Tesla Model X: Review

Tesla’s ridiculous doors and speed are leading to tomorrow’s family car: http://engt.co/2akP5PH

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Jacky Liu says:

Please hire an auto journalist to review cars, not like this

Gary Yee says:

Now those are the doors of the three commas club!

MrDikinurmouth says:

wtf kind of review was this lol

Bryce says:

I love Tesla

Ruben Kelevra says:

ridiculous review.

huluminus says:

Those doors on a tight parking spaces haha

Markus Howard says:

0:33 Model S ? you mean X

Victor says:

Great car

Potato Chipperson says:

Bro I get the doors… tell me about the fucking PERFORMANCE

Erwin Delarmente says:

Beautiful car but what happens when it’s pouring outside or there’s a tonne of snow on the roof and you open those gull wings up Lmao? Oh boy!

rnagic says:

I like Roberto.

toology55 says:

02:14 hard to see beam

kdb kdb says:

This is an absolute useless ‘car review’, please Engadget work on this

Ryan Figaro says:

At 33 in the video the narrator said model s instead of model x kind of disappointed in that even know it’s not a big deal at all.

Chris Sorreda says:

PERFECT spec imo but the presenter is obviously not into cars.

josh heredia says:

The model X is a suv with some super car attributes

DicerX says:

He is not a bad guy by any means and I don’t mean to insult the reviewer, but by no means did he take any notes from actual car reviews. Decising to ramble on based on personal experience. Auto reviews must be focused on more relevant data and perks and what not.

FerdieoAzka Andhika says:


GG27 says:

Dear Engadget, Please hire someone who knows something about cars. This guy seems nice but he barely explained anything about the car.

TheBazzzer says:

These doors are embarrassing. I’d take regular doors over these any day. Regulars just don’t require a bunch of motors and sensors that WILL get broke one day. Would probably make the car 5-10k cheaper. Additionally it looks very strange with different doors in the front and the back.

ankiith s says:

just for saying mad scientist 🙂

Raunel Perez says:

$1,000 off a new Tesla, And amazing vehicle to drive or not drive that is the question http://ts.la/raunel1153

Nathaniel Girma says:

Hey Engadget, maybe you guys would like to try something new, you know, like, forming an opinion of your own.

Wayne Johnson says:

I am waiting for Tesla to make cheapest electric car possible in it’s Giga factory!

Mustafa Khaled says:

you can buy loaded merc s550 for that money.

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