Tesla Model S Review: A Deeper Look At The Insane Tech And Gadgets

Here’s an extended look at the Tesla Model S’ tech and gadgets.
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Watch the review of the Tesla Model S here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Kweacmo0fE

Read what it’s like to drive the Tesla Model S from London to Paris here. http://bit.ly/1HGDIdS

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danishlalahero says:

Day and night mode “oh that doesn’t do anything”, while the speedometer and such are greatly reduced in lighting 😀

gb291 says:

Dats maahooosive

Innes Crawford says:

Alex are you the stig?

Anthony R says:

The screen dominates the dashboard a bit too much for me but the tech is cool

Geminijets53 says:

Alex should be the new Top Gear UK presenter.

Ravyn Sahale says:

As someone who doesn’t really consider themselves a car guy, but more of a tech guy, this car fascinates me and has made its way into my dream garage.

Niklas Neve Sørensen says:

For such an awesome car, technology wise especially, why does the screen operate so slow and “jittery”. 
I don’t suppose that 3G should have any inpact on moving between the tabs, looking at the cars info. 
– It is the same problem that the Peugeot 308 has got with its touch screen 🙁 

Anonymous says:

You need an android phone, alex

Valters Pelns says:

Browsing CT website looks slow and laggy. 🙁

tavi921 says:

There should be a law against touch screens in cars too. Laggy pieces of shit.

Jordan James says:

Just seems dangerous having to glance away to look at what you’re going to be pressing on the screen. I’d need to have a go but I think well placed buttons and knobs would be far easier to use. But I guess you’d get used to it after the first crash or two

Oil Lamp says:

You should have 10tb of storage in the car for tools.

vicesat says:

Why web navigation is not smooth? so lag there

Yousef Noori says:

Lucky you! I have an iPhone 4 lol

Krste Toshev says:

It looks like we found Alex speeding on CarThrottle without any registration! :))))

Florin Marinuc says:

i will buy this car only for that display

Rick Hough says:

I can control my heating using a control on the dashboard. I don’t have to look at a screen in order to do that. I don’t know at what point car designers decided that putting touchscreens in cars to control basic functions and features was a good idea but they were very, very wrong.

Jonnybarbs says:

That looked laggy as fuck, the web browsing

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