TeslaTech (2017) Darren Colomb – Walter Russell’s New Science of Tomorrow


“Walter Russell had one of the rarest experiences known to humankind: full Cosmic Illumination into the Light of Consciousness. In this 39 day and night experience he gained all his knowledge of physics, chemistry, astronomy, and advanced metascience. Upon reading Walter’s first treatise, Nikola Tesla recognized the massive importance of this knowledge and told Walter to “lock it up in the Smithsonian for 1,000 years until mankind was ready for it.” The University of Science and Philosophy is dedicated to empirically proving Russell’s scientific principles. We have made significant progress based on the understanding that modern science is still primitive because man himself is still in his early stages of unfolding. We use this New Science of Tomorrow today to invent and describe technology that defies mainstream theories. The laws of Nature never change, but man’s theories change frequently as evidence arises. This does not apply to the New Science because we begin directly from CAUSE, and are not prone to the many complexities and need for empirical reasoning as modern science is. No man can acquire knowledge beyond his range of perception. As long as man’s range of perception is limited, his cosmology will be what his sense tell him it is. With new knowledge we can transcend this limitation and live in harmony with Nature, rather than fight it in an attempt to dominate it.” – Darren Colomb, CSO

Walter Russell’s New Science of Tomorrow
A Rosetta Stone for Understanding Next Level Technology

TeslaTech 2017 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference

Produced and HD Remastered by Ramu Shages

Intro/Outro Music by STELLARDRONE


Dencity McCartney says:

Thank you Darren; this presentation brings the work of two of the most informative inventors to our world. Read and reread. Take the lesson of Nature to give and re-give.

Donald Stewart says:

Thank you so much, Darren! You have a wonderful way of communicating the Russell material and explaining things in a way that offers basic comprehension, even to those who struggle with “main stream science!” Blessings, dear friend!

Yasir Anqa says:

Thank you.

Cody Snowden says:

So happy to see new videos on Walter Russell

Integralismo Brasileiro says:

is there proof of those relations between russell and tesla??

MrRyanmcmahon says:

Well done Darren, So well articulated and explained. Keep going.! So many scientist need to know this work.

Jacquelyn Porter says:

Brilliant, Darren! We plan to watch it again and again. Your presentation made it so much easier to understand these principles than only the written text. Thanks so much for your work with the University. You are such a gift.

Stl Silver Fox says:

Incredible insight. Thank you!

lee Grieveson says:

Thanks Darren. I am on my second reading of the Professors lessons but this time much slower. I still find it hard to picture some stuff and you have simplified the concepts. Thank you for your giving.

berils_crypto says:

your content is pretty good, but god bless ppls who are listening you trought this microphone.

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