Thoughts on Tesla & Future of Cars

I think it could become illegal to drive in the future…




Zach Monroe says:

At what point do you think learning to drive will be a thing of the past? Im 15 and i have my permit so im learning to drive. You obviously believe that manual driving will become more and more obsolete but when? Will my kids learn to drive? Will my grandkids?

Colonel_Klunk says:

Don’t want a self driving car shit idea

Yondu In says:

There’s always going to be that guy that Jaibrakes his Tesla lol

Jonas Barsøe says:

So one of my favorite youtubers, that has a channel about one of my favorite tech company, loves my favorite car company?? Omg I love you Tailosive Tech!

Gianpaolo C says:

Tailosive if you pin this and give me a shoutout in video, I will buy your merch.

Paul Keating says:

THE MOMENT they get to the point that they cost less than £50k and can do my commute I’ll get one.

tod berry says:

Fantastisch Video! Ich liebe Tailosive Tech! Ja!

Troy S Hays says:

This was great, I like when you cover Apple products, but I also like it when you cover other products

Gerasimos Rico says:

Don’t talk about cars please

Graham Clarence says:

Five quadrants? Try again. (Yes, that’s what I’m complaining about. Why? Because that was what I found to be the biggest problem with this video.)

Sandesh Deshmukh says:

main concern is the system getting hacked !!

Coni Glione says:

Teslas are ugly cars made by people who don’t know about cars. The future is NO cars and more public cheap trasportation. The car is a twenty century mith. A car with auto-pilot don’t change the hours spent in traffic.

Rebecca Booth says:

What’s on your MacBook/iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch video plz. I want app recommendations.

iliketowin win says:

Self driving cars is only good if every car on the road are self driving

HowToGames says:

“Bashes tesla”

Jonny GHXL says:

If the self-driving car has to choose whether to kill people ahead of it or crash into the wall at the side and kill the driver, what should it do?

Jasper Kraft says:

When the Tesla semi truck is announced I would like to see a video on it

Dojčinology Media says:

Drew, what’s your opinion on Elon Musk stating that AI is dangerous to the future of humanity?

Apple's My Defibrillator says:

Make a video convincing people of how self driving cars are more safe then manually driven ones so we can show it to others and convince them to buy Tesla!

superkid542 says:


Daniel Pusicha says:

This Tesla Semi-Truck picture always reminds me of BATMAN (glowing eyes and a dark caseing)

off colored says:

Ewwww electric cars! Take them away take them away!!!!

Uncle Quacker says:

I bet spongebob doesn’t even trust the car/boat to drive itself given his current driving skills or lack thereof

Hamzah Hashmi says:

Self driving cars would also prevent drunk driving


Loved that out To of the car moving the screen away to the Tailosive symbol

Daniel Halawi says:

I would love one, they look so good and exciting to see how the tech gets better in the future

Vito Tomas says:

You can’t predict the future. Maybe we’ll all be dead in the aftermath of a nuclear fire… There are endless amounts of possibilities to what might happen with Tesla and other companies of such “nature”, so, let’s stay current….

Farah Pitcher says:

Hit up David Dobrik and test drive his tesla lol

Jango Fett Productions says:

I thought your logo meant you were an apple sheep because the t was shaped like sheep head

Nathan From Scotland says:

What if Tesla & Apple cooperate & your apple product can work seamlessly with your car

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