Tesla Performance Model 3 Test Drive – First Thoughts

I just finished a test drive of a Tesla Performance Model 3, let’s talk about it

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Paul Tadrick says:

I think you should get the performance without the upgrade pack and move the parts you already purchased over to it.

IMHO says:

Elon and the Tesla website are too ambiguous about the Model 3 Performance version specs. Elon says the bae performance version comes with bigger brakes. But the website shows the bigger brakes are packaged with the $5000 performance option. The website also shows the performance version top speed “up to 155”, but fails to note “*with $5000 Performance package”.

According to the website, the $5000 package includes a lot more than $4000 wheel & tire package, it also includes “Larger, stiffer calipers and lightweight two-piece discs for enhanced performance and thermal capacity” and “lowered suspension for improved handling”.

Tesla should make the specs more clear on the official website, but as usual we need to wait for a customer to buy one and take it apart before we know what’s going on.

Some would say you only need bigger brakes to go with higher top speed, but the fact is, any time the car can accelerate faster, it also needs to be able to decelerate faster, because racing stoplight to stoplight is a real thing.

Sasha the Canadian is busy making some performance upgrades for the model 3, which gives options.

j217red says:

Tesla offers too few options and as you mentioned you’d have to go to 3rd party’s and then have to either toss original parts or go thru the hassle of selling. Take a look at what Jaguar is offering with the new I-Pace… Tesla needs to do better with option choices. But given their challenges in building the M3 with minimal options I’m not sure their not ready to compete with the larger companies yet.

Living One Day at a Time says:

Red is beautiful, but in the desert the sun turns red cars pink. Black paint turns to crackle. Silver turns dull. Maybe tesla paint is better.

Mark Plott says:

john smith from chat – TESLA batteries rarely explode, the are Panasonic/Tesla batteries and are individual battery cells, so If one or several were damaged, only they would cook off, the rest of the battery pack would be salvageable or useable.

Mark Fitzpatrick says:

Get a model x for jenny

Bitcoin Baller! says:

In the real-world, with Tesla underestimating, or underpromising, on0-60 times, the P100D does 0-60 in 2.27 seconds, according to Motor Trend. Tesla says the Performance 3 should be 3.5, so in the real-world, it’s about 1 second behind, which you will notice is not as fast, but it is THAT MUCH FASTER than a C63 or M3. It is the new best-in-class, at least in quickness.

BigCooter.com says:

$4K for dual motor AWD seems reasonable .. but $15K for dual motor AWD + Performance package seems pricy, why does it cost that much more? … and is that Sport performance mode sustainable (continuous use), or does it over-heat and shut down like with the Model S ludicrous mode? .. if it shuts down from over-heating, then $15K is stupid expensive.

codygocam says:

Ben, I just drove the Performance 3 on Sunday. I used to have a P85D and I can say that the P3 is software limited on 0-60 time. It deff takes of smooth instead of hitting hard but has a waaaay better top end on it. # Permeant Magnet Motors front and rear FTW! I bet they will get faster with software over time. I don’t think they will use the silicone fuse like in the Ludicrous cars or updated the count of batteries so if you buy a P3 now your good.

DM620 Ie says:

Why does anyone need performance model if one says they are getting ev to help environment / green etc? Isn’t the performance version opposite to that goal?

BIll Ligon says:

I want a Tesla — BUT living in a Condo prevents problems. In my neighborhood there are literally thousands of motorized scooters hanging out on the street, which you can rent for a song. They are ALL charged by the SUN. Has Elon considered building into the Testla this charging ability from the SUN. Your Testla could be charged just sitting on the street. I think this is a great idea, Can’t believe that Elon has not considered this. Bill

Paul Tadrick says:

What’s the difference between the standard AWD and Performance if you don’t get the PUP. Other than the top 10% motors with extra burn in what are you getting for $11,000 more?

Christene Gershon says:

صار حل لمشاكل ضعف الانتصاب و قضيب صغير و القذف السريع موجود و ممكنا ولم يعد محتكرا من طرف الدول الاوروبيه بل على الصعيد العالمي خاصة في دول الخليج العربي اد أن كريم الرجال الصحراء اثبت قدرة و فعالية عجيبة في القضاء على المشاكل الجنسية وتحقيق السعادة الزوجية كريم رجال الصحراء يوصي به الأطباء و الخبراء الصحة الجنسية التناسلية للحصول على المنتوج يرجى التواصل مباشرة مع الدكتور مصطفى المالكي على00212689611487
للتواصل مباشرة على الواتساب
النتيجة بعد 5 أيام من الاستعمال لا تتردد بالاتصال فالمستحيل أصبح أكيد

Brandon Fouts says:

L -> requirers upgraded contactor to allow higher amperage – and surely the batteries must be able to produce those amps.
Contactor acts similar a fuse and “trips off” if amps too high (or perhaps just burn? not sure). So the metal used handles higher amps.

Kevin Harris says:

But he doesn’t get refferals for Model 3, thus affecting his bottom line. If he can instead convince people to go S or X, and use his referral code, he wins. A guy who has been awarded over $500k (two roadsters) for convincing people to buy S and X models is probably the last person I would trust to give an honest review on what is now creeping into Model S pricing.

Alex Poulos says:

Ben – You can’t call the rims $4,000.00 You are upgrading FROM the Aeros to the 20 inch. The actual cost in the “upgrades package” is probably closer to $2,000.00 for the rims. Also, RPM Makes a aftermarket carbon fiber spoiler for $280.00. Pedals can be purchased for $20.00 – The standard Performance DOES come with the red brake calipers.

P.S. Ill be having a P3D channel – Taking delivery August 7

InfoZenn says:

Hello Ben,

Do you know if it’s possible to upgrade to the white seats without affecting our delivery schedule? I can’t get confirmation any place.

Mark Plott says:

Tselanomics – did you do your Research ? you can already by aftermarket Model 3 Performance breaks, Springs, wheels and Tires as a kit from a aftermarket racing dealer. they also include the lowering kit.

Pogo says:

So what are the hard numbers?
0-60, 0-150
time to 1/2 mile, time to 1 mile
60 – 0 in seconds and how many feet?
Max lateral Acceleration (g’s and at what speed)
Total Price.
Musk says the performance should be equal to that of the BMW M3 but faster and cost the similar.

Last checked a performance oriented US Market BMW M3 Performance package runs $58,500-67,500
In 2016 this model’s lateral acceleration was recorded at 0.98g with 70-0 of 149ft, top speed limited to 160+

Tike says:

If you see this I just wanna say this is the best I’ve ever seen your hair, and I’ve been here for awhile

Mark Plott says:

Saideep – name your M3 – Black Beauty.

Kevin Smith says:

Red is the only good color I hate red cars till model 3 so unfortunately red model 3 has me drooling and the other colors is not worth the energy to turn my head, model x is a swollen model 3 stung by 1000 bees I mean I would own it for free but If I had to pay I would rather own a Ford Explorer, I’m with you on the App Store because I would want a 360 degree dash cam plus interior as an app I can purchase or download video editing app and while in Park I can film and edit my YouTube channel using the car tech

Bauss says:

how much?

airheart1 says:

2 things I just want to say about the top legacy auto makers. I agree entirely that I want to see them make their best cars electric. That said, I refuse to give them my $’s for the next 10 years based on the lying and cheating they’re involved in that are killing people, literally. 2nd, I find it pretty disappointing so far in all of them that everything they’re showing is still subpar to a top end Tesla. Not one thing any of the big German auto makers has shown outdoes what Tesla has been doing for years. They have all the resources, experience and have had years to out do Tesla and show them how the big boys can do it. And they seem incapable or unwilling to do so. I’m reserving judgement on the Porsche turbocharger charging stations till we see them in action. That’s one possible improvement, or is it going to prove to be damaging to the batteries or prohibitively expensive. I’m more impressed with other startups demo models.. but who knows if any of them will make it to market at this point. But at least they’re being more ambitious than the big legacy auto makers

Kore says:

You can stain the wood.

Mark Plott says:

blableka – The Model S is 7 years old and a P100D can Smoke your Taycan.

Robert Carter says:

They heard don’t use apple car play etc. because of security issues. True?

Ian Horrocks says:

If this guy made his videos shorter then I’d be more inclined to watch. He has good content I just dont like the fluff.

Theta says:

Man. You don’t half come across obnoxious and privileged. Do you hear yourself? Stop with the cringy video thumbnails too…

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