Tesla Model X: An Owner’s Review

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The Model X is a polarizing car, I get that. Some are in love with the sloped design and futuristic Falcon Wing doors. Others, my wife included, swear it looks like a minivan and have a hard time seeing the utility of doors that open upwards. As the owner of a Model X 75D, I’m somewhere in the middle. Give the video review a watch. I go into way more detail on autopilot, the doors, the seats, the configuration I have, and much more.

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SentinelPrimek says:

great video. honest review showing the flaws of an awesome car.

Jack Megaro says:

Wow, only cost about $8 per charge or per 200 miles! I estimate it would take nearly 820,00 miles or 4120 charges just to make up the difference in cost between a Tesla and my new gas only car. Assuming I could actually get 200 miles per charge in a Tesla, I’d have to drive it 68 years to see an ROI. Unfortunately, it cost about $12,000 to replace the batteries every 6-8 years.

There is NO cost advantage to driving an electric car!

Nick Nana says:

What do you do for a living, will you hire me lol?

Rounak Mahato says:

The best review of any review of Tesla that’s out there on Youtube. This in depth review & the mindblowing editing is even better than Motortrend review

Muhd Afiq says:


Anti Petrolhead says:

I wouldn’t complain about fixable things. Check out Evannex. They have accessories that address most of your annoying quirks.

Tyler Frank says:

you wish there was more storage? how much shit do you have that car has a ton of storage.

Pug Lord Allmighty says:

My grandpa won one out of a raffle, and was one of the first Tesla owners, first Tesla

Sam Saltymann says:

The idea that Teslas will drive themselves in two years/with their current hardware is a joke. There is zero chance of it. Their processing hardware is vastly insufficient for the image processing required, and they can’t even get the software right to detect when it’s raining. If you don’t agree, ask yourself why the other players in self-driving are using much more powerful hardware (hint: it’s not because Google’s engineers are stupid). It’s unbelievable how much this company gets rewarded for their over-promising/treating customers as guinea pigs.

Resultaatgenieters.nl | Sven Buschgens says:

Very nicely produced movie! It made me want and order the Model X 90D (with the white seats)

You can use my Tesla referral link for free Supercharging on Model S or X with a € 1.000 credit for orders before October 31.

Mighty YoungSir says:

Bro you cringe level is at about 7.8, relax a bit.

Ultra X says:

I would like this car better if you added a new exhaust,it’s sounds kinda quiet

Cody M says:

It’s hard to imagine spending 134k on a car. Just to get around town… Especially when its going to depreciate greatly in value after just a couple years. I’ve driven a Model S before, and while i do have to admit, they’re very nice. And feel very luxurious, right up there with Cadillac and Mercedes. At the end of the day. It is just a way to get from where you are to where you’re going…

I’m not saying everyone should drive beaters. But there are plenty of 30k-40k cars/SUV’s out there that are very nice and safe. I don’t want to go all electric bad enough to pay 3x as much for it. I’d rather have two 35k cars (SUV/Truck and a Sporty/play car combo would be nice) and put that other 64k in the bank or some kind of savings or trust account for my children.

Ward Huyskes says:

what I honestly don’t get is that Tesla advertises that the 100D has a faster 0-60 time than the 75D. How the fuck does a bigger and heavier battery give you a higher acceleration with the same engines?

Daniel Figueroa says:

you don’t own it, you lease it

J Edwards says:

You need to speak more clearly. You’re accent is difficult to understand and you speak quickly.

Carl K says:

for 150k it better suck my dick, not just have a fancy cruise control.

Ming Lord says:

Musk’s great SNAFU recovery : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTPBihH3ks4

Carlos Gutierrez says:

I feel that primarily fully electric cars will be the expensive versions of cars, like upgrading to a v8 engine, and hybrids will be the more affordable version of cars. But that is if we will ever cut back on combustion only cars. Hopefully one of these days I can buy my own fully electric car, and maybe not by Tesla because there will be far more options in the future but I do love these cars

kiwi potato says:

so majestic

Fin Corlett says:

brilliant video. Never been the biggest fan of the Model X but this has opened my eyes to how useful and convenient the car could be for other buyers.

LeBron James says:

God that thing is so sexy

Darktron says:

now charge your tesla with power core

Finn Peeters says:

Direct question large saving slightly yield expect recently motion.

Brennan Ball says:

Your kids are adorable

Robert Holloway says:

I received my Model X 3 weeks ago. We have the same vehicle and color , except that I have the 5 seats with a black vegan interior, glad to hear about the durability. Model X 75D. Like you I love the huge wind shield. Visors are beyond useless:-) I used the have “dropped” Porsche 911 and love the Tesla suspension. 100% agree with you on your comments. My favorite car too. BUT I wish i’d gotten the P100D 🙂

Steve Wohlford says:

Falcon doors are awful in a snowy winter, car full of snow for sure.

Milky says:

You Look Like Micheal From GTA 5

funsweed says:

Good video , I live on Vancouver Island and the back doors may be a tad slow in some of the island rain we get in the winter

Antoine B. says:

Completely agree on the suspension and the windshield, but the falcon wings doors are really good in every day use.

Ronan Rogers says:

If people either love the falcon wing doors or hate them, how can you be in the middle?

lrathome says:

Any experience with Accident Avoidance??

Mike Karanja says:

Dude how you, I got a good news for you about ur cars , n it’s self charge , n here my email address mickykarash@gmail.com

GreatD says:

The creaky sound needs oil.. far as I’ve heard from other x users..

L. W. says:

A sumo wrestler? An giant egg? A whale? No it’s a model X. It’s a van :))))

Ugliest shit ever made!

Revanth says:

This has got to be one of the most beautifully shot videos I’ve ever seen. Good job Jon.

MegaRichWay says:

great review from a owner’s perspective

Mellow says:

one kid is like why are you putting me in here and the other is like cool i’m in the car.

Christian Kohlhaas says:

“Works in the rain”… Except for still non-existant auto wipers, entirely defeating the autopilot experience in rain.

kiran goud says:

Feel the bumps !!! Come to India 😛 XD

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