Today’s changes to the Tesla Line!

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its_a_trab says:

Man i cant wait until next week when samsung leaks their entire note 10 keynote

Viktor Helleblad says:

Mada Gascar


Ok Elon chill

Model S
Model 3
Model X
Model y

Elon… you sly dog..

Gerasimos Rico says:

Polestar 2 is better

Jonas Nyman says:

Hi Drew, it’s great to see you extend your content beyond just hand-held tech! I really liked hearing your view on a kinda techy automotive company like Tesla. Don’t be shy when it comes to different video ideas, I think it’ll bring good variation to your content!

SaDuck says:

Polestar 2 nudged tesla

Hideika says:

I wouldn’t be surprised if more people start using Teslas in the next 10 years

Ethan Pierce says:

What I live at a gas station? Hmmmmmmmm?

Aim Panot says:

Why is his the top of his forehead always red?

Jay Rizzel says:

Everyone forgets that there are a lot of people who don’t own a house and live in an apartment. Some of those individuals cannot charge their cars at “home” they have to go to a supercharger since there’s no way to have a charger at their apartment.

fad uddin says:

Ur me ok ur me tailosive tech I’m done ur me ok twin confirmed

Dennis Carlson says:

It would be nice to own a Tesla. However we live in the countryside, a hybrid seems like a better choice.

Patrick Donath says:

Could you please stop using these stupid emojis in your thumbnails? Most of the time they make me skip your videos.

MrViggi17 says:

Pls more tesla vids

Derpisderp6969 says:


Tony Darcy says:

I would buy a Tesla if my household needed a second car. It would be great for reducing the cost of travel and more convenient than using a petrol station, but I wouldn’t want it as my households only car as if I ever wanted to do a decent road trip it would get incredibly frustrating to need to plan a route with charging stations and have to wait half an hour for it to recharge. The availability of Tesla’s are also very limited in Australia and our government taxes them at the same rate as any other car so they are considerably more expensive than in the United States.

Dung Nguyen Manh says:

Um… what about degrading batteries?

RationalPragmatist says:

Sorry but you sound like a shill. Have you actually seen a Telsa 3 with the empty dashboard and just an “iPad” like display in the center console? Have you read Edmunds reports on the Tesla 3 – not good. Only selling online? That ignorant decision will guarantee they stay a niche car product. It’s one thing to sell phones online but even Apple has stores to sell them.

M G says:

One day Tesla Model 3 will be $1

Shaq Kromah says:

Does that mean I can drive this car while under the influence

Altaf Vhora says:

Good VDO Dude. Thank you.

Jordan Arslan says:

It’s shit all electric cars are shit and so are autonomous cars if you can’t drive on your own walk and stop destroying cars for the people who love them.i mean level 5 auto pilot this is real life not a video game i hate this new generation they want everything to be sugarcoated.

Pedro Henrique says:

i want teslas in brazil, for 35k i have the money to buy one, but i cant because they dont sell it here…

Christian Tab says:

Tesla and Samsung are in bed together you idiot

marksapollo says:

Cheap crap! It’s nothing but a plastic fantastic car and I get bloody nervous every time one passes me, because of all the crashes the cars have caused when the owners have used it’s semi autonomous systems! It is banned in several countries and states to be used fully autonomously.

Orlando Jr. says:

what about people that live in apartment complexes, how will they charge the tesla?

Dom T says:

Awesome video – I love Tesla and we have a 2014 Tesla Model S it truly a car from another world, it does everything right and isn’t over complicated but it’s still geeky and cool for those who want it to be. The Tesla team have some such a good job with these cars and I think if anyone is on the fence then I would say, just do it you will really never regret it.

Quackid says:

I’m getting really bored about BMW and FERRARI, but I like the sound..

vegass04 says:

Ok, tech Youtubers should stick to smartphones. Leave the cars to the enthusiasts. It’s you freaking millenials that are destroying the car industry for people that love cars. Autonomous driving.. Give me a break.

Crimson Harry says:

I hope Drew will have his own Tesla car in 2-3 years.

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