Tesla Model S – Technicals

Teslas CTO describes the technical details of the new, upcoming Model S Sedan. An interesting clip about a revolutionary car!!


Not-Google-Plus says:

I just went on an LCD Soundsystem kick from watching this

pit coll says:

no real technicals shown, and that guy talks like a antiques dealer.
a car needs to be brutal, fast and almost to frightening to drive not like at home watching a boring movie.

Emir Tunçyürek says:

I’ve found Jony Ive’s lost brother!

dragoonuvl says:

What the hell is wrong with you? I know Lotus had a hand in Telsa, I’m disagreeing with you that it was a 100% British Effort and that the Lexus LFA had anything to do with Lotus. Everything else I agree with you on because I have verified it.

Simon L says:

what about the roof pillars are they strong enough in roll

rohit sharma says:

can anybody tell me about the soundtrack behind this video.

inoussa issaka says:

Propaganda I guest tesla

KingMierda says:

Amazing job TESLA! Congratulations! Please sell your cars in Spain, Barcelona would be the best place to start, it’s the Spanish California!

dragoonuvl says:

The car was NOT an 100% British and Lotus effort that is one of the larges myths you have made to date. Why does every European car need to be hyped to the stars with you? Next you’ll be telling the world that GM’s Corvette is an 100% German effort. Crash testing is not the ONLY thing the DOT looks for in a vehicle it is only ONE element in the whole process what is your fascination with this?

Steve Jobs says:

По русски блять!

joe biden says:

People should fly to space with electric cars water bomb the moon.

KirkSaysYes says:

tesla sucks….

Janusha says:

-built in Finland and England. Its not like MURCA suddenly started making modern cars. They simply insert the engine and battery (that they also didnt make) in california. Thats all it takes to claim “american built” and qualify for US Gov grants.

-As for Lexus, Lotus have worked with Toyota for decades. Im not saying its ALL Lotus tech in Lexus LFA, Nissan GT-R or even the Ford GT but… Unless you are Mclaren or Ferrari, there is no point spending years and billions on inventing handling and-

ThePariss333 says:


Timothy Elliott says:

I wish youtube had a “Love” button.

Janusha says:

Oh you again… Yeah. Just like in Teslas own words. On their own homepage. They write many pages on how they did NOT actually base the Tesla Roadster on a Lotus Elise. Even tho its common knowledge that they did. Because when they change the Lotus chassis and Lotus tech to suit their own needs, they now count it as a TESLA chassis and no longer a Lotus. Most low production car companies call Lotus for designs, technology and engineering but dont advertise it due to brand identity.

Janusha says:

Oh so if I dont mention the NAME, its not valid now? The first Tesla that Tesla used to score hundreds of millions of US Gov. and state of California handouts, funds, loans, stipends to get the Tesla company started, was 100% built out of a Lotus Elise at the Lotus factory in Hethel England. This isnt controversial, this isnt contested, this is well documented. And its called a “glider” when its a finished car without engine. Not a “floater” thats something else. But otherwise. Not a thing –

MR DOR says:

lol. They had to take a guy with a british accent. For some reason, people tend to swallow bullshit as long as it’s coming from the mouth of a british. I could smell some bullshit in that speech. I know it’s a good car, I like the car, but this guys tried to make it look like the car is more then what it actually is. He tried to sell small achievements as big “nearly impossible” achievements. I mean c’mon now. We know the car is good but please….. quit the bullshit.

Janusha says:

-chassis management all over again when you can simply call Lotus who sets it up for you perfect…

Now… Why is this so hard to accept? EVERY Tesla from now on, will be largely Lotus tech, Lotus designs and Lotus engineering. Concieved for production in California. They even have Lotus staff permanently at Tesla. Elon Musk is such british car fan he just bought a Mclaren F1 and the underwater Lotus car from that famous James Bond scene. Why is everything… EVERYTHING a battle to the death ?

Janusha says:

-said above, is wrong. Also.. I never said 100% of the Tesla S is a Lotus. Im not even saying it ISNT an american car. Im just saying its not like americans suddenly woke up and realised how to build the good shit. Teslas people are IT billionaire businessmen. Not engineers. They buy all that from Lotus. The Tesla S and every Tesla from now on, will feature Lotus design solutions, Lotus technology, Lotus parts distribution network and Lotus engineering. And whats wrong with that?

Janusha says:

-change bits and pieces like forexample they put bits on the Lotus chassis, then they now count it as a TESLA chassis and no longer a Lotus chassis. While in the real world… The Lotus and Tesla Chassis both come from the same (norwegian) Hydro Aluminium factory in Denmark. There is no difference until Lotus changes it for them. Teslas bodypanels arrives from France… The 6% bullshit is just something their marketing department tells them to say. Beause they are selling TESLA and not Lotus.

Janusha says:

-battery. Thats all it takes to claim “ameican built” and get about half a billion dollars of government grants, loans, stipends and other government and state funds.

Thats the story of Tesla.. They are IT-billionaires. Not engineers. They hire Lotus for all that. Their current model, the Tesla S, is also fearuting mostly Lotus tech, design and engineering solutions. Lotus sets the car up, concieves it for production in California and they even have Lotus staff at Tesla permanently.

Janusha says:

The first Tesla… Was built FOR Tesla 100% by Lotus at the Lotus factory. To qualify for those government grants, stipends, funds and loans set aside by US institutions, green energy funds and US gov tech funds. Money just standing there that US cars werent stepping up to claim. Which is why Tesla and Fisker were started in California.

In all the flagwaving and patriotism in honor of great american achievements, nobody cares that Elon Musk is South African and Fisker is Danish. And the cars –

Billy Says says:

Jony Ive of Tesla

dragoonuvl says:

A Lotus is not a car. A Lotus Exige, Elise, Elan, etc is a car. But 2005 Lotus? Come on are you too lazy to mention it’s name? Again, I’m only reading one paragraph per video. The Tesla is not 100% Lotus built. Lotus had some involvement but they are not the manufacturers of Telsa’s automobiles. I’m pretty sure you never talked to Tesla let alone drove one. While you rant and rave, I have actually driven over half the cars you bitch about and know your lies for what they are so keep ranting.

Janusha says:

There may be some Lotus influence? Christ.. Lotus is first and foremost a performance car consultancy. They make most their money designing performance cars for others. Lotus worked on Nissan GT-R, Lexus LFA, They designed and concieved the Ford GT and Noble M600 for production, the Dodge Circuit was another Electric Lotus, Detroit Electric sp 01 is another one, GMs Opel Speedster was 100% built at the Lotus factory. So why deny and contest these things? Tesla = Lotus engineering and technology.

dragoonuvl says:

Lmao, I said “The car was NOT an 100% British and Lotus effort that is one of the larges myths you have made to date.” Experts typically get things being told to them the first time around. Have you looked at a Lotus frame and the Tesla frame? Have you driven both? Have you even touched a Venom? You are in desperate need of real life experiences.

Fennecbutt says:

Jony Ive, fuck off, this guy and Ive combined is nothing compared to Elon.

nicewknd says:

Cry me a river, I would rather Tesla get some of that money that the military or prison industrial complex. The government also invested money in the internets.

Janusha says:

-Tesla even talks about “Teslas British Chassis Development Team” What… Teslas development team INSIDE the Lotus factory? Its LOTUS own designated Tesla team they are talking about. The Lotus team Tesla pays to develop stuff for them. Just like the GM Opel Speedster was designed and built 100% by Lotus in the Lotus factory. Its just how american industry rolls. The endless claims, tall tales and modified truths. You guys always took coorporations media spam as fact instead of real information.

Anthony Picky says:

there is no gear box

Janusha says:

They could call it the “El-ectric Camino”

nicewknd says:

Calm down, sure there may be some Lotus influence, but there is also Mercedes Benz parts in the car. Big deal! Automakers themselves source their parts from numerous suppliers.The basic responsibility of the manufacturer is some engineering, assembly, and overall maintenance of quality from the supply chain up.

William says:

” And It is dramatically thi.. hm I mean thick”

dragoonuvl says:

For the second time I agree with you on every point you made except that the Tesla was 100% built by Lotus and British Subsidiaries. I also disagree that the Lexus LFA had any involvement with Lotus. Everything else I agree on so what battle are you having? Their were many more companies using the energy bill but they went bankrupt due to mismanagement and or other difficulties. Fisker and Tesla are just the more famous.

dragoonuvl says:

Lexus LFA was all made in house Janusha. -__-

Janusha says:

Wow…The Tesla Roadster isnt a Lotus now… Amagawd. ITs all a conspiracy. Ofcourse they will TELL YOU its not a Lotus chassis forexample. Hennessey Venom GT also does that. Becuase when they change it, they no longer count it as a Lotus chassis. Now its THEIR OWN chassis. And no longer Lotus. Because they are selling Teslas and Hennesseys and not Lotuses. And you, the flag-swinging masses, eat every word like the good consumers you are. In the desperate lack of a real, independant motor press.

relikvija says:

Shrinkwrap was a bad idea…

Janusha says:

Who said anything about other british subsidieries. The Tesla Roadster was 100% built AT the Lotus headquarters in England. With Lotus tech, Lotus staff and using a Lotus Elise as base. What is to debate?

Lotus has worked with Toyota for decades. Lotus is first and foremost a performance car consultancy… Making most their money coming up with performance tech, design solutions and engineering for other companies… And you simply CHOOSE to believe Lotus had nothing to do with the LFA ? weird.

steelnerve says:

such seamless integration of numerous subsystems could have happened only in US. really visionaries work. cheers from India !

King Melon says:

 +Janusha bold claims… while the roadster wasn’t a tesla design it definitely was finished in america. maybe lotus made the body but they didn’t get the idea to put batteries in it. and yes. he model s is the safest car on the road. most people leave it out of the list because of its price. ohh and the model s is designed solely by tesla. some of the parts were borrowed from mercedes but that doesn’t mean its a mercedes car. it means it has some ties to its german rivals. very small ties. as for the model s being designed by lotus… thats just BS

Colin Munro says:

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SwisssBolla says:

Who is this guy in the video? The description says he’s the CTO, but he isn’t. Tesla’s CTO is JB Straubel.

2Awesome says:

It is not a copy of a painting that was originally painted 100 years ago… get some one else to do the video please.

Janusha says:

Dude.. I own a 2005 Lotus. Dont lie to me about my own car. While you flagswingers eat your hype, your patriotism and your wild claims. I have actually been to the Koenigsegg factory several times, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Lotus, Pagani, Jaguar…

The Tesla Roadster. I drove it at a car show. I talked to Teslas people who told me it was something called a “Floater” which means its 100% built and developed AT LOTUS, FOR TESLA all except the engine which was inserted in California along with the –

Janusha says:

Toyota simply has no reason…. oh I see… So its your personal opinion vs actual reality then. Well good luck with that.

Yeah… When I drove the Tesla Roadster at a car show, I own a Lotus Elise and pressed them on that 6% thing. I said… 6% what? Number of parts? Manhours? weight? 6% what? It makes no sense. Ive been to the Lotus factory and I know marketing spam when I see it.

They said : — Well infact its 100% built at the Lotus factory in England out of a Lotus Elise but when they –

Just for Fun says:

I love electricity and i can’t wait to see the next generations of electric vehicles.

robviolin1 says:

Now all tesla motors has to do is to make a car that we can all afford.

dragoonuvl says:

Toyota simply has no reason to use Lotus when they have tons of experts under their own roof. The Tesla was not 100% built in England. The Roadster shares roughly 6 percent of its components with the Lotus Elise. The body panels are not even made in England, A 100% is grossly over inflating Lotuses effort.

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