor Jimmy says:

Recieved my model 3 last week.
Want to sell it already for a i30n

Ricky Reeves says:

What a misleading/clickbait title

Kevin Leones says:

it’s absolutely worthy of a car best electric car

Siddharth Russell says:

Not a goat but that looks baaaaaaaaad

s sw says:

3 minutes waiting for a review and nothing happened.

Bo Han says:

Best: I can actually afford a Tesla now.  Worst: But I really wanted the Model S.

xXxSkyViperxXx says:

if the touch screen breaks or malfunctions, thatll be really annoying

Hackuna MyTatas says:

What? Where’s the ‘and worst’ part of this video?

mark jones says:

A question has arisen about Mr. Musk’s Roadster being in space and withstanding the harsh temperatures. How hot can the paint of the vehicle get before blistering?

SDav21 says:

There are a lot more other exciting 4 door sedans. There are cars with more tech. There are cars with better space efficiency. There are cars that are cheaper with way better interior quality. This car is overpriced and overrated only by tesla fanboys and ignorant owners.

jamesgjt says:

The have build quality issue…

Rehman Awan says:

Door opens with Middle finger

taviiiiii says:

Thanks for putting that annoying music over this so I didn’t risk hearing the actual review

Netizen says:

Best features

Mario Jacobo says:

it went from MKBHD to The Verge to Tech Insider, that Tesla it’s all over the place lol

Sunset Rider says:

Those door handles look really annoying.

Elvar Snær Ágústson says:


Crash test Crash test says:

Don’t buy this car

SpAceX Fan says:

Best car ever for the price

Thompson .exe says:

what was that first scene. very uncomfortable seeing your fingers need to curve like that to open the door. Look like i have to break my bones to open a door

Dadangk Kurniawan says:

Why tesla didn’t put a head up display so we can see the driving information without move our eyes from the road ?

Kaloyan Bankov says:

Please update us after how many miles you had to return it for the 1st “quick fix”? I know model S is a reliability nightmare and was hoping it wont happen with this one.

Balancing Life says:

The best. Peroid

Claudio Dinapoli says:

Is it just me who thinks it’s kind of weird to put stuff in the front of the car since it’s the part that is more likely to crash in a car accident?

fauzi hassan says:

Fun for about 5 seconds…


Ok then …

CK Adventures says:

Car full of people but no one else says anything haha.

Wolver Derp :P says:

One thing this car is missing

_Elon Musk riding it while drunked_

Just for fun says:

Where Tesla roadster will most likely crash:-

Hima Ballapuram says:

Useless video

Galen Hanes says:


Rez Ab says:

Retard way of opening a door

hellcat1988 says:

Everyone keeps giving Tesla crap about not selling the cheapest version of the 3 yet. Ok, so it’s not the cheapest you can buy. It’s STILL selling.

Netizen says:

Similar to beforebuyapp site checks and highlights for cars

ruirodtube says:

Model 3 big “no, nos”:
1. Door handles both outside and inside.
2. Central touch screen controls for EVERYTHING.
3. Too high price with options.
4. No extra space for future larger battery.
5. Opening card.
6. Rear propulsion.

Isaac Fernandez says:

Why did he emphasized the last syllable of almost every word?

DankinDolphin says:

I like the headlights but other than that the whole car is kinda ugly.

kuaigon says:

Business insider AHEM tech insider

Augusto Henrique Lee says:

Numbering the positives and negatives would have been appreciated!

Santiago Bron says:

testla is a cult like apple

Gur1_ K says:

The interior is a joke

Alain Sadun says:

awful video

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