Tesla Technology Has Been Revived

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starrychloe says:

You know I’m a genius, but even some of my ideas are retarded. Tesla has duds too. This is more likely a finance scam.

Greg Tomich says:

John Trump, Don’s uncle, was MIT professor that US hired to review Tesla’s paper after his death. True story.

James the Squirrel says:

Ironically. There’s a really interesting Trump family Connection to Tesla following Teslas Death. I believe TRUMPS Uncle or Great Uncle was Appointed One of the very first Specialist to investigate Teslas Office and private Papers to see weather any of the technology had any potential Government/Military Purposes. Real Deep State stuff. Control or Destroy attitude the US GOVERNMENT has.

Charles Moore says:

Perhaps a solution has been developed so that people would have to pay for wireless electricity by having a device that receives it along with a meter. Anyone caught stealing power with an unauthorized device would surely face harsh federal fines and imprisonment enough to deter theft… Just a thought.

Doug Stillborn says:

Tesla also wanted free porn for everyone.

ab cd says:

these goofy retards have 382k subscribers?

needmoreramsay says:

4:32 “… REGIONAL GPS…”. Further proof that GPS is largely or ALL LAND BASED, NOT SATELLITE.

Stilgar says:

Fly a drone over to take a closer look…

cente says:

Like to hear Eric Dollard’s opinion on this tower

The UFO Experience says:

Really excellent stuff!

Invoking The Light says:

Only a society ruled by darkness rejects light bearers.

Gianfranco Fronzi says:

Tesla didn’t finish his tower , but has anyone ever wondered that most of the world is covered with a grid of power lines and many wave energies ? Do we realize that all this energy is from the last 100 years . Could we be doing something that affects the natural energy and forces that are natural to earth ? This might set off a calamity of unknown proportion . Just think of what could have caused the last total destruction of a society that existed long ago and they were more advanced than we are today .

Geoff Molyneux says:

A handful of evil greedy bastards buried quite possibly the most genius of all geniuses and managed to hold back the progression of mankind.
Incidentally Donald J Trump is a distant relative so I’m led to believe.

EdBoy says:

I know its old news but I just realized who you guys are! I’ve been watching your videos for the past day and a half and I can’t believe it slipped my mind. Im so happy you guys kept going and even better to your own rhythm! Growing up I used to watch clips of the old times but I couldn’t put it together, for a second I thought Arron was Eugene (not a dis the dude is a badass in the current season) from the walking dead then I remembered there was another dude I used to watch with a soothing voice and its you holy shit LMAO

Truthstream Media says:

How will technology revolutionize our world?

Will it empower individuals and free expression, or tighten the noose of the controllers? It seems that there is a constant paradox, an ebb and flow.

Such is the case with Nikola Tesla and his wireless energy tower – which he intended to use to broadcast free wireless energy around the world, combining electricity with communication and information. Instead, the powers that be stopped his plan then.

Today, in 2018, Tesla’s dream has been revived, and a company called Visiv swirling in the military industrial complex has erected a new tower with aims to test and someday broadcast wireless electricity to places close and remote around the world.

With respect to known military testing on the human nervous system, will it free the world, or further confine it? At this point, who can say… but it is a little strange, a little exciting and just a bit eerie that a new Tesla tower is up and running!

What do you think???

Gerald Kann says:

Thank you guys. Super

Moon Godess says:

Tesla was an inventor par none. Edison hired people to invent things then slapped his name on it. Edison was nothing compared to Tesla and never will be. When Tesla first moved here Edison gave him an impossible job, or so he thought, so he offered a huge sum for the discovery. Tesla did it and Edison laughed at him and said he would never pay such an absurd amount. That it was a joke. That was the last time Tesla worked for Edison also. If Tesla would have been given free reign we would be another 100 yrs in the future right now.
Once Einstein was asked how it felt to be the smartest man in the word. He said,” I don’t know. You’d have to ask Nikola Tesla. ”
He was the man that controled electricity. He understood it as if it was part of him. We lost a great man and what’s worse we wasted him while he was alive. He is the most interesting man in the world.

Campanelli says:

Thank you for this informative video. BTW, did you see the man’s face in the clouds just to the left of the tower at 12:37??? Wild. . .

MonkeeSage says:

The tower had local news coverage in June and previously which discussed exactly what they are testing. It’s not secret.


TheGreatWent1 says:

tell mellisa that the tower can transmit 24″ double ended dil-do

Jahara Li says:

Don’t forget that Tesla’s Tower was built right on a Ley line, just like the Pyramids of Giza, Bermuda Triangle is over a Ley line, Cleopatra’s needle, the Vatican. Etc.. when the pope is in his bulletproof car going from Philadelphia to wherever he only travels on Ley lines.. Tesla also knew about Ley lines, AKA fault lines where the the Earth’s raw energy surfaces. You should check to see if that new Tesla Tower is over a Ley line

First Name Last Name says:

NuPower Development
Zenneck Waves.
It’s real folks.

Trash says:

Guys come on… If this was real you don’t think China would develop this? China cares about China ALOT. If this was possible they would fund it, if they haven’t already tried too.

If China could get free energy they would get it in a heartbeat.

fourpoint9 says:

search lightning ground up

East Ghost says:

for the darker side of tesla tech —- conspira.org/dew

Ray Falconer says:

I am dumb but I thought i heard Trumps grandfather is or was in possession of Teslas papers or more…?



Japheth Campbell says:

I grew up as a kid in Waxahachie. It’s pronounced more like ”walks” than ”wax.” It’s a common mispronunciation. This is a good video though. Thanks for sharing.

Void HD says:

Finally new technology but of course the government has their hand tied in it I wish the government would just give us the information

James Litteken says:

Cool but some scary things it can be used for. Kind of interesting how close it is to the ring complex IN TYLER ,Tx.. SIGINT OR Signal intelligence is the birth place of artificial intelligence called TYLER in the early 1940’s. Tyler is 100 miles west of Milford

Rodney Geisler says:

The company I worked at for 4 years actually did work on this project. We installed the foam insulation where it was needed, that was determined by their engineers.  

I have been at this facility multiple times to make measurements and take our crews to install our insulation. It is private company working on electrical pulses. From my understanding they are testing to see if they can control a charge and recharge batteries from a distance. This is a TEST facility. There is a local company in North Fort Worth is overseeing the building of the facility.  

There are secrets involved and no pictures could be taken, but this was so others could not steal their technology. Of course that is any companies right to keep their technology private. Think of all the fires in California. After a natural disaster you have no electricity. If you were able to provide controlled electricity back to cell towers or wireless locations without cables, you could have a very powerful innovation and assist many first responders. Very legit engineering going on here that could be huge if it works they way they are hoping to prove.

greenman360 says:

I’m only a few minutes in, but just had a potential light bulb go off… where was the “canceled” supercollider that they were building in Texas? I don’t remember for sure, but I do know the name Milford sounds familiar, and I remember there were some reports that it was only canceled in an official sense, but was still made…

Edit: should have watched the whole video first. But I’m glad you noticed that and brought it up. Interesting indeed.

SharonNeedles@freedomsnotfree.com says:

The tower pulled electricity straight outta the air …..

Kigy Kabark says:

That’s our Ku Klux Klan death ray to vaporize jews in order to regain control of our government and make America great again like it was before there was a federal Reserve back when whites and blacks lived in peace in our own towns.

Adam Eve says:

Geez, just sit your ass down and wait 20 years for this tech to become mainstream already.
I would’t wipe my dog’s ass with the conspiracy distraction hypotheses – But I’m very glad the gubbermint’s finally making some sense out of Nick Tesla’s discoveries.

UnknownName says:

The individual people or so called “pioneers” were patsies working for authorities in the U.S., and not for the humanity or any other kinds of situations for what is good for the lives of people. Technology from electricity which is “wireless” in different terms or terminology is not revived at all, and as it is claimed to be in this video. Because this technology has already been in development in a research all over the world of unsuccessful results for several decades. Tesla has nothing to do with modern developed of electricity. Then I mean everything which is Tesla. The brand, the person, everything. If one believes in wireless technology then it means you’re not thinking at all about how that is created or developed. This technology doesn’t work how people think it does.

The narrator and his voice-over with content in this video and by assumptions of speaking about the truth in this video is only speculations of incompetent or unaware experience with technology. One has to be more competent and experienced with electrical engineer by a logical mindset to really find the truth about this topic. I’m disappointed of Americans and the people over there who usually create stories out context with zero proofs published on YouTube. It is always a constant lack of proof in their video content usually. It is time for the whole continent of U.S. to start backing off from the rest of the world. This 22:55 min long video is in my opinion completely worthless even if I also respect the time and effort to create it.

Mikey777 Mark says:

This is amazing fantastic video thanks

Darren says:

If you know how a generator works , it’s a magnet spinning in a magnetic force . The earth is also just that . So it’s full of electricity if you know how to tap it .

E2 theLP says:

At night time go and put a few low watt light bulbs in the soil near the tower. Tell us how it works

Mr T says:

I’m in my late 50’s and i’ve know about Nikola Tesla since at least age eight or nine. About age 12 the story of the battle between Tesla and Edison was taught at school but then I did not grow up in USA and from what I’ve seen over the years I think the average American is pretty ignorant about a lot of things. Too much Hoo-Rah and bible thumping.

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