I got the awesome opportunity to check out the Tesla Model S 75D! This car is absolutely amazing, and it packs a ton of tech on the inside. Look forward to a video testing the autopilot features!

Tesla’s Site – https://www.tesla.com

Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/mstechyt
For Business Inquiries – matt@mstechteam.com

Short paragraph about the video for SEO. If you are reading this, that’s because Matt is dumb and forgot to write something clever. Or maybe he left it intentionally.

Music from Epidemic Sound: https://goo.gl/JGlflE


sandflesh says:

the hacker in me wants to flash a custom rom for the car so i can watch video..(not while driving)

maxB9F says:

Can I have one ? [ $ ᴥ $ ]

Spencer Davis says:

such a beautiful car, sad to see some of the prices though…..

Anirudh Venkatachalam says:

Matty wear the seat belt

Stephen Bakasa says:

Looking forward to the model 3 content. Can’t wait for that.

Jordan Chapman says:

here just in case you are actuallly giving one away

Julien Groulx says:

dat was gud

MS Tech says:

I almost forgot, of course I’m giving one away! 😉

Neil Carlson says:

Wow, no free giveaway!

Car Guru says:

If anyone is looking to see the internals of a model s tesla plus the rebuild process/modifications and troubleshooting issues etc. checkout my channel!

Eldon Jean Jacques says:

Give it to me. my wife would love it!!

Pablo Serrano says:

“And as always, stay classy” … *huge hickey on neck*

Mind Over Matter says:

That moon art piece is sweet.

Oberon says:

What are you wearing? I’m sorry but you look busted mah nibba

sufyan zalawar says:

Sign me up I can’t believe that you are giving it away

Timothy Huggins says:

I don’t know why; but I’m more amazed at the free LTE that comes with it. XD

MrSquareart says:

good video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicholas Lee says:

Good video I liked it you just got a new subscriber


best tech reviewer in the world+best car in the world =MOST AWESOME vid in the world

Damon Taylor says:

Damn this is crazy! awesome channel man

David Gutierrez-Aguirre says:

“stay classy” but dont cover you hickeys? k…

Signal Radar says:

Ok whatever you do, DONT give me the Tesla.

F!ŅŇ says:

i would really want one, of i had the money XD

Francisco Ribeiro says:

Just Beautifull!

Bruno Silva says:

Nice Car!

z guyee man says:

whats going to happen to used teslas after the model 3, seems like they will plummet in value.

Anxious says:

What do you call a cow with 3 legs

Lean beef

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