Tesla Semi Truck & Roadster 2.0

Tesla just had their semi truck event. Let’s talk about it.

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Alaa Alrebeh says:

it looks like The trucks price is lower than everybody thought, starting from $150,000

Alifya Engineer says:

Thoughts on the OnePlus 5T? I really love it being an apple sheep. Nearly as much as I love the iPhone X. Yes.

Cedric Henry Ho says:

Y everyone is copying MKBHD after he put up his first vid about tesla

Junus says:

mac os vs windows

Austin Gregory says:

The roadster actually costs 200,000 dollars not 250,000 only the signature models of the roadster first 1,000 cars are 250,000

C G says:

What happened to your other vid?

iGoat says:

the days of speeding up to get around a semi are numbered.

Kevin Paulsen says:

The electric revolution is not decades away, it’s more like 10 max. Anyone with an electric car know range, and stats are not a problem. The only problem with electric cars is cost. And do you really think that that is a barrier that will take decades to get over?

Ramin Rahnema says:

are you going through puberty?

Don't be Chill says:

Should Apple till make a apple car?

ro pro says:

Lol, ‘space gray’, a color, does not constitute an ‘eco system’.

joshx413 says:

If you repeat 00:01 over and over you kinda sound like Dr. Frink. Lol

whiteandnerdytuba says:

Convoys are illegal in usa. And just because Apple calls something space grey doesn’t mean they match. Your iPhone doesn’t match your watch laptop or iMac

Tim datoolman says:

I would never consider being a truck driver…. but I would if I could drive a Tesla truck. LOL!

Tech TIme 101 says:

the samsung growing up add played before this video for me!

John Harvey says:

can you do a video on witch ipad is for what kind of people like the ipad pro is for xyz people and the ipad mini 4 is for this kind of person and so on.

itachi uchiha says:

Yeah, he’s a fan now. But when Apple makes a car, then Apple made the first electrical car and tesla makes shit cars and copied Apple’s ideas…

Pietro Di Meglio says:

I wish Tesla has Apple CarPlay

Dan Sanchez says:

Love your videos!!

Nigushima Zakayo says:

Talk more about Tesla news

TBaggens Productions says:

Hopefully Tesla can keep it together so my family can get the Model 3!

Michael Walsemann says:

I am waiting for Tesla to build a station wagon with a similar range to the new Roadster. That would almost definitely get me to actually buy one the next time a new car is needed, because that range would make my travels VERY comfortable, comparable to a gasoline car.

Kalle Noble says:

When is Tesla gonna share these batteries with Apple?

off colored says:

Technically the roadster didn’t break any records at all since it isn’t a production car yet.

Mohammad Ahmad says:

Apple car vs Tesla?

Navieoli Cringeworthy says:

Loblaw’s has already ordered 25 Tesla Semi’s

Undead Knight says:

i feel like your perspective on trucks in general could use some more research, some of the details on “general truck” scenarios is a little misguided

Martins K. says:

Since I like trucks, I was also excited for the Volvo FH16. Also I like how the background keeps slightly changing.

yash jivrajani says:

Tesla is not the apple of automobile industry..
Apple has never been the first to do anything!!!
It’s the Samsung and essentially android of automobile industry!!

LetsJustCube says:

Tailosive Tesla

c137 says:

lowkey kinda happy that homepod got delayed.. i have no money left after getting the X and airpods 😛

Joseph Harris says:

You’ve gained a lot of weight in the last year.

Arthur Cool says:


Nicolai Weis says:

What some people are missing is, its 500miles for the semi, fully loaded… 32.2 metric tons…

FrontlineSoilder says:

Tesla and apple is totally diffrent don’t get the point of even bringing apple up when they haven’t innovated anything in 7 or 8 years.

Alexander Ortigoza says:

That 0-60 thing is actually pretty big because first of all it can help delivery across states or even country long trips reduced by hours or even a couple days with all the frequent stopping and going they do and secondly it helps reduce slow traffic because it will be accelerating at the same speed as normal civilian cars now

Average Brad says:

Except Tesla can manufacture the cars fast enough

Jamie Preston says:

Love Tesla

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