The future we’re building — and boring | Elon Musk

Elon Musk discusses his new project digging tunnels under LA, the latest from Tesla and SpaceX and his motivation for building a future on Mars in conversation with TED’s Head Curator, Chris Anderson.

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1283 IDC says:

Amazing visionary Elton Musk, I ask this question many people, none give me an appropriate and positive answer: “What is the future of human kind on this very earth in the year 8 billions in the future?

Dan Z says:

Isn’t there earthquakes in LA Semi-Frequently? How would that affect the tunnels that he is talking about?

Patrick Küssner says:

you know how they have to dig for the batteries… maybe not the bestest idea to dig out all of the battery stuffs… digging out all of the clay stuffs wasn´t a good idea too…

William Flynn says:

He seems very awkward and uncomfortable

Hanaconda says:

Continuous tunnel boring & building machines like the ones they used to build CrossRail already exist.

NetTubeUser says:

The main problem with those discussions, ideas, concepts, and visions of our future change every year, so 90% of the time they change, they are outdated and/or not even possible because it’s a problem of cost and production, for our safety, for our privacy and the question is to know if we really need them in our daily lives in long term or not.

FishFind3000 says:

He doesn’t talk every well.

oOTyLeROo1000 says:

To quote something I read on a bumper sticker “if you have it a truck got it there” and a massive change like that would change the world so dramatically it’s hard to imagine.

Niki Bond says:

Thank You.

Ryan Bennett says:

Is it just me or is this host guy a little condescending the entire interview? #NaySayer

PlumbPro says:

I thin k aliens sent this guy down to sort out our problems!

_ Vyndux _ says:

If he wanted to inspire people to become better, he has inspired me to become who I truly am meant to be.

Max says:

Humble and genuine

SABlumen says:

Elon Musk is just insanely fascinating. So inspiring.

RStaR RaptoR says:

35:00 – 40:50 wow. now that’s what i want to hear. Nasa is a sad story. No news station really cares about people or science or anything. We have to look elsewhere. Look where the money goes and look where the good vibes are.

Bainsworth says:

So, when a car pulls up and lowered, theres a 500 meter dead mans drop right next to the curb? what happened to the pneumatic tubes like on futurama 😛

CM Dell says:

This interviewer is terrible imo, no leading questions at all. Seems to just ask a new question cold when Elon stops speaking.

Luis S. says:

We are setting the bar so high up for the next species when humans extinct. They’re gonna have to be the first species to idk travel different galaxies? Unless humans do that as well within a couple thousand years AT LEAST

alpha oshiwot says:

Elongated muskrat

Patrick Küssner says:

but the car would know when some punk let air out of one of your front tires? or tried manipulating the cameras or puts some spikestrips on the road? what about fog? or frost… just some rapeseedoil on the cameras might catch a lot of dirt… someone might just run in front of the car in rags another person jumping to the side of the car, hammering against the window and shouting, third person with a huge rock, throws it against the window and some no sleep kid that learned electronics on a junkyard and was granted some time with an internet connect will just disable all security tech…

Shawn Coleman says:

You’re mind is dangerous. I hope you choke

Aaron Ward says:

pause at 7:55 and laph till u pee

Ian Chafer says:


Doxx Holid88 says:

I’m not gay or anything, but I’ll straight suck this dude off…

Lizette Cortes says:

My hero. <3

whateevrs here says:

Elon Musk makes me meltttt

Donald Trump says:

…he’s not boring he’s so interesting

Samsung Blues says:

The interviewer is terribly annoying. Repeating words that were just spoke and pausing in awe every once and again.  Just get on with the interview. Stop acting so exasperated.

Joey Tracy says:

Smart guy. But literally any kid could have thought of these things. Inventions start with imagination and the sense of no limits. Keep inventing!

DarkValoria GD says:

When you look up Elongated Muskrat and you end up watching this video

noresize says:

The Expanse….. Mars first, Asteriod belt second? Elon Musk is so inspiring and ambition. He should be a Hero for upcoming generations. And on the presidental council (with a better president).

Matthew Jones says:

I love this guy

Stradar says:

The thing where he wants to accelerate our advancements as a human race I for one have a idea why he wants to speed our advancements because he knows something more then he lets on. And for one I know if we stagnate as a civilization we will be doomed to as a Human Race. But I think he knows something and is in a dead set race to get us to a super Advance Civilization faster then Naturally? And he wants to jump start us to a Type II civilization now rather then later so hmm sounds like a fun journey and hope he is the one to do it.

samuel alley says:

I have a much easier solution. Why don’t people spread out and move else where or just simply suffer the reality of heavy traffic. Go learn how to work a real job and move to middle America. Problem solved

Andrew Wilson says:

Free money for everyone. Because BLOCKCHAIN.

Nodwaa says:

what an amazing brain

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