Tesla Model Y Impressions!

Tesla Model Y honest first impression, test drive and hands-on! Oh, and some bonus Roadster time…

Official site: https://tesla.com/ModelY

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Kazuma says:

Is that…. Is that a Howtobasic reference?

MTG Productions says:

Vlogging from MKBHD?? Yes please!!!

drxym says:

Basically just a 3 with a taller roof. The slope near the back means the rear row of seats will be horrible to sit in for tall people, assuming they fit at all. Most cars with 7 seat configs have a boxier shape to ensure people aren’t banging their heads off the roof. Probably the most useful feature is its a hatchback which should make it far more suitable for carrying loads especially as the seats fold flush.

Youssef El Gaml says:

pls send me link for fish t-shirt

Rahul Balani says:

Very boring car

Warren de Moor says:

Love your videos you so professional and well informed and articulate too. Plus your editing is excellent. Its a pleasure to watch your stuff.

EqualLandFreePeople says:

the model 3 looked horrible during presentation, it looks a lot better here.


That beat drop at 2:05 tho !

Brock Lamacchia says:

omggg its like sexy

US Constitution Rules says:

Tesla will be bankrupt within 18 months. Their cars are the LEAST green in America and present the biggest environmental hazard when burning after a crash! They are very expensive and least sustainable cars in America. END THE MUSK CULT DEVOTION SHEEPLE…..WAKE UP

TheKaukas says:

I will wait for Model Z

Title Here Wuzz says:

The front face looks like a guy that shaved his mustache

MatsueMusic says:

Your right arm must be twice the size of your left.

MuddE says:

3:35 anyone recognized the “what’s inside” dad on the right

Aboliamo il motore a scoppio! says:

Great video! thks

Sladeofdark says:

I will get one of these , for sure. This is exactly what I was waiting for.

Jake Roughley says:

I want more vlogs

Bryan Turnbow says:

I’m hoping that the following Tesla car lineup will include as follows:

Model B
Model E
Model A
Model 5
Model T

DeDe Hex says:

Mark ass brownie

P A says:

Anyone noticed that crooked trim line between front and rear doors?

Allen Leland says:

Great video:)

EYES says:

Can someone who disliked this video tell me why? I don’t see how you could

Marco Zolo says:

Already ordered 10 of them. Thanks for coming.

kchiem says:

Not everyone is into “chrome delete”.

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