TeslaTech (2017) Rhetta Jacobson – Harnessing Vortexian Mechanics


“This overview of equipment and methods utilizing vortex technology resulted from intense research and development with prototype applications. Devices address municipal/industrial water treatment, delivery/storage, wastewater treatment, and rejuvenation and recovery of lakes and rivers. Nearly all of the present problems associated with obtaining good quality and the over abundance of waste can be attributed to the manner in which the water and waste have been handled to date. Spring water, known for its purity, points to the reality that Nature can purify water. The modes of pollution are well known, as well as their outcome. The means of purification is a secret of Nature revealed as “vortex action”. When one considers the natural cycle of water they find aeration taking place in the streams and rivers, sedimentation in the lakes, and filtration in the earth. An examination reveals that rivers are not straight, lakes are not cylindrical, and the  earth is not homogeneous creating angular surfaces which induce turbulent, irregular vortices that energize water. By imitating nature, we can restore polluted water to its original high quality, energetic state.” – Rhetta Jacobson

Harnessing Vortexian Mechanics

TeslaTech 2017 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference

Produced and HD Remastered by Ramu Shages

Intro/Outro Music by STELLARDRONE


MultiPucci1 says:

Thanks Matt,
Watched all 3 videos…If there was one thing I could ask the community, it would be this:

With all the knowledge that has been revealed and understood by the many who follow the works of WR can those be applied to perhaps the most critical issues of our time today concerning all the chemical compositions of Chemtrails / SRM / Geo-engineering / Smart Dust / Nano Technologies……that are altering the Human composition as well as the Earths ?

Those of who know of what I speak, know of their elements used and what impact they are having upon the world speaking of their physical substance, not withstanding the evil and sinister implications they also are having upon same, to include D-Wave, 5-G and other technologies adulterated from Tesla’s work and I would suspect, also WR unbeknown. What could be done to change their pressures/compositions/states and or frequencies, making them all inherit ?

This is perhaps the most important query to ask the USP community, even greater to activity work for the greater cause to make null and void the PTB technologies that have been unleashed upon all Humanity. If Lao convinced Walter to reveal to the world his knowledge, is this not then the most important reason for us to bring balance back to an unbalanced world, as a result of the powerful few who at this very moment, are corrupting it? I would say yes ! If not now, then when and if not us, then who?

Based upon Walter Russell’s New Science of tomorrow…there must be a way !!!!!!
That is what we need to focus on and redistribute to the world its knowledge exponentially……
The knowledge, and the means to bring back balance to the world and restore order stolen by those who are destroying it and grave is the time and great is the peril that we all face, even now.

Maybe , that is the real reason WR was given to us and those of you greater than I who understand WR work, are now mastering it for a greater purpose for which it was intended for you to understand and now, reveal to the world.

I just pray its not too late…………

Resource Material can be found on my G+ page, with many articles because these ARE the things that are happening RIGHT NOW to ALL of us ! ( Be sure to click on the comment sections in connecting the dots) some to include:

Russia Planning National Biometric Database For Banking Next Year, Expanding Worldwide Trend

 The Coming Space Based World Power Grid
 Touchless Torture, Target Humnanity; Full Length Documentary
 Why Isnt anyone Talking about this massive Program??

Donald Stewart says:

So glad and thankful to see these wonderful lectures presented! The ones who are versed in Walter and Lao Russell’s teachings will be the change-makers on this planet! I am quite encouraged about our future! I think the time of balanced cohabitation on Earth
is closer than most folks think!

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