Tesla Unveiled Its Model Y: Here Are The Best Features Of The $39,000 SUV

Elon Musk unveiled Tesla’s newest production car, the Model Y, at the Tesla Design Center in Hawthorne, California. The base model SUV will cost $39,000.

Watch Elon Musk Unveil The Tesla Model Y SUV
How Tesla’s Model Y SUV Is Different From The Model X And Model 3


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Tesla Unveiled Its Model Y: Here Are The Best Features Of The $39,000 SUV


complexgrafix says:

Worst interior designers…. u guys just put a huge tablet on the dash, no integration!

robinrutschman says:

Any images of the open rear hatch?

GoldenLG says:

Time to sell myself

Poopybutthole - says:


Gabo Cejitas says:

And so it begins, like apple just tiny modifications to the cars, like a bit bigger a bit taller bla bla bla

Eric S says:

Should I get model 3 or Y???????????????

Kausil 69 says:

It doesn’t look good

Rogo says:

I love how laid back Elon is when he’s presenting

SB3 says:

Host meme review again ?

Golden Exodus says:


chwaca says:

Wooow what a nice blue model 3 !!!

shakti shekhar says:

In place of Model E there is Model 3 because the name Model E was a registered trademark of Ford
It was totally intentional
It was planned to spell SEXY
The explanation is given in Elon’s biography by Ashlee Vance

Ivan beers says:

Ugly AF

Conrad Halle says:

What are the benefits according to the model x?

EL NANO says:

Somewhere in the crowd David is watching

Your Neighbor says:

40000 dollars? For a tesla

Gabriel Morales says:

*gets job*

Alejandro Mejia says:

E E E Elon Musk

Heejun Suh says:

I <3 Tesla, SpaceX, and Elon :)!

Zenos says:

It looks like a hatchback.

Ahmed360 says:

Where is the pick-up?

KinderTubeHD says:

Dun see the suv part…it’s a model 3 with 2 more seat

Gabo Cejitas says:

A tiny bit bigger Model 3

Justin Justin says:

Would love to test one of these so I can get to and from college in a reliable car

LargeNardge says:

My problem is that with all that money, this man still can’t hire someone to present for him?

The Big Al says:

is actually really sexy

max Zago says:

Ugly , ask help to Giugiaro or pininfarina

Aska Gamer says:

*Y* is this in my recommended

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