Tesla Model S – the best in-car tech ever? | Mat Watson Reviews

The Tesla Model S was a car conceived in Silicon Valley, so it isn’t a surprise to discover it’s equipped with one of the most high-tech infotainment systems on the market. Watch the video to see my detailed review of the system, and how I rate the overall style and quality of the cabin.

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Hasan Al-habbobi says:

but isn’t the screen more of a distraction Incomparison to other cars because you have to look all the way down and up due to the vertical layout of the screen….


Not sporty enough

Jon G says:

Rubbish… it’s all superficial. You can Bluetooth stream but not control what’s played and if course changing what’s played by touching your phone is illegal, the map looks great with traffic but none of that is used in the Nav, it uses a bodged garmin map and as it’s a well known issue amongst owners that routing is awful and if you have poor mobile signal there is no map backup and the screen is dead. No meaningful buffering on Spotify and you can’t create playlists. And if you want to turn your lights on manually or turn on fog lights… at least three taps on that screen.

john m says:

The screen is laggy and it’s daft to have every control on a laggy touchscreen while driving anyway. Surprised it hasn’t been banned for safety in many countries.

Sakk 1 says:

That car but rs and m to shape

Curley Pubes says:

it’s great! now if they could just work out the serious lag…this is a huge problem cuz almost all functions require it’s use… I can imagine it will get to be a bit annoying

McDoodle44 says:

Throwing every switch into a touch screen just because we’re so used to screens nowadays isn’t a smart move imho. And yeah, the interior isn’t any better than a standard midsized Ford or Toyota.

Andrew Cruze says:

Tried using it in a demo car – it crashed. When it was working it was sluggish and filled with annoying, childish gimmicks. It certainly isn’t enough to make up for the lack lustre cabin and sub standard build quality.
My mates Model S has been back to the garage twice with bugs in the screen and once with a dangerous steering fault. People blame this on Tesla being a young company but it’s not, it’s been around much longer than people think.
It boils down to poor engineering and even worse QA at the factory. Coupled with the ludicrous price this really is a car for brand snobs more than anything else.

Frocobo says:

Still nope.

shamin bartakke says:

I’m really shocked ur channel has only around 180000 subscribers coz ur most awesome vehicle journalist I’ve seen till date.

BluePixel Motorcycling says:

Software looks sluggish and a huge screen like that should have been centred rather than slanted towards driver. Looks odd.

Aristotelis Mitsiou says:

I had to watch an advertisement for a petrol station to watch this video. Ironic yet not so…

dr 70194 says:

İf Using this giant computer screen while driving is legal, then talking with a mobile phone while driving should be much more legal

SDav21 says:

It looks so silly that screen though. It would’ve been better if it was shaped with the dash design or something. With that interior, it is hard to justify the cost of this car. Plus, it is missing tech as well. Where is the night vision, surround view cameras for parking (I see only a reverse camera shows when parking), dynamic seats, intelligent lights. I feel like there is more for Tesla to do still. They are lucky people are easily distracted by software features on a large screen.

Gareth Rogers says:

love it…

Christian Hazell says:

Mat,I am going 2 the Geneva motor show and I was wondering if u were going 2 be there. U are my hero and it would be my dream to see you. Please respond. It would be my dream. Thank you and I hope I see you there .

sparkss4 says:

They are really miles ahead of the pack in terms of in car electronics. But I really don’t like operating touch screens while driving. Guess it’ll all come together when they drive themselves.

Scott McKenzie says:

Someone had some fun with the power.. looking at that power graph 😀

BloodHunter96 says:

0:30 This is for all you haters 😀

odzandenz paul says:

a massive screen which cant be turned off while driving long distances at night is what i call best in car tech. and if the screen goes bad every control for the car is lost. that is great in class tech.

Andrei Simionescu says:


CJ P says:

Carwow should encourage their UX designers to review these infotainment systems, or standard consumers. Because this is basically just a teardown of features with no regard as to how usable it is on the move.

Touch screen = fine for sat nav / music. Not fine for heating controls. This is by no means worst case scenario but people are too easily pleased without being inquisitive about a car’s infotainment.

Dhruv Dogra says:

no running from the fact that the screen lags much more than you expect it.A BMW I drive system is much more smoother.

Markus LC says:

worst infotainment on the market, impossible to use while driving, handels like an ipad 1g, what a slow cpu is built in? such a slow cpu in such an expensive cars, and in addition no voice control!!! mercedes offers voice control since 2002, bmw offers a system today where you can talk to the car, and it does almost anything, tesla has a great design and nice 0-100. the rest is mediocre at most.

Tech Stuff says:

To the people who say that the the screen is sluggish, where do you get that from cause I don`t see anything sluggish here. The only thing that can be a little bit slow is the browser (even if I don`t think many people would use it anyways, but that’s besides the point)

SaLAD says:

What’s with all the 100 year olds in the comments. ‘Oh that screen is too distracting’
‘If I can use that I can use my phone’
‘watch when the screen breaks we won’t have any control’
Fuck off you old cunts

ufster81 says:

The infotainment unit is one of the most obvious weaknesses of Tesla models. In order to push the “revolutionary” line they made somewhat of a mess. The active info display on recent vw vehicles is a much better solution combined with a more traditional infotainment unit and actual buttons for climate control etc. I think Tesla needs to dial it back a notch or two if they want to be taken seriously as a car manufacturer and not just as a hobby brainchild project of some tony stark wannabe.

Nigel Old & Grey says:

crap, having to go through menus while driving to make even simple adjustments is not a step forward, give me a simple well laid out dashboard (VW Golf) any day,

Will Lowe says:

hi matt! can i have your autograph?!

Aaddiction says:

I don’t know what is showing, but I do know it’s far from affordable. The UI is starting to look dated.
For this money – S Class, 7 series, A8, no question about it. Also, the in-car tech in the 7 series is far more advanced than this iOS 5 iPad.

SpeedragTech says:

It is fucking ugly, both ext and interior.. also it sounds like hoover, my fart has better sounding

Alex Roberts says:

easily the best

mahadali619 says:

The sunroof thing would fuck with my slight OCD, I’d always have to have it on a multiple of 5 at least or a multiple of 10

Mike R says:

How distracting

thatrandomperson says:

Its too slow…And basic controls like aircon are less efficient than a knob.

Jere Heimonen says:

If I had this car I would think: Should I open the sun roof 52 or 57 percent today? Actually today I feel like 63 percent…

MCR Photography says:

Review the Model X!

Justafriend says:

That laptop screen probably drains all the battery juice.

GeorgeΧ. says:

One thing i dont see any motoring journalist comment on,is the performance of these tablet screens in the long term.Its good to have some gadgets in your car,no doubt about that,BUT they work like tablets and as years go by they will start to become sluggish,lag all the time and will be annoying to use.I dont think many people take that into considerstion when buying new cars nowadays,but they should imo.Not to mention the cost of all that kit.

FireBird- says:

It looks so sluggish. It’s a £130k car, mind you.

Master says:

It’s nice to see that the interface is nice and quick, unlike the browser.

Paulius Puleikis says:

Is your sister Emma Watson?

JBWhiskey says:

Not a word about autopilot and summoning features?

r2d2c3po says:

We got a 2016 Model S a few months ago and the screen is not laggy, but it’s not as fast as our iPad Pro. Elon mentioned that we’re nearing the limits for this hardware. The maps are all download live so the refresh speed depends on the strength of your LTE connection. The only slow app I found is the browser, which is almost unusable. Tesla is suppose to be releasing v8.1 soon which updates the Linux kernel to version 4.4 and suppose to update the WebKit based browser.

Sean Kurth says:

So far, I like this channel.

* Prefers the nicer looking, higher spec, better built HTC One M[number], despite the difficulty of finding third party accessories and lack of removable battery, instead of the same old iPhone or Galaxy everyone else buys on the advice of their family members who are unaware that companies other than Apple and Samsung even make phones. It’s not just HTC either, nearly every presenter or guest, when their phones come out, seems to have something high-spec, well-built, and unusual, that they clearly did their research on and carefully weighed the pros and cons to find the exact phone that met their needs no matter the brand, and the ensuing car review reflects that. I’m not saying that some people don’t actually have needs and wants that are best met by an iPhone after carefully researching which phone to get, but someone who *does* have a Galaxy or iPhone is far more likely to be an unshakeable lifelong brand loyalist in other aspects of their life. “Toyota and Honda are the only cars that can exceed 200k miles, nothing else will even get you home from the dealer” is a patently ridiculous sentence that was never totally true and hasn’t even been in the ballpark of reality for at least a decade, and maybe your anecdotal experience is different, but of the people who utter it, I’ve never seen one whose pocket contains anything other than an iPhone or Galaxy.

* Is willing to risk internet hate by rightfully criticizing Tesla on their bad interiors, (lack of) rear roof design, nonexistent visibility, and poor insulation, while still acknowledging how fast, high tech, and damn cool they are. Whether that’s good or bad depends on your own subjective perception of luxury, though you’ll still get comments anyway from the people who think that anyone who buys a car with a radio, AC, and power windows is a moron and the companies that sell them are literally Hitler. And you’ll also get hate comment from people who think that nobody sane should ever buy any car other than a Model S if they can afford it. A good unbiased journalist is seen by both sides as shilling for the other, and carwow largely seems to accomplish that. Tesla is a very controversial subject, with no real gray area between unconditional love and burning violent hatred, and it takes skill to find someone who is even capable of giving an objective review of one.

Francis Kingu says:

its perfect !!!!! And they fix anything and update the software instantly just coz someone tweeted about it . safest car on the road today. i want one !!!!!

MS says:

Can you watch movie while driving? I mean as a passenger “obviously”.

Haja says:

unfortunately, the processor for the Display is slow as hell… I Phone 3 is way smoother, but the concept is great, innovative and functional, as well as the car overall

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