Testing AUTOPILOT on the Tesla Model S!

Tech Inside Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pmelTNhQ8o&t=67s
Tesla Model S – https://www.tesla.com/models

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Short paragraph about the video for SEO. If you are reading this, that’s because Matt is dumb and forgot to write something clever. Or maybe he left it intentionally.

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Reuben tomlinson says:

You should do a reading mean comments

JustAnotherFluteGuy says:

Who’s the guy at 1:57?

MrSlimPlays says:

The comments are so hilarious ahahahah

Yasser Bnomar says:

are Amircan or britsh

Alejandro Rodarte says:

Damn! Look at his neck lmao…. Youtube does this? Everyone subscribe to me asap lol

OsaZain says:

So you giving this away right??

Meh Meth says:

But still u cant park car

BrownPower92 says:

As cool as this is, seriously you try it on the highway? Not a street where you can have a faster reaction time to take control

drinking carrots says:

imma drive to china, ok imma take a nap

Francesco Romeo says:


Naqvi News says:


Carlos Torres Paz says:

Someone explain me why at 2:55 the car decided that it was enough and just walked away??

Francesco Romeo says:


Kevin Hi says:

2:42 Nice parking job 🙂

Nathan Daniels says:

2:53 The car’s making a run for it, Matt…

OrViV says:

What that on you neck?

E Ali says:

What the fuck dude? Recording with hickeys? Not hating but it’s really unprofessional and childish, dislike for that.

Colin Borile says:

You should do a review on the Corsair k95 rgb platinum, Cherry max speeds

Daniel Nicolas says:

Your gf is a fuccing vampire

ANGLE says:

Legend has it, he’s still saying he’s sacred to this day.

Sukhman Sekhon says:

Ur giving it away right?

Brandon Kane says:

“You’re young, you have your whole life ahead of you, and your anal cavity is still taut yet malleable.”

Hassan Haq says:

Why was the car backing up at the end?

Sky Blue Necktie // MCPE and more! says:

Try USB Killer vs. Tesla Model S

Danilo Carlos says:

so hickie is the main thing that you want talk about … great

Alejandro Lino says:

Fucking Dracula is hanging aout with this kid.


Stupid Pleb says:

fuckin hell, that hickey is bigger than my forehead

PinkPawsMD says:

Why is your channel catch phrase “stay classy,” when you have hickeys all over you in like every video?

MatrixAgar YT says:

Vampire alert

maquiladora84 says:

seatbelt ?!

Caleb Roys says:

No seatbelts?

Ke'Vaughn Waldon says:

So on that Tesla Model S Giveaway……I’ll take blue man it’s my favorite color

Tiffany Russell says:

nice hickeys


are you giving this away aswell?

Charlene Gardella says:

the hickeys are back

Quad says:


Paul says:

Confirmed at E3: Mariokart on Tesla Model S

Techy Savage says:


Chris says:

Dude, turn the vacuum off. Not classy!!!

Дмитро Чуйко says:

Засоси на шиї))) як добре що ніхто ніх*я не розуміє що я тут ху*рю)

Marc P says:

Someone died from auto pilot because the highly reflective side of a truck was unseeable and the car crashed into the back of the truck killing the driver

Adam Wood says:

What version of autopilot are you using? This video was uploaded the day of the 17.17.4 update.

Joshua Giomi says:

What is that on the right side of your neck????

Atreads says:

Like that bruise on your neck matt

Kevin Praditra says:

Tesla’s autopilot is so awesome it can drive itself away from collision… but on a side note though is that a hickey??

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