Tesla rival Faraday Future debuts the FF 91

Faraday Future just debuted its first production model car — the FF 91 — at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show. Faraday chose an interesting way to show off the car, having it back itself into a parking spot

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MazariegoS says:


betta.buds says:

David dobrik better get this car


those idiots needs to stop this wooo crap

Mr. Infidel says:

Great, now they will take cars from us.

The future will be boring as fuck.

ShneeLion says:

What if it can’t find a park???

dani mlinsek says:

sure buy a car who doesnt work as it shud.. and pey 2x more then for a tesla

luwado says:


malyia moss says:

how hard is it to park a car!if you cant park a car than what’s the point of having one!!!!

Griffin Aka Gmoney/gmonquan says:

then gets a ticket because it parks on the handicapped space

Janki Jan says:

By the time it decides to reverse park, another car would have taken that parking space. At that speed, it will just keep circling the parking lot. #SlowTech 🙂

Alex Povolotski says:

Can Tesla self-park without the driver present?

Masum Hasan says:

It’s really annoying for an electric car fan like me to see these terms like “rival” or “killer”. Tesla’s goal from the beginning is to ‘accelerate transition towards sustainable energy’, and Mr. Musk has been trying to inspire other car companies to produce more electric cars. Electric car startups like Faraday Future is surely inspired from Tesla. In that sense, that counts as Tesla’s success.
Can’t you make your title like, “The world is one more step ahead being electric.” rather than making it look like a nasty battle?

Donnell Evans says:

it should use turn signals when it parks!!!!

ano anonymo says:

I guess you can buy one of those in the future if you live in a snow-free part of the earth but not if you live on the other side

bslay4r says:

Unfortunately this company is just a dreamer, they don’t have money to manufacture this car. This is basically a simple concept car.

malyia moss says:

can this car turn into a transformer!

Kevin Lane says:

The question is can it parallel park itself, automatically?

Pulsar says:

o kurwa

babycoqui says:


Andrew Hennell says:

nice remote control work there 😉

Tim Gerritsen says:

Elon Musk you did well

brown bobby says:

this is owned by Chinese so not interested at all and be very careful Chinese are trying to steal tech

steamfans says:

a Tesla will turn into a Faraday if it is hit by lightning

Jack Harbes says:

nah this car is too expensive, prob it gonna cost $180000-$190000

pepe ni-me says:

his presentation is so bad…

Geneva Doll says:

I have so many questions. What if a kid is standing in the spot, or if someone falls there and the car can’t park, but you’re inside. What does it do then? Where does it go? I love this concept but man there are so many things that could happen lol.

ika ika says:

How trivial it becomes to name new generation cars by the names of scientists who worked in that field… Next car would be called “Edison”…

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