Tesla Tech – Tesla’s Secret revealed 02 14 2018

A quick rundown of the gain at the only two frequencies for the length of wire used to make a coil. In this video, I reveal the true secret of Tesla’s standing wave technology. I make a couple of mistakes in this video, the first one I say the calibration line was at 100 watts and it is 1 watt not 100 watts, the second one I was on a 1/2 wave length and I said it tripled the power level but I meant doubled.

You can verify what I said about the gain I was seeing by clicking on the link below and scroll down to the dbm converter.

I said I had the driving power set at 0.50 watts so type that into the watts part of the converter and hit convert.
You will see that it shows 27 dbm

Then I said in one cycle it reached the calibration line at 1.00 watts so change the 0.50 watts to 1.00 watts and hit convert.
It will now say 30 dbm so that is a gain of 3 db

now change the watts to 0.25 the power level I was driving the 1/4 at and hit convert.
You will see 24 dbm
The calibration line was at 1.0 on that one also so the difference between 24 dbm and 30 dbm is 6 db

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Link to this video: https://youtu.be/gd7Ef2fPQ7w


Will the Electrician says:

I’m starting to get it. However I’m having trouble envisioning the physical application.

Hamilton Smith says:

What website are you using to make the animations? Could you show the wave going beyond the line?
Nice video.

Big Daddy Doc 13 says:

Good report brother thanks . …

Michel Grenier says:

Good, standing waves is a key but rememeber watts is VxI so we need RMS power to do a work.
Now you have to send square wave source then get the harmonics.
Now some self running generator use perfect 1/4 wave. If square wave is used and the pulse width is small, it is like kicking a bell with a hammer at the wright time. Square wave will create harmonics and sine wave dont in a L/C circuit.

sunia akaveka says:

Good stuff

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