Tesla Unveils New Roadster

At the end of Tesla’s semi-truck event, Elon Musk unveiled Tesla’s brand new convertible. Musk said the new Tesla Roadster will be the “fastest production car ever made, period.” The prototype has reportedly traveled faster than 250 mph. The car seats four and will have a 620-mile highway range, and that’s just the base model. Musk said the Roadster is expected to be available in 2020.
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Awf Avila says:

this guy is genuis

20GRIZZ20 says:

Nothing but a cash grab after Tesla’s biggest quarterly loss in the companies history.

TTime685 says:

Wow.. that’s pretty damn impressive

Briseno 85 says:

The 1% of America

Ray Just saw this video, what a sad reali says:

Tesla seems great and all but it’s all hype! Why is it taking them so long to mass produce the 3? And now you’re going to tease me more with this car. Come on. This dude talks about underground highways, he’s overly optimistic. By waiting too long to deliver they are just going to give others time to beat them to the punch. I like Tesla but start delivering already.

mikiere jackson says:

Tesla may have have some competition. How many of these are coming out in 2019?

Mr.Above Average says:

This is tony stark

Firesfast 2131 says:

How do u buy it ?

Kevin says:

Meanwhile, other carmakers say it’s impossible to make a high performance electric car. Good luck trying to stay out of irrelevancy

dick dickerson says:

im still going to believe that elon musk will break the sound barrier of transportation.

Firaol Abdalla says:

Audience getting excited too much like they all going to get one for free

Diamond Gameboy says:

The car I’ve been waiting for

Do you know the way says:

In 2020 all you’ll hear is REEEEEEEE!!!


Shut Up, Elon !! Take my money

Se Bastian says:

these people behave like scientology members! 😀

MultiSilversalmon says:

Impressive The audience acts like a cult convention.

Bryan A says:

coolest man live =-O

Kostas Tzouvaras says:

Mazda rx8

MrWithnailJRjunior says:

i wish i was chinese then my fanny hole wouldn’t be so tight

zeNUKEify says:

In a hundred years gasoline cars will be percieved as a blue-collar worker car

Thamus Jones says:

I hope it doesn’t have any lift that the boffins forgot to account for.

Mark Kristian Pedersen says:

If you’re an audience at a show; STFU

Awf Avila says:

this guy genuis

Alias Lindon says:

The worst presenter ever :).

Daniel Ricciardo's Son says:

I still cum faster than this car 🙂

BuBs says:

Hey look a new car i could never afford damn crazy

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