Tesla Model S – Official Walkthrough HD

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A detailed walkthrough through the Tesla Model S.

Jump to chapters:

– Key and Doors:
00:49, 1 minute

– Front Trunk, Trunk, and Seats
01:40, 2 minutes

– Charging
03:18, 3 minutes

– Steering Wheel
06:50, 3 minutes

– Touchscreen Status Bar and Charging Menu
10:07, 2 minutes

– Homelink, Profiles and Bluetooth
11:53, 2 minutes

– Driver Controls and All Glass Panoramic Roof, Part 1
13:33, 2 minutes

– Driver Controls, Part 2
14:05, 2 minutes

– Settings
17:32, 2 minutes

– Heating and Ventilation
19:00, 1 minute

– Introduction to Touchscreen Apps
19:40, 1 minute

– Media
20:25, 3 minutes

– Navigation
23:38, 2 minutes

– Energy, Web, Back-up Camera and Phone
25:10, 2 minutes

– Glove Compartment and Manuals
26:30, 1 minute

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Adrian Piece says:

Ford, Chevy, Chrysler Doge Jeep, Mercedes, Audi, etc. Should all have Tesla editions..Everything Tesla just on a different body.

Jeffrey Jewell says:

Lol it just looks like a Kia with a Tesla badge

little combat king gaming says:


Brandon G says:

*The Doors starts playing* “Now rolling stones is playing.”

Abhijeet Nigam says:

Over featured

Suit Steve Movie Reviews says:

Can a 2015 Model S be able to fully drive itself once it’s made?

Filip Borin says:

With that display the cockpit of the Tesla looks like a F-35 fighterjet cockpit.Amazing!

Ryan Witney says:

It’s only like $80 K ? If you have a steady job, perhaps one that would require a degree, you can afford this car. I don’t see why people are saying they will never afford it

Noel Playz says:

Elon Musk seems that he comes from the future..

K-MTB says:

i wish they also have physical buttons too, wher eyou can use the buttons or display

Amani Abdulkareem says:


Ursie Minor says:

Did you just congratulate me for buying a Tesla? Don’t tease me

Victer Branch Jr says:

Ur boring me!

little combat king gaming says:

my first car a tesla model s that why im watching

Stephen Law says:

Why this car is so f… expensive!?!?!?!?!? If “tesla is the future” why the future is so expensive? These cars are really cheap to produce, cheap materials, cheap engineering simple design. VERY OVERRATED. $136,200 What the f….?! If this car is made to not pollute it should be cheaper than cars that pollute. That’s the way to change things. For what am I paying so much money? For the f…. titanium of which the chassis is made up apparently? You need more money Elon Musk?

Saransh Puri says:

Is there a model 3 one of these

J. Negrete says:

I think I’m going to start a 2nd career so I can afford a TESLA

James Martin says:

One thing you should never do is give an intelligent man a electrically operated machine never have to charge it won’t say to much would however need extra batteries for more storage

SpAcED_ OuT says:

I just realized the key is shaped like the car

prankster gangster says:

Tesla needs to build a pickup van suv hatchback motorcycle

SIR P says:

I love this car

Bim Bims says:

mauuuuu 🙁 lebih elegan ini ketimbang beli Rubicon

Ricky Miranda says:

Just watching this video probably burned 3 miles in the availability Dx

அரசியல் vs தமிழ்நாடு says:

Now petroleum products price tomuch very high in India. So we need battery cars.for reasonable price.

Filip Borin says:

Je veux cette voiture elle est parfaite!Elle est comme un chasseur de 5eme generation plainne avec des technologies!Je pense que je suis amoureux d’elle!

Joshua Schmitz says:

Just bought mine!!! <3

little combat king gaming says:


1carkeet says:

This car is a computer on steroids…

1carkeet says:

A technophobes nightmare. . I will stick with my Toyota Hilux, thanks.

KylieMeyers says:

My goal is to save up for a Tesla for 3 years so when I’m 16 I’ll have enough for one

Jose Vera says:

That is going to be my first car.(I think…hopefully.)

அரசியல் vs தமிழ்நாடு says:

How much this car for India?

Sarah Lyon says:

How much would it cost to fill her up? Is it worth it vs gas?

MrSuhas2020 says:

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karoly pottyondy says:

full of unnecessary parts!!!

Matthew Barlow says:

Awesome video. It’s very informative and goes into great depth. Only down side is 28 minutes of that repetitive and constant beat of the music is so annoying, it drive me crazy. No pun intended

Devin's Aquatics says:

5 years ago damn

Frédéric François Chopin says:

This car is so good looking I almost cried

Asap Goms says:

The intro that is 30 seconds long…really?

vanamburgben says:


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