Tesla’s Model 3 is coming in July — here’s everything you need to know

Tesla is gearing up for the big reveal of the Model 3, its first mass-market car. CEO Elon Musk unveiled the car in March of 2016, but Tesla will show off the production version of the sedan in July. The summer premiere will offer the roughly 400,000 customers who preordered the vehicle a chance to see the final version before deliveries begin at the end of the year.

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Allan T says:

I wish Australia were more up to date with electric cars , seeing electric cars on the road here is like seeing a UFO in the sky , rare as fuck . I’m jelous of you guys in America to have this great company

Suryoyo Oromoye says:

My next car without a doubt

Artem Akatev says:

Honestly, looks like shitier model x…

ChessTauren says:

Silver for me, because I”m such a hipster! 😀

Far North Squirell says:

50 thousand Canadian….still too much

Muhammad Arif Naufal says:

kinda looks like ferrari ff if you noticed the similarity

Sonya Williams says:

Car is ugly and Tesla suffers from build quality issues.

MH Photoshoot Bangali says:

good video

Al M says:


Bunglebonks says:

I like it

pssst3 says:

I want a model 4 that will go 0-65 in ~7 seconds, go 300 miles and cost $28,000 without the tax incentives that Trump will be eliminating.

Hector Lalalala says:

Excuse my ignorance, but don’t you think these cars will get rid of contamination and stop the oil sell and production? The Arabs must be pissed and other car companies too

Ross Продакшн says:

Что это за пиздец внутри)) Гавно какое-то…

jmniskanen says:

I like how it says “35 k before incentives”. In Finland that would turn out to be 50 k.

Ervin Andallo says:

should I drop my Mazda for a tesla?

ChessTauren says:

Elon Musk is an alien send from another planet to save Earth from an ecological apocalypse.

Sham says:

That interior is poor looking. The screen dash looks so out of place. No integration design what so ever. Looks like someone just added a tablet holder from amazon, attached the screen and was done with it. Very lazy Tesla I must say

Robert Taurosa says:

I’m very excited for the release of the Tesla 3. It’s a gorgeous car and I think that it could bring electric cars the masses in a major way.

Aman gidwani says:

Matte black looks badass…

Kiii Ciii says:

You guys are off on your estimations/predictions and plain wrong at times

kosexpress says:

I’m putting my order in and I’ll wait the 2years.

Tim Lincecum says:

the shape of the car is ugly AF

Rodney L Wright says:

I currently have a Ford C-Max plug-in hybrid and plug it in overnight using a 240v circuit. Does anyone know if the charger for the Model 3 will use the standard plug, or is it proprietary. More pictures of the charger setup would be welcomed by me.

TheManChise says:

Can’t wait..I’m number 350,000:(…don’t like the horizontal screen and I want a grill..

Tramaine Mason says:

I only dislike it not having a front grill for slyling purposes. Also not a fan of the big ass tablet look on the touch screen. looks like any kid can accidentally break it. wish the screen was flush mounted in the dash. I like everything else though.

pssst3 says:

I want a model 4 that will go 0-65 in ~7 seconds, go 300 miles and cost $28,000 without the tax incentives that Trump will be eliminating.

lamebubblesflysohigh says:

the shit part is that is has no dashboard which means if anything happens to that big screen, you cant use your car untill it is fixed

Tom Foolery says:

Even at this low price, still too expensive for me. Can’t wait a few years from now when you can find a Tesla on Craigslist for under $20k

Avi Makkar says:

I made my allocation on day of launch seems like i will be getting mine soon

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