Tesla Tech’s Tensor Technologies Unveiled

2013 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference presentation on Tensor Technologies.
More information on Cubit measures and creating Tensor Rings can be found at www.SacredMeasures.com
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What’s in a Tensor Ring? by Brian Besco
Within a Tensor Ring is an infinite source of energy that is neither electric nor magnetic. Its output is beneficial and healing to all life forms. It is a superconductor. It neutralizes magnetic fields. It brings coherency to chaos. It produces a measurable gravitational effect, and is simple and inexpensive to make.
Tensor technology has been noted for its use in healing, environmental pollution abatement, energizing and restructuring water, neutralizing electromagnetic fields, enhancing plant growth and vitality, bee-keeping practices, amongst thousands of other observations.
Slim Spurling created the Tensor Rings in 1991. Slim later found John Archibald Wheeler’s extensive work with closed loops. Wheeler called the “field” created by the loop a “tensor field.” Hans Becker, an astrophysicist who did extensive testing with the Spurling Rings, said that “when you create a closed loop coil, energy begins to flow and the laws of physics go out the window. They may be the simplest, most efficient source of energy there is- gathering it and condensing it freely from space.”
It is postulated that the Tensor field created in Tensor Rings is a type of anti-gravity field. Viktor Grebennikov’s work supports this hypothesis. We can also mention Mueller’s global scaling, where the Tensor Rings emit a harmonic to a specific gravitational wave.
The authors of Dancing with Water discuss the molecular structure of water and the resulting coherence through the use of a Tensor Ring. Related to working with water, Phillip Callahan, an expert on paramagnetism, has stated that the ”Tensor Rings exhibit a paramagnetic value many times greater than anything ever tested.”

Given David Hudson’s discussion of the potential for pulling energy out of superconductors, it is believed Tensor Rings may qualify as a safe and unlimited energy source.


kathpetit says:

Thank you so much for posting your videos, great info!

curtis wright says:

not as easy to make as it looks. trust me I make my own and these guys are pro IMHO

energiart.com says:

Thank you for sharing this Brian! Your work has been an inspiration.

45445 Angels says:

what is the length of one royal cubit?

joshua allen says:

This is a theory based on Laws. The Earth has a magnetic field. It has a north and south pole. Just like a magnet. So this would make them relative in some way. Your can create magnetic fields with electricity. Faraday’s Law states that when a magnetic field is locked in a closed circuit. It flips and holds the charge of the magnetic field that made it. With a magnet you can do this with a metal ring. If you stack 3 washers on top of each other , on top of a speaker magnet , that is laying on its’ side. You will notice they seem to oppose each other. This is Faraday’s Law. So my theory is , if a magnet can do it , so can gravity. We just have to lock it in a closed circuit. This would flip the charge of the gravity from which it came . The force came from under you , from the Earths’ Gravitational Field. So the flipped Gravitational Field is exactly the opposite of the Gravitational field under you. The two Gravitational Fields would oppose each other. Since the Earth is so much bigger then the smaller object, you should be able to FLY. Creating Anti Gravity 🙂 By: Joshua Franklin Allen

Ahdam Smith says:

I love you brother, your really awesome! I so appreciate your teachings…Fantastic!!!~~Love and Light~~

Bradley Lyons says:

Todays date: Saturday, March 27th, 2016:  Like you, I’m not a physicist, but am curious about what test meters exist for detecting and / or measuring invisible things such as scalar wave field energy which I suspect is the source of nature that supplies the source of energy called ‘Chi’  or  ‘Prana’  energy of living things, but has also been proven to exist in water, plants, essential oils, insects, animals, and humans.  The LM4 Experimental Life Energy Meter has been used on few YouTube videos to provide a visual demonstration and proof that ogrone energy, Chi energy, Prana energy, Life force energy not only exists, but that the LM4 Experimental Life Energy Meter detects and measures it.  However, the LM4 Life Energy Meter is not designed to detect or measure scalar wave field energy directly, only things such as water, plants, insects, animals, and humans that absorb and need a supply of scalar wave field subtle energy to maintain health and life.  Another type of meter that I do not know much about, is called the Vibrascan 1100.  The Vibrascan 1100 has been used on YouTube to provide a test of energy therapy wands such as the wand brand called the iyashi source wand by Innovative Ionizing Technologies Inc.  (www.iyashisource.com).  But, I do not think the Vibrascan 1100 which cost $10,000.00 to buy, is capable of detecting scalar wave field subtle energy.  Perhaps it is capable of detecting / measuring ‘Chi’ energy, also called ‘Prana’ energy or ‘Life Force’ energy which comes from scalar wave field subtle energy.  The VibraScan1100 may be a type of spectrum analyzer.  There are small, lightweight spectrum analyzer meters which provide a digital display of detecting and measuring a full range of frequencies and / or a specific frequency being emitted by any device such as a tensor ring, a Schumann resonance generator, Solfeggio frequency generator, etc.  If you want to reply to my post, my email address is:  bradleyslyons5@gmail.com

Bradley Lyons says:

There are a few different types of electronic meters that have been used to prove that ‘Chi’ energy (Ancient Chinese term) / also known as  ‘Prana’ energy (Ancient Hindu term) / A.K.A.  ‘Orgone’ energy (Wilhelm Reich’s term) / A.K.A.  ‘Life force’ energy (modern day American), is real and can be measured and compared to the energy level of different things that contain hydrogen or water, including plant based oils, animal cells, tissues, different parts of the human body, and plants, fruits, vegetables, etc.  One such electronic meter is called the LM4 Life Energy Meter which has been used in various YouTube videos to provide a visual demonstration that such energy exists and can be detected and measured with the LM4 Life Energy Meter.  The LM4 LIfe Energy Meter has also proven that the source of this bioenergy or ‘Life Force energy’ / ‘Prana’ energy / ‘Chi’ energy / Orgone energy, comes from scalar wave field subtle energy which has fractal, quantum mechanical properties, and can pass through the earth and stars unimpeded, without slowing down or weakening.

Trishia Juarez says:


boxlessthinking says:

understand we are in a sea of energy .. . these are antennas that focuses radiant energy CAPTURE DEFLECT REDIRECTED SLOWED down energy. when you bend the copper ect you are twisting the fields and focusing to your will Faraday cage . theN they ARE GETTING amplified. then you can hit objects with focused controlled field patterns. .. the energy is absorb or deflected passes through solid objects pushing all the atoms as it passes through. this will affect the patterns of you molecules/atom
distance and speed from one another to move there alignment/frequencies of movement .. and the closer a thing is to its easiest OPERATING FREQ THE BETTER OFF IT IS .. ENERGY IS CONSTANTLY BANGING INTO EACH OTHER GOING THROUGH EACH OTHER NO WOUNDER NOTHINGS REALLY SOLID ITS ALWAYS BEING BOMBARDED WITH OTHER ENERGY SMALLER SO MUCH SO IT CAN NEVER COME INTO A RESTING STATE. at the atomic level. WE CAN MAGNETICALLY ALIGN MOLECULES/ATOMS BY FORCING THEM INTO A MORE UNIFORM PATTERN TO WHERE THEY ARE STRONGER.after TIME SO MUCH OTHER ENERGY BANGS into IT smashes THROUGH IT. the atoms start to move in more chaotic patterns. moving from more uniform north south pole oscillation. so if you adjust energy to it best operating freq then you will make its state much stronger not to mention we need certain energies to survive for fuel.

jessica kiefer says:

You can use me as a test subject…..I had a bad car accident that left me with back pain and tons of other issues…..heal me and I’ll tell the world!!!!!!!!!!!

Catherine Jo Boydston says:

Howdy there Sir from Coweta Ok.
I just watched a video by you in your latest videos on your page activations. Thank you! I love you and your work! Please come to Oklahoma or I have to find the appropriate tools from your sites and learn about water from you. Thank you in adva nce
I can’t wait to get a return call.
Katie Jo Facebook in Coweta, Ok
I hope to learn yo our take on orgonite and how to make it if I should.
I felt a loving hand hold my hand after watching your latest video. Thank you- unimaginable gratitude for you. so much Tulsa o learn. oh and dowsing too!
Most of all that beautiful energy holding my hand was safety. Thank you I hope the being energy comes back.
All love
Katie Jo
Coweta, Ok

transformer says:

thank you brian for this great video

dean germeten says:

Subjective new-age psycho-babble. Output some power from one of your coils that can be measured, V, I & F. People actually make a living in CA talking about this stuff and a lot more warm-&-fuzzy feel-good sh!t. It’s not technology unless it can actually do something against a control.

Bradley Lyons says:

The LM4 Experimental Life Energy Meter can be seen at work in several YouTube videos providing a visual demonstration that water, plant based oils, plants, animals, and humans do in fact contain a detectable and measureable energy on an atomic, molecular and / or, on a cellular level that has been referred to as ‘Chi’ energy by the Ancient Chinese, also known as ‘Prana’ energy as referred to by the Ancient people of India, and was named ‘Orgone’ energy as referred to by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, and is referred to as ‘Life Force’ energy currently here in America.  Scientists / physicists have concluded that the source of this energy comes from what is called a scalar wave field which is everywhere in the known universe and has fractal, quantum mechanical properties.  Scientists say that the scalar wave field of the universe is created from the inside of stars, but this is debatable; scalar waves may come from the intense gravitational field of black holes.  For certain, it is known that scalar wave field energy can and does pass through solid matter such as the Earth and all other planets, but in doing so, moves through the known universe unimpeded (without stopping, without slowing down, without weakening).  Some scientists / physicists say that this scalar wave field of the known universe travels faster than the speed of light and currently has no detectable frequency, but is an electromagnetic type subtle energy field.  Scalar wave accumulators and products have been shown on various YouTube videos to have the ability to transmute (change) unwanted, harmful electromagnetic field radiation created by electronic circuit boards, A.C. electrical power, electrical appliances, electrical / electronic systems in automobiles, etc., and wireless communication device radiation from cell phones, etc., into beneficial negative ions.  Thus far, there is no electronic device, invention or product, that can directly detect and / or  measure scalar wave field energy, but the LM4 Life Energy Meter can detect and / or measure the ‘Chi’ energy, ‘Prana’ energy, ‘Orgone’ energy, ‘Life Force’ energy of water, plant based oils, plants, animals, and humans that absorb and depend on scalar wave field sublte energy.

Andrew Routh says:

The royal rife frequency guy seemed a little offended that you both shared knowledge of certain frequencies. The attitude made his question very awkward.

curtis wright says:

I always like to try my hand at these new technologies but in the end I find how much work goes into them so I order from the pros like Nick Edwards (Rest in eternal bliss) so soon be expecting an order from me even though I will continue to practice building and sharing tensor rings / pyramid power/ dancing with water etc. and all the other great tools ( radionics not to be excluded). PS sry about the accidental post I deleted. not meant for this video.love to goto one if your workshops if you are ever in SF bay area. Thrive forever.

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