Tesla Model X: First Look Preview | Mashable

First look at the new Tesla Model X, including footage of a test drive, the doors opening and detailed interior shots.
Read our full review of the Model X here: http://on.mash.to/1KQynxa

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Mark Daniels says:

Not really a “hands on with…” video, is it?

meek miLL says:

Ugly like every other tesla, hope they stop making them

Lalo Landa says:

Que música más de mierda

Mari F. says:

Elon Musk is a *god*

Trevor C says:

Looks like a Ford Focus hatchback mixed with a Porsche Panamera. Very nice.

Xezatt says:

The proportion of the car just doesn’t look large like an SUV, and yet it is a 7 seater. Very weird.

Walz says:

You’re filming the car as if it was a phone…

TuxKey says:

Tesla car a great exercise in futility. How many people can afford it to make an environment impact. Oh but the 1% that does will change tech for the masses hahahah a yah right. That is how things have bin in the past 😉



Pietro Cannizzaro says:

Oh, the new Ford Focus. Beautiful.

Brian Walter says:

looks like a taler premium sporty ford focus with some cue’s from a porsche. Very Nice car!

808 Dylan says:

not a good getaway vehicle imagine waiting for the doors

rwgamer says:

More Eyes on than Hands on.

Taseen Khan says:

Light Blue Tesla Roadster at 0:37?

Louis Mazzio says:

Doors are silly.

lawlerzwtf says:

Those are cool doors

Ben Sn555 says:


Santeri Miettinen says:

The front is ugly, otherwise beautiful car

Trevor C says:

the doors are cool. A little slow? kinda. But if you look at the demo it looks like they have sensors in and around the door that allow it to know how close cars are.

Usaid Khan says:

OH LORRDD! That murdered out model x

Olivia McMillian says:

That is one hell of a car…wow!!!

Roxanne H says:

I am thinking of being on my garage, it is pouring outside.. I can’t open that in my garage. Also what if I am out and it is raining and my family wants to get in quickly and close the door? Us and the inside would be soaked. Not quite practical. Good for looks!! But….

TheBlacktom says:

Di di di di diii, du du du du duuu

Dion Sastra says:

It’s Jaguar, it’s Aston Martin . . . No it’s Tesla.

moaski says:

I love Tesla, but come on… the gimmicky doors are impractical, expensive and over-complicated. It’s an SUV, so what about a roof rack? How are those going to work if it’s raining or there’s snow on the roof? A very bad move for a car company looking to go mainstream.

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