Tesla Model 3 vs Chevy Bolt: Cost, Speed, Safety and Tech Features Reviewed and Compared

The Tesla Model 3 and the Chevy Bolt could change transportation as we know it. This comparison looks at all the key factors to help you decide which one is right for you.

Affordable Electric Vehicles are finally hitting the market. Both the Tesla Model 3 and the Chevy Bolt a priced to sell and could change transportation as we know it. The Chevy Bolt sports some impressive features, killing the range anxiety many held. The Tesla Model 3 also delivers on this and could close to 300mi of range on a single charge if you want to believe the rumors. Both cars are fast, the Chevy Bolt clocking in at 0-60 in under 6.5 seconds while the Tesla Model 3 makes it in under 6sec. Elon Musk has also hinted that there might be ludicrous mode available on the Model 3 giving it even speedier results.

The Chevy Bolt is available now at your local Chevy dealer, although when I tried to find one for a test drive, none of them were in yet. The Tesla Model 3 will require some patience. Elon recently tweeted that “Tesla is increasing the production ramp as fast as possible, but I’d recommend ordering a Model 3 soon if you want 2018 delivery” so depending on what you want to read into that, you may be waiting for two years before getting your Model 3.

When looking at the Tech for both of these cars, they’re decent. The Chevy Bolt has some fun features like wireless charging for your mobile devices and support for Apple Airplay and Android Auto. Both have a 4G LTE internet connections however only the Chevy Bolt will let you tether your phone to it. The Tesla Model 3 on the other hand ships with full self-driving hardware and for an upgrade fee will include autopilot. Autopilot and the self-driving ability is a big distinction to me. On the one hand, they’re both techie cars, but only the Tesla Model 3 has the ambition to become a fully autonomous vehicle one day. Not to mention the Over-The-Air (OTA) software upgrades which continually improve your Tesla.

When comparing the price of these two cars, I feel they’re close enough that it won’t change your mind either way. It is almost negligible to me but perhaps the Chevy could be a bit better if you can get the federal tax rebates before they run out.

One huge factor though that I think will ruin Chevy’s chance, at least with this car, to become a major player in the EV market is the look of the car. Some friends of mine went to an auto show here in California recently and were unimpressed with the Bolt. They mentioned the interior was cramped and the look was more of a minivan instead of a fun coupe. The one area where the Chevy Bolt beats the Tesla Model 3 here is the trunk. In the Model 3, the trunk has been compromised to provide more headroom in the back seat whereas the Bolt has a hatchback which the seats fold down to provide ample storage.

All in all, I’m thrilled to see affordable EVs hitting the market and wish both cars great success. The last question to answer is for you. Which one will/would you buy? What features are most important to you? Let me know in the comments below and thanks for watching!

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Mark Brand says:

EV1 great???

melmel says:

Great review and comparison. For someone ready to purchase now? Go Bolt! I also like the Tesla styling better but a 2 year wait behind 350,000 buyers is not smart.

Arnold Schwarznegger says:

Any advice guys? Picking between available new 2017 35k Bolt or 2013-2014 used tesla Model S 60 or 85d for 50-55 grands $? Which one better ? Wanna buy an EV but dont wanna be stuck at the service with used tesla because new one is expensive!

Jose Cota says:

the bolt is tiny.

Rick Ruehl says:

GM will pull it off the road like the EV1. They just want to try to pull sales from Tesla to weaken their sales and then promote the Surburbans. They should have been out of business and not saved by my tax dollars. I don’t trust GM as they have a proven track record of making the biggest, heaviest gas guzzlers.

Sean Safo says:

I like your video but please don’t need to use bad f world, you are more smarter then that my boyes like your videos & like to see it but don’t like the bad language

roy goodman says:


galvdeck says:

Hypothetical Tesla hype, this is a car that has not been delivered to consumers or reviewed vs. a car that is now on the streets. By the time the Tesla is released Chevy will be onto the 2nd generation of the Bolt. Telsa will end up being delayed as they always are, with reliability problems that are well known while the Chevy will be a good car quietly doing it’s job better and for a lower price.

YPO6 says:

Chevy has probably better quality control and less basic “teething problems” compared to Tesla.

mike says:

The original Etron had even more torque , like 3300 pound-feet from 4 motors , but they didn’t manage to get the final consumer car to the market .

Argf says:

the bolt looks like a 15k car yet costs twice but the model 3 looks like a 60k car but only costs half

Bernie Smith says:

Tesla is the way to go. GM sucks, plus it’s ugly.

Catnip2011 says:

A definite NO to anything from the “Stinky 3.”

Artago Falcon says:

I’m undecided. I think the tesla looks better with ONE exception. The front number on the model 3 looks horrendous. It reminds me of daffy duck or donald duck or any frat girl taking a selfie. This is a big factor for me and it’s almost a deal breaker. In all other aspects the Tesla is the winner by a hair. However, that front bumper. OMG it’s fugly. I don’t mind waiting for a year or more for a tesla as I’m not planning to buy an EV for a while. I just hope when I do decide to get one, the model 3 front end will be redesigned. Side note: I had the same beef with the 1st gen Model S. The front end / bumper are hideous in my opinion. However, Telsa has changed it in the 2nd gen Model S so that it looks like the Model X front end which I think is very sexy. I hope they make the same change to the 2nd gen Model 3 and I’ll be all over it. Just my 2 cents.

Josip Ricov says:

I would wait to save money for Tesla model S or X model 3 sucks! Chevy sucks even more! Rather have VW eGolf.

Derick DeRidder says:

Tesla all the way

Alan Orlowski says:


NYGoodGuy1 says:

Don’t forget that the Model 3 will probably have a dual motor AWD option, and an option for a glass roof that might have regenerative solar paneling. The Bolt is FWD only. Hands down, the Model 3 is the better choice and worth the wait.

johnny mars says:

The 3 might be available to the general public by 2019-20, given Tesla’s piss-poor record of on-time delivery to its customers. And if the S has only average reliability, how good is a de-contented 3 going to be for 1/3 of the price? As for body style, one’s is an upright hatchback and one is a sedan, so there is no winner here.

Armored Asylum says:


Larry Portraits of Honour says:

I’m From Canada my Bolt is to be built Mar 7/17 but I have also put money down on a Model 3 – in 2 years I will see what I do

Sosocial Berlin says:

Wait for Tesla. What else. And by the way: I think Tesla will take the “top-car-producer” image from Germany to the US.

Amalie Rex says:

tesla, without a second thought

Russell Stanley says:

Both cars are good cars. If I needed a car today, the Bolt is the only one I could buy. Luckily I’m in a lease with 2 years left. When my lease expires the Tesla 3 should be available and would be my vehicle of choice. Until that time I’ll enjoy my 2017 Ford Fusion Energi which I love! It’s only got an 18 mile range on batteries but overall I’m getting 45+ mpg on gas even on trips of 1000 miles. The car looks good, has a large interior and great features, the trunk is the only part of the car that sucks, going to Costco is a challenge! But until the Tesla 3 comes out it was the perfect filler car for me. Living in California I also love that my Fusion has carpool stickers, saves a lot of time while driving on the highways near LA. Can’t wait to see the future electric cars.

mohaned barak says:

I’ll go for the bolt now

Jarred Cox says:

I want a model S so bad but im poor and only 15 maybe i the future

pie app says:

stop with the stupid background music! unnecessary and ruins it.

Anna Silvestri says:

Reserved my Model 3 last spring…can’t wait!

Sergey K says:

radar or lidar?

Steve Steranka says:

I wanted a Tesla, couldn’t afford it, so in 2014 I bought a Ford Fusion Energi (400gas + 22ev). I drive 15mpday so it’s actually perfect. I put a Model3 reservation in on launch day but ended up pulling back reservation a few months ago because I’ll probably have the Ford for another two years. At that point, hoping to upgrade to the S/X instead.

Between these two, I’d wait for the 3 because it fits my situation + I’m not ready for mom van/hatchback.

Lennart Götz says:

Drive fast as an american?
Where on public roads do u have no speed limit like in germany? ^^
Okay, in germany it’s harder to get a driving license so its more secure to allow this in public.

stephen Paul says:

All I want is ECONOMY

PJ C says:

Wow this video is such BS! Vaporware vs an actual car that people are driving now. Your talking about features in a car that won’t be to the masses for another two years ( who knows maybe three following Tesla track record.) By that time Nissan, Chevy, Audi, ect will have first or second generation EV’s out that might have the same features. Tesla should get credit for their “real” actual cars on the market not things that are not here yet. Come I can sit here a say hey the next version of the BOLT will have self parking and maybe even fly…..come on now

Dawson Suderman says:

I drive a Chevy right now and love it! But I’d still go for the tesla hands down!!!

Di Hteman says:

What are the electric car manufacturers doing to protect these computerized cars from having the driving controls hacked away from the owner, especially while driving?

Will Berger says:

nice review!

Mathew Jacob says:

Buy a Bolt now, and when you get a Tesla sell the Bolt.

Luke Kennedy says:

I’ll get the tea when I’m older because I’ll probably still have a gas car with a few more years

yragtheblank says:

Tesla Model 3

Jarred Cox says:

I i had to choose between these two i would get the tesla but i do like chevy

Daniel Rousseau says:

tout le monde a un auto on peut attendre tesla

Kevin Lu l Storm Chasing says:

The charging isn’t a wash. Tesla can also charge at other standard chargers, they just need a simple adapter, so Bolt does not have any superiority over the amount of chargers. Tesla wins big time, because it has almost triple the amount of superchargers.

stanfrisco says:

I would probably lease the Bolt for three years & at the end of the lease period, go for the Tesla.

Peter Schmidt says:

So the comment about pressing a button and letting the car park itself without you in it got me to think of something VERY interesting…
If you live in a city with paid parking, you could just tell the car to drive around for a little bit and avoid parking altogether. If you find that wasteful, have it pick up Uber riders. That way, your car makes you money while you’re spend money.

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