The Tesla Model 3 is a whole new era of car

Really really want one




Martin D says:

A distance traveller might not mind backing a trailer into one space and parking in another so why not pulse charge from a panelled trailer, you could go teardrop style and have a fridge and travel break’m’all cheap. Sorry Marine.

Jacob Nicholas McGrath says:

everyone who makes money from gas cars will loose lots of money

Jacob Nicholas McGrath says:

if everyone buys an electric car, all of the people who work at gas stations wont have jobs

Mario vieira says:

Roadster is still very much in production, with the 2nd generation being unveiled later this year and well as a Tesla semi truck

XplaneZ says:

electric vehicles will “transfer” pollution, that would otherwise be emitted from gas and diesel powered vehicles, to the power plants where it can be tackled efficiently and responsibly It is one thing for the state to check if the regulations are held at one factory and another to check millions of cars.

TheFarmanimalfriend says:

What about the people who live on streets being sprayed with radar from self driving cars and trucks? Is it safe? Who knows. There have been no studies – none.

Ezra Lade says:

Tesla Semi = LOGAN’s auto truck 2029 future

Tate Eugenio says:


sam jose says:

Tesla may just be the reason why our kids and their kids can live their lives. Or maybe even save us from global warming, china is still not good tho

savic027 says:

You look like Boris Becker..

Carlos Finch says:

14.9 Billion dollars in government subsidies. This is ridiculous. I appreciate what they are trying you do however the electricity that these cars use comes from oil.. Yup that’s a model that will fix the environment.

Bharathi Christiano says:

Mate, if you wanna legit buy tesla, install a 14 KWh solar panel, so that makes it a zero cost for riding a car. Thank me later. Comment for more information on installing solar panel.

Frank Thorley says:

I don’t want Apple to ruin Tesla.

Bob Long says:

Idiot it’s a lifestyle. People can go get gas in less then a couple of minutes and get their range of 250-500 miles again. If you don’t have a wall connector at home your car charges at 3 miles per hour. That’s 36 miles of range after 12 hours of charging!

Angela Biondolillo says:

Very excited for this car

Zomaikel says:

Hana lmao I died when you said ” buying each other out” haha.ha

WarGames8 says:

Tesla is my favourite car manufacturer

mac drol says:

But in 40 years, the lithium will be used up, and their won’t be lithium batteries. So why do you think this is the future?

Logan Boyd says:

Teslas should not be charged to 100% nightly unless you need all of the range. 70-90% daily charging is recommended.
If you want a new Model S or Model X here’s a referral link for $1000 savings and free supercharging

tod berry says:

 Car
Standard: $50K
Long range: $75K
Edition: $100K

dsthorp says:

Good presentation.

Stunt Geek says:

Great car…truly are marvel of engineering, hopefully it will be launched in India very soon, no need to import Arab oils

Diana says:

This car is as much as the Toyota Camry hybrid.

HunchoReal says:

Telsa let’s make American cars great again

Dylan White says:

Great point but couple things I feel like mentioning. 1) Tesla recommends you charge to 60-75% regularly not 100% as sustained full charge wears prematurely. And 2) Diesel trains actually get the power to the wheels via electric motors, so the semi will likely have tons of potential power

Charlie Reynolds says:

Hey drew, you should start a series where you give is your po box and we can send you gifts

Thomas Curkowskyj says:

*peers into background as he says “im more of a budget person”*
*sees giant collection of mac and iphones and ipads*
wtf XD

Piotr Zieliński says:

Battery power is not the future of cars. You don’t have to regularly change yours gas tank for approximately 5k$ and what if you would want to drive from one coast to another, how many times you would have to stop for 8h charging?

Virendra Shah says:

If apple buys Tesla they’ll remove wheel saying it’s future and will provide autonomous feature for 1/5th cost of the car.

Omran Alsayed says:

310 miles is a lot … more than enough.. and as you mentioned, going out from my house with 310 miles is more than any other car with half tank or so.

TheKindHuman says:

There are some significant developments in battery technology not too far away. The energy density in the new batteries is double that of current lithium ion. I predict the base model 3 will have a 500 mile range in the next 5 years. The top of the line Tesla will have 1000 mile range. Remember this post and we will see in 5 years. Ironically people will stop buying gas and diesel cars in the next 20 years because of the lack of range.

Matthew Le says:

Unfortunately, Full Autopilot is an extra $8,000 🙁

Matt Stevens says:


Wrendys says:

Omg, this is so Black Mirror…

Trion Juggernaut says:

Wow u sound soo boring when it come to cars and lazy af..u choose technology over skill because u can’t probably drive..I could just imagine if apple made an electronic dildo you’d be soo excited saying, ” y fuck your girl when apple made a dildo that can do it for you? Now you can go back to sleep when she’s feeling horny!” So what you want electric cars to to take over the racing industry also? What about ppl who love to drift? What about ppl who love to do burn outs? no one wants to hear a fuckin electric car drift because it has no engine! who the fuck will want to see electric racing with no sound and no one not even driving them?? Especially engine sounds like The v8s, vr38s, 2jz’s, rb26s, ej20s, 4g63s, rotaries and vtecs…what about bike lovers? ppl have to be an absolute cunt to buy an electric bike that can ride it fuckin self with no sound wheres the fuckin fun in that??..not everyone wants to be dull and boring like u..I don’t mind electric cars for noobs like u but don’t make it sound like electric cars are the evolution to gasoline and is the best and future because of your own ignorance..u probably can’t wait for tires to be the thing of the past because you’d be to lazy to change your own tire..change is not always better

Stephen Pallotta says:

Technically….. it’s 27k, 7,500 in tax incentives…

am tech says:

What car do you have

Armoterra says:

Your hair and beard look as hot as a new Tesla

Jack Tran says:

I’m pretty sure most semis if not all, are diesal,not gasoline/petrol powered

James Rowe says:

HAHAHAHAH! A touchscreen you have to lean over to see ANY info including speed and gas? “Thinking long term”. Are you high? Or do you just not drive so you have no understanding the imperative importance of physical controls and visibility of the actual fucking road? And no. “fully autonomous” does NOT mean “we can take out all safety persuasions because you’ll NEVER have a computer glitch ever!”

Holy hell this car is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Marius Martinsen says:

Tesla manufacturers ev and space x blowing enormous amounts of high octane fuel to earth. How it works? Same company making low emission cars and polluting monster rockets. Musk is great business man and nothing else. With Spase X Falcon 9 liftig satellite’s to space will cost $ 60 mln + this is where money is. SolarCity and tesla cars helped to achieve main musk goal. Reach of space

DJ Daniel says:

Are you a Tesla Sheep as well now?

DarkBlue22 says:

I hope that Tesla or apple can try and make an agreement and try and make apple Carplay available for Tesla, that would be perfect for me.

Allan T says:

Over hyped,Over expensive

Daniel Ashworth says:

The future of cars is a service. Think self driving Uber not owning a car.

Jarren Ong says:

my dude, people living in cities can’t charge while they sleep. U forgot about that apparently

Tom WTF says:

what is that annoying sound going on in the background. Is nobody capable of talking without added noise

am tech says:

Tesla sound awsume good good

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