Tesla Model 3 vs. Chevy Bolt: Which is Right for YOU?

Some have asked us to compare the $49K Model 3 to other cars, like the Chevy Bolt. We will look at several aspects of these two cars, and then talk about which car might be right for you.

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F Schaumann says:

as someone living in germany where even a Model 3 LR barely makes it to 200km range thanks to our Autobahn speeds…. I´ll have to wait till EVs get to 150kwh+ battery size I guess. Aaand it`s also barely cheaper in fuel thanks to our ridiculous power prices and it`s more expensive than a BMW…. jesus I hate our politicians and the car lobby here. They really do everything they can to make EVs as unattractive as possible to the average consumer.

Noel Dillabough says:

very detailed comparison! I would love to see similar overviews of other cars available now, ie the Kona or the Volt etc. Two Bit Rating of “x.y” 🙂

Two Bit da Vinci says:

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Shane Norton says:

This is an extremely informative and comprehensive video. Thank you so much for the effort that you’ve put into it.

Muranaman says:

How come the Bolt is rated at 200HP, and only go 91MPH?
For reference, my Ford Fiesta ST, is rated at 180HP on 87 octane fuel, and 200LB ft of torque,
It does 0-60 in 7 seconds, and has a top speed of 145MPH.

So while I believe the Torque rating, I seriously doubt the HP rating.
HP on a gasoline car is a good indicator of top speed, but on an electric car drops as MPH goes higher.
In that sense, they should have suggested that the Bolt has about 70-75HP, as that’s much closer to the same top speed as a smart for two…
The torque sounds about right. The bolt has a lot more torque, but also a much higher weight.

William Erazo says:

No Yeah let’s compare a 40K car to 50 k car

Blu Sensation says:

real simple choice here the Bolt is slow and ugly

Curious Sand says:

Wow, really what seems to be an honest unbiased comparison. Good job!

Ufo Trailers says:

hands down, sold on TESLA!

Jim Matulevich says:

Tesla still has my $1k since 3/31/16 but I have not ordered my car because I bought a 2018 Leaf. The Pro Pilot assist features that the Leaf has would cost an additional $5K for EAP in the model 3

january161992 says:

the 3 is hideous with its ugly hunchback styling! – too big/ 4 door = fail! Love my bmw i3!

C M says:

I can’t wait for the family 2nd addition M3 AWD scheduled between Sep 18 – Nov 18 2018.

DFKnightmare says:

There is no comparison. And over 5+ years of ownership that $10k difference is trivial.

AZOffRoadster says:

Question for Tesla owners: Can you select the max charging rate? Charging batteries quickly degrades their lifespan.

hp9mm says:

did you make all graphics yourself? nice job

Z kai says:

Neither is a good choice …
I am waiting for the Mazda EV w/Rotary Range extender in 2019/2020.
Think Volt EV but made by Mazda with Mazda design style with some Toyota Tech.

Chris Magarian says:

I have a Tesla model 3 dual motor on order. And we have a model x and love Tesla they are great! I looked at the bolt is that kinda cheap in the inside.

taztaz79 says:

Also.. Hyundai Kona has better warranty… 5 year B2B with unlimited driving distance and 8 year battery warranty (200000 km). 12 yr corrotion warranty..

TheReggiereg1 says:

Man I’m cool with my 2013 Chevy volt for 12k. The idea of 40 mile on a charge and then the hybrid system kick in works for me. And I make 6 figures for per year so it’s not about if I can afford it. I rather invest that money into another rental property. Tesla does not create legacy but my rental properties will last way beyond my life expectancy

Franklyn Monk says:

I’d like a review of the Hyundai Ioniq

CSTwister says:

I just would like to say I LOVE MY MODEL 3. No way I would get a bolt over this..

Edit: Also wanna mention I took delivery of my RWD Model 3 only 2 weeks after order, no reservation. As for insurance, when I gave them my VIN they didnt change the quote price, so I dont think its based on the 35k price. Some insurance companies MIGHT but for me, they didnt. Ive also seen many people on forums have their model S insured for similar prices which is like a 80k-130k car

Bobby Mangano says:

Can you compare 2019 Buick Encore to to any SUV that is similar

whattheschmidt says:

Heels were a bad choice

Fred Zlotnick says:

Even if you don’t have enough income this year, you can carry the tax credit forward another year or more.

napraznicul says:

i don’t love tesla, but obviously.. daewoo/”chevrolet” bolt (nephew of daewoo kalos), it’s almost as much expensive as the tesla, but as performances and options, tesla model 3 is faaaaar ahead of that gm car (can’t be compared).
Gm should sell bold at some 30.000$

Young Yun says:

Tesla all day!!!!!

John Weiner says:

Would like to see future video comparing Tesla model 3 to Audi Sportback (available 2019) and comparable Mercedes models.

kenya catholic says:

seems like they are evenly matched, for me, I Would take the bolt due to the Dealership network. If something went wrong the convinience of seemless repairs is just something Tesla seems to not have sorted out.

A Alberto says:

I have 2 Chevrolet bolts premiers: 2018 and 2019. It’s for me and my wife and we both have very short commutes. The bolt works for us because of the hatch configuration and will not get too much attention. Our cars serves our needs well and we paid cash for our vehicles. There is a chevrolet dealer near our home for added peace of mind; our cars have been rock solid so far. If we have to go on long trips we will just rent a suitable car and not worry about any possible issues we might run into and return it when we are done.

Pat Ferrara says:

A nice, no bias review! Even as a proud Model 3 owner, appreciate the impartiality in this vid; thank you and well done!!

Muranaman says:

$5k for cruise control on a Tesla Model 3??
They’re nuts!
Cruise control should be standard on any car! It literally costs the company $15 on switch installation!

Optical Clarity says:

I’d take the Bolt because I don’t have confidence in Tesla. The major manufacturers are getting into the EV game now, and Tesla’s quality problems & repair problems are about to become real issues. Consumer reports sycophantic review of the model s a few years ago was an embarrassment.

SilverSlayer23 says:

I thought Auto Park came with Tesla by default?


Kona EV

Mads Ryberg says:

imho, the bolt’s top speed kills it for me

Marcus Aurelius says:

Bolt at $43k
they can be found for cheaper, without losing much in options
whereas, 3s increase into 50k, 60k
most people are buying a higher priced 3 to get the right car, into the 50s
one can buy in the mid-30s for the right Bolt

Edward Mitchell says:

What is missing in this comparison is more important than anything covered in this video. Questions like; “Why is there a wait to get the Model 3 and no wait to get the Chevy Bolt?” This missing question is like a elephant in the room that no one wants to see in your video. It all has to do with supply and demand. Right now there is a high demand for Tesla’s Model 3 and very low demand for the Chevy Bolt. Chevy has already admitted that they lose money with every Bolt sale thus it is not sustainable and Tesla is banking on the Model 3 to take it where they want it do go with their company’s future.
So, why is there such a high demand for the Tesla Model 3 and a low demand for the Chevy Bolt? Could it be that one is sex and nice to look at and the other is like trying to love the way a toad looks? Since the sales numbers are in we can safely assume people like the way the Tesla looks as compare to the way the Bolt looks, correct? People don’t want to spend their hard earned money on a car that looks like a toad for as I already stated the numbers are already there for anyone to pull up.

Michael Mara says:

Love my Model 3!

Joshua Israel says:

Stop with the road trip bullshit in every fucking video! If I can afford a 45k car I will not DRIVE CROSS COUNTRY! I will take a damn flight, only poor people drive cross country when going somewhere.

Jacob Stone says:

You forgot to mention the fact that the Tesla has a gear selector straight out of the 90s

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