The Rogue Tesla Mechanic Resurrecting Salvaged Cars

Rich is a car enthusiast whose passion is to find wrecked Teslas, bring them back to life, and then share his repair adventures on his YouTube channel Rich Rebuilds.

When he found out that Tesla would not service or support his salvaged cars, he took it upon himself to scour the internet and harvest working parts from several busted Teslas. He Frankensteined them together until his creations were fully operational, at a fraction of what it would cost to buy a new or certified pre-owned Tesla.

Motherboard travels to Massachusetts to meet with the rogue mechanic leading a grassroots movement of DIY fixers who are taking back the right to repair the things they own.

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aalert says:

A car I can’t get spare parts for? That’s not an option for me.

Casey Beane says:

This guy is doing gods work. What a man.

1silvervespa says:

Your goal is Nobel !
Keep going at the very least you are keeping waste from being waste .

Raul Merino says:

Very nice .Nice video .You rock dude.

ThisGuyCJ says:

I wonder the total amount of Salvage Telsas he has bought…

daniel. says:


Jazzy Tunes says:

With time Tesla will provide replacement parts, what people have to understand is that this is fairly new tech and Tesla has the obligation to protect it technology

Aoudhubillahi says:

That’s awesome.

30 BOIS Squad says:

*Open a Tesla mechanic shop Perfect idea*

Angela Cina says:

Wow. This guy is amazing. We need more people like him.

Softail77us says:

23 Volts DC shouldn’t hurt you although it can heat up and or destroy components in front of you which could potentially cause harm. Just don’t put your tongue on anything and stay dry. Ohms law bares it out. You’re pretty sharp!

Love To Travel says:

More of this guy, less Kanye please.

snapdragon69 says:

This is why I hate TESLA and these new online cars. Eventually they will make cars you can’t even open the door on because they don’t like what you did, or you are geofenced or you didn’t pay your Android Auto Pro subscription.

Dontay sumo says:

How about this: everyone just stop buying them let them sit on them an then see what happens after making money then the money just stops… they will be given cars an parts away

Paul Davies says:

Well if I ever wanted to get a Tesla in the future this video definitely made it so that I never ever ever want to go anywhere near Tesla worst car manufacturer ever


You sir, yes you, rogue tesla repair guy, you are THE man!

davescowie says:

He is obsessed ,,,but like many people…..I love his obsession. 11.44 but why is there no glass in his glasses or are they TESLA clean

Rice Grainz says:

Tesla needs to hire this man and enact his ideas.

Jp Highbaugh says:

how does he keep his cloths so clean, doing salvage work he should be dirty as hell

Charles Dizon says:

Tesla:we focus on sustainability.

Dr.Tesla Frankenstein: Hold my beer.

John Marcinkowski says:

AWESOME!!!!  Keep going!!!!

Our ScampLife says:

I like this guy. But why do people support or even love these Tesla cars? They aren’t sustainable, They don’t last, and if they aren’t making parts whats the point? Maybe I’m way off here but it seems to me like a waste for the buyer. Glad this guy has figured ways to replace parts though.

Frank Byers says:

you keep it up doing very good


I need to be this guys apprentice!!

trinity95624 says:


Hindsight says:

The real question is, these cars have only been out for less then a decade, and yet they are already broken down to the point where they get abandoned and need major repairs? What a fucking waste.

1silvervespa says:

Farmers are fighting for the Right To Repair as well .

Dave Duckshoot says:

I wish you every success. Tesla’s restrictive practices are criminal.

Steve L says:

This has opened my eyes to something I had no idea about. And I’m NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS. keep fighting the good fight

Michael Otieno says:

VA Mountain Man – You just made the most ignorant statement about the black community and JAY-Z. Do you even know what you are talking about. There is a need to separate the entertainer from the person. Its like saying Stallone and Schwarzenegger are violent people because of the role they play in movies, or Pacino and DeNiro are in the mafia because of the roles they play in movies. Jay-Z is an actual entertainer what he raps about doesn’t always reflect actual reality or even mean that is who he is as a person. Are you saying that musicians do not apply themselves, are you saying you can’t be passionate about fashion. Jay-Z can be a perfect role model for all kids of all races. He has founded from scratch and grew a business now valued at about 1 billion dollars, less than 10,000 people in this world of 7 billion have managed to do so. But you expose your overwhelming ignorance by thinking black kids only have or want role models who are black and in the entertainment industry – in my own experience i discovered some black kids want to be like Obama or Condi Rice or Hillary Clinton or Oprah or Kim Kardashian or Michael Phelps or Chris Kyle or David Beckham or Alexander Hamilton or Maggie Thatcher or Angela Merkel or Anne Frank or Florence Nightingale or Mother Theresa or like their father, mother, sister or neighbor and even be like Donald Trump. When we tell our kids they can be whomever they want to be it is not about been the best black person you can be, it means be the best person you can be, period. Kindly, take your ignorance elsewhere.

Michael Otieno says:

What this dude is doing is either madness or brilliance and it is remarkable how often those two traits coincide

saultube44 says:

All products should be repairable. Can you please add the Tesla statement as a link to a Google Docs/Drive document so we can check it out?

Robert Gonzalez says:

You are pioneer keep up the good work.

BlindHobo says:

tesla is the apple of cars

acesb24 says:

He need to stop lying. He trying to build Iron man armor

Charlie Ward says:

sounds the same as owning a classic

Daniel Crouch says:

nice work brother need morer guys like u

Andy Mcnally says:

“If you purchase something free and clear…you should be able to FIX IT YOURSELF” – Real talk my man

1silvervespa says:

You need to get a cataloging program and tagging system so you know by computer what exact parts you have and where they are located.
So you don’t waste time or lose things .

Who Where says:

Like I said at first this is an amazing black man so for all you haters who don’t want to acknowledge that he is black he is black he is black he is black we all know who the smartest

Robert Cosme says:

Great work Rich! I’m officially a fan.   Robert Cosme from NASA.

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