Tesla Model Y | Everything You Need to Know

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Ravi Oliveira says:

Tesla will be Apple of Autonomous EVs. Wish i could invest on their stocks

Peter Harmsen says:

I expect there will be no short range version. So the starting price could be much higher than 40K. Elon mentions 10% more expensive than the Model 3 for the SAME battery. Doing that seems to make some kind of sence as by the time the mass prodution starts and more and more competition enters the market, a range of say 200miles is simply not good enough….

klo kal says:

So its an electric fiesta

Harry Clarke says:

I believe its teslas 5th car release, the original roadster was one of them…

LuckyNorway says:


GamerAwsome28 says:

Why doesn’t Elon musk make the super chargers just comes in to the charging hole

Daimon de Bruyn says:

Thirty eight hundred and five hundred dollars… 😀

Gaming Cappuccino Guy says:

Next Tesla lineup names :
Model B
Model U
Model T1
Model T2

The Random Guy says:

I prefer the model 3, not sure y

robertbslee says:

Model Y buyers, Audi will have Audi e-tron Q4 and a dealer network that can get parts in days rather than months, something that will be fully tested prior to launch, second half of 2020

Henry Zhang says:

Model S3XY Oh i see.

amongst ourselves says:

still not cheap enough in canada the model 3 is going for 47k. ontario where i live we dont get a tax credit anymore. 🙁

SirEagle says:

Love the smooth 1080p60frames

moonlander03 says:

I don’t mind.. Tesla is the Future ^^

harry camper says:

“Everything You Need to Know”
Get your hand off it mate.

Subcribe To Pewdiepie says:

Immature humor more like why my dolphin not working lol

Olagonin Chancer says:

Does this guy have difficulties speaking English?

Andrei says:

why would you want a 7 seater though, leave it a 5 and give people more room

Juan Franco says:

Is not immature behavior is mad lad behavior

Dubitz says:

Elon Musk conformed Model Y will not have Falcon Wing doors via a Twitter response to someone asking about it.

William Wesemann says:

sorry but you have horns

Podtrash Radio says:

“38 hundred 5 hundred dollars” might want to proof read your script lol

JronmanTech says:

I would wait and see when the model pickup truck is announced then make the decision. Maybe it will have capability that you may rather have than what the model y will offer.

Radicool Gaming says:

The model Y is about to be released in 8 days? Damn I didnt know that. im excited!

Cool Ass Dudeman says:

Thirty-eight hundred, five hundred >>>

SilverStep[GD] says:

Does it have a headphone Jack?

justSTUMBLEDupon says:

I doubt they model Y will have 3 rows. If it does it will be like the Toyota Highlander… No one can sit there unless they are small kids

Benzinewagen says:

Tailose, you have the exclusive capability of making trivial things sound even more trivial…

Jordi Goyanes says:

Y tho?

Great Value Bleach says:

Time to cancel my order and get a model Y

Burning Dinosaurs says:

Thank you! Looking forward to see more!

Kon Tiki says:

not sure why this video is 8+ minutes long. Long story short, Elon Musk will announce Model-Y in 10 days time. The rest is all speculation in the form of blah, blah… black sheep.

Binhong Lin says:

Why so much headroom in the vid

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