Tesla P100D App v3.0 Review!

Tesla’s mobile app got a fresh coat of paint to make car control prettier and faster in v3.0!
The Tesla P100D playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBsP89CPrMeMKjHnLfO3WAhiOOxiv5Xqo

Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959

Intro Track : AllttA (20syl & Mr. J. Medeiros) – “Baby” (Unreleased) – preorder here : http://idol.lnk.to/TheUpperHand



Jonathan Labelle says:

do you have take a crash with your model s p100d?

Joshua Ndala says:

Really like the intro music



Lync_x256 says:

Seems secure…

Gold Zucci says:

I’d appreciate if anyone could take a look at my tech Chanel!!

Jacob Thibodeau says:

really cool

Vance H says:

didn’t you say you’re an at&t user?

Diego Ramirez says:

Not recording these on different smartphones anymore? Also no tint?!

prexzone says:

I’m still waiting for the cheap tesla coming out next year

Awesome Inventions says:

I thought I was watching this video in 1.25x speed!

Berke Yavuz says:

why did the wheels changes i think old ones are pretty much better

Tim Katsapas says:

What a badass intro tune! Good job dude.

Raj Chheda says:

Thats dope

Filip Veselý says:

So.. the phone can act as sort of a fingerprint protected car-key? That’s aweesome, I didn’t know the app could do that.

Vinicius Ribeiro says:

Where he’d bought this sweater?

Gareth Oxendine says:

Where do you get your sick hoodies?

Everything Tesla says:

I have to say as big of a fan as I am of Tesla it was disappointing to see that all they pretty much changed about the app was the UI. I mean they innovate and come up with amazing stuff every month, but… the mobile app – not so much 🙁

bns413 says:

That SUMMON feature is super dope i’d say. Matter of time, until car manufacturers compete to present better electric cars at affordable pricing to the consumer market.

medjkane mhana says:

Wallpaper iphone please ?

jusenima says:

somebody knows the model of the camera?

saquib sheikh says:

How does the phone communicate with the car? Bluetooth?

dharmveer baroniya says:

i hate Tesla reviews

Trevor Phillips says:

till 2017 i don’t know why i still don’t love electric engine cars

Michael Sutton says:

no update to the issues?

Adam Omasta-Milsom says:

Yo Marques. Just wondering, how did u get the new AllttA songs before release?

lordbolt says:

Damn, I want a Tesla now xD

Afromaki says:

Hey Sam

doberbitch says:


JimsBagels says:

I wish the Ford Sync app was that quick. It takes a good 60 seconds to actually unlock/start the car

ChaoticMatters says:

So the car is all fixed now?

Robitussin Ethanol says:

Tesla cars are worse than their fanboys

keeshaug says:

To many comments, so I dont know if its stated yet. But there are at least two new functions. Fingerprint to start the car. You also have the possibility to open the garage from the app without having the summon function active. At least its possible here in Europe. 🙂

poodle corp says:

can you ues this for the model x

Newell 01 says:

Tesla sucks

King31395 says:

Holy crap, thats insane! Damn!

Colin Gallagher says:

different car than before??? The older rims definitely look better.

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