The Tesla Model 3 is finally here

Tesla is now delivering the Model 3, its first mass-market car. The Model 3 is much cheaper than previous Tesla vehicles and Tesla says it will one day be capable of driving itself.

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Everything Tech Review says:

Best part, I can have sound off and understand everything

Francisco Jr Ocampo says:

Ok pls subscribe to my channel thank you for supporting

Jacob Perdue says:

everyone tell jake paul

Roy Asturias says:

Is that red car a Kamen Rider reference?
(Saban’s 90s Masked Rider is still a cesspit of a show to this day, by the way.)

giggles goggles says:

Im so excited! My dad put a deposit down so I cant wait

JonathanW Network says:

Jake Paul has this car!!

XBRT says:

They’re sexy as fuck.

ahmadtajuddin fauzan says:

215 miles = 346.009 Km

Andrew Jack says:

Musk is always achieving his dreams! So proud of him. Soon fossil fuels will run out and now we have a solution to self transportation.

Maninder Kaur says:

Simply Sexy

QuietStormX says:

I simply Hate the styling of Tesla’s

Ellie Clark says:

Wind business initially clean luck barely panel barrel immediate.

Landon Nguyen says:

Looks like a Porche

Julianna Francesca Leabres says:

Buh-bye Tesla! You’re no longer on my list of cars to count.

Amaz3ments says:

Still in Beta until range can hit 600 miles or more on a charge.

Thomas Ace Tongol says:

I live in Sydney, Australia never going to be able to afford one.

Andrew Tait says:

Click bait

Walou3 says:


Purple Kool-Aid says:

FUCK your music dawg

Zakku No says:

am I the only one who cant find the air vents??

Fransisco Wijaya says:

400,000 pre-orders * $35,000 (Starting price) = $14,000,000,000
Fuck he’s rich lol!

Eggpie_614 Plays says:

35K? Nope im stickin to mai Evo 8 (I dont have an evo 8 lol)

Ira Crooks says:


Unboxing Sve says:

You didn’t mention the most important thing. How much time it needs to fully charge?

Darcseid27 says:


Solomon Murrell says:

215 mile of range? I’d wait for the 3rd gen instead. Hopefully the range would be increased and would be good for long road trip and have a much faster charge.

Chrisbmxbrandt says:

I Love Elon Musk

Viraj Ratnayale says:

Tech insider, the channel for people who dont know technology.

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