Tesla Model 3: The Model S/X Test Drive That Sold Me On The Hype

The Tesla Model 3. Despite having zero interest in cars and living in a city with abundant public transit (and abundant traffic jams), I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be a part of a transportation revolution. A few months ago I ordered the Tesla Model 3 alongside about 400,000 other people, and it should be rolling up to my doorstep sometime late in 2018. It will be my very first electric car.

The question I have is probably the same one you do, whether you ordered a Tesla Model 3 or not: did I make the right call? Can the Model 3 possibly live up to all the buzz? And what kind of car will it be when it actually rolls out of the factory? To find out, I needed to learn what driving a Tesla is like today. So I flew to Florida with Derek Kessler and Serenity Caldwell from Tesla Central, and we spent a few days doing our own Tesla Test Drive with the Model S P85D and a brand-new Model X P90D.

What I discovered was that Tesla has the power to turn even the most apathetic driver into an auto aficionado.


This Tesla Model 3 preview was published after two days driving the Tesla Model X and Tesla Model S on privately-owned cars in FL, USA. A portion of the footage shown was shot by Derek Kessler and Serenity Caldwell of Tesla Central.


For a full rundown of all things Model 3, see “Everything you need to know about the Tesla Model 3” at Tesla Central: http://www.teslacentral.com/tesla-model-3




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SmashProStudio says:

I remember when you used to do car reviews for Autotrader.

Fireflies For all says:

Dear Tesla Group,

Release a video of a DIY version of the battery you have created on YouTube.

That is the only way you will truly revolutionize the world at the speed needed.

Oil group just won your country election.

KRC Gaming says:

The only thing I will get rid of with it is the fucking price of fixing the god dam rust bucket I drive now, that drinks petrol like it;s water. So cheaper for me, the better.

Paul Rollmann says:

Excellent review! best I have seen yet! Have you driven the chevy Bolt yet? Your statement at the end makes it sound like only Tesla can deliver the future car you prefer. The Bolt is NOT the Model 3, but you can get it now and it is pretty close! Plus it will go further…

Bambisola Ajayi says:

so this is where you are michael!! been looking for your silky voice. lol. on pocketnow and couldnt find you. Hey? Good luck with your new channel. auto-subscribe ofcourse 😀

TheMeisterManuel says:

The only problem I currently see is that when everyone is buying a Tesla, how can you be sure that not someone else is currently using the Super Charger station? Even if the system tells you that it’s occupied will it automatically list when it’s yr turn to charge now? Let’s wait and see.

realrunner2000 says:

Elon said supercharger stations will always be free

Florro says:

I don’t own a car. I don’t have a license. I’m not even old enough to get one but Michael makes everything watchable I swear

Jord Zord says:

lol there’s realistically no point for us Indonesian to watch a car review from a western person (except for entertainment somehow)


the cars don’t exist here, like, there’s only 15% of em that actually goes here haha. (especially electric cars, there’s probably literally none of those here) and if they do exist their economy value is different, a CR-V is considered premium for a normal car for example.

Alex Choco says:

@1:00 I was expecting a “To be continued…” meme.

Loom Mag says:

Super charge will be free for the model 3

PedHead says:

will a Tesla model 3 bottleneck an i-5 4670k?

M Oczakow says:

Holy cow! Nissan finally released the 200mile Leaf!? (cough cough!)

bobmister250 says:

7:38 You said Bolt gets 200 vs 3’s 215. Incorrect. Bolt gets 238.

Dan Rigsley says:

Never buy a 1st Gen…just wait a couple of years while the goons test out the 1st gen.

Rudinei Silva says:

supercharge will be free on model 3.

Dan K says:

could you potentially carry a portable battery/charger in the car and just park and charge that way? or they could design interchangeable batteries

Kryštof Dvořák says:

Did you notice an S2000 on an intersection?

Lennart Götz says:

4:53 – For traffic lights, the infrastructure need an upgrade. So a transmitter on intersections to tell the car if its lane is having red or green.
7:09 – It only do until u change it in the control-settings.

The ‘autopilot’ is working with cameras in black-white for better recognition and processing, so it’s hard (not impossible) to distinguish red from green. Also some traffic lights are horizontal, some are vertical, some are hanging above the intersection or beeing a little bit hidden…
U can tell a traffic light from a sign, lamp or other unimportant things, but tell this a little kid which have to learn everything separately, like a computer do.

Thomas Bayly says:

A very well balanced and critical review. Good work.

manifest 73 says:

All wait for version 2.0

Tech Era says:

these cars will never able to be driving in india

crhanks01 says:

Extremely insightful, thanks for this Video.

emil posselt says:

Tesla has fucked up their display making it smaller and removing the one behind steering wheel…STUPID !!!

xana452 says:

My only qualms with it: One, how long is the battery meant to last? I can’t get a new car every two years like I can with a phone. Two, will the superchargers damage the battery like quick charging does on phones? Or is that a myth altogether?

wildreams says:

Tesla stock owner here. Who else?

Just Cyandie says:

Does the model S has autopilot?

Joey Palmiero says:

Tesla are tripling the power of super chargers at least

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