Top 10 Tesla Motors Facts

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Robert Burkhart says:

you forgot to mention Fiskar Motors as a competitor actually Fiskar was hired as a designer on the model s before leaving and starting his company they think he just wanted to steal their ideas

PangSplash says:

Top 10 ways to learn programming easier. PLZ take this really need it

Vishal Prajapati says:

nice car

Tylan Gildersleeve says:

Im make sure i get one

Heavie Walker says:

Not surprise to see Maryland, as one of the state that blocks the sale of tesla. This state is the home of crime, corruption, deaf and high taxation. You notice how the shape of the state on the map is shape like a gun.

WolfGrid says:

144 dislikes by Croats 😀

Jason Magik says:

The fact that these cars don’t charge themselves is incredibly stupid…I can just see the comments now.. the “but the laws of physics says you can’t do that” blah blah derpa derp. You physics “law” whores are some of the most ignorant people alive.

Ruben Lodewijk says:

Whatchmojo, sponsored by Tesla. How obvious.

Bulletpoint says:


Ivan Pavlovic says:

Mad Scientist ???

Harrison Farrell says:

Who else thinks they saw Bernie sanders at 2:41?

matt carnes says:

Some people may say that electric cars are gay but those are the people who feel the need to have the biggest car to show how manly they think they are and in reality electric cars are the future because were not going to have gas forever

Alpha Adhito says:

Renovo 0-60: 3,4
Tesla (Model S) 0:60: 2,8

Millar says:

Nikola Tesla was far from mad.

aleksandarking123 says:

nikola tesla is serbian so i know nikola tesla is not americkan

Nelis s says:

Nikola Tesla was born in CROATIA , not Serbia. His father was from Serbia but not him.

daimon hart says:

nope no worrie that ,,,,,,, just like mainly talk about mars ideas please ! mr musk …… and long term plans charing stations/costs ! ….. x is wow car

Andrey Rayman says:

how long can you use you’re tesla without charging it?

Luciano Leyva says:
M Infante says:

I want to see 10 facts about SpaceX.

Aseedling Films says:

smoke and mirrors was probably there best album to me at last

David Vermillion says:

sorry electric fas. You cant do this battery shit to big rigs, conainer ships and locomotives. you have to have a 80,000 horsepower diesel engine to move the largest container ship: Emma maersk. You need the horsepower and efficiency that a big rig diesel engine can get . and with locomotives, not everyone can aford to run powerlines along side the rails, and steels rails are not conductive enough to carry electricity over long distance.

Hilux The Invincible says:


solarlight15 solardark says:

Holy S*** I want all those cars

Domagoj Horvat says:

Nikola Tesla isn’t Serbian he is from Croatia

Tom y says:

Nikola Tesla is actually Croatian (he was born in Croatia)

claude V says:

What’s the HOOPLA with the Autopilot feature? It’s suppose to be so fun driving this car…

Kurt Foster says:

Model 3 now has 325,000 Reservations.
I suggest ordering soon as the wait time is increasing rapidly!

Mac_Plays_MCPE says:

Wow they started Tesla on MY BIRTHDAY 😀

- PlumpPilot - says:

Tesla for victory! I hope to buy their just announced model 3 when possible.

Wombats says:

Steve Jobs is 1x ….. Elon Musk is 10x

Niko Rimac says:

Wrong. Mr. Tesla was a Croatian not a dirty Serb

Xavi Quintana says:

oh come on, a lot noizy lamborginis are catching fire…

aleksandarking123 says:

and tesla car SUCKS!

Syamil Rashidi says:

Agreed the list.Model S looks good though

Jarwd says:

The only way I’d drive an electric car would be if Tesla starting selling engines separate of the cars, and I replaced an old car engine with it.

silhouette guy says:

petrol cool guy = christian von
eletric cool guy = elon musk

teddy roth says:

at where i live in switzerland (zurich) teslas are everywhere. it might just be because there is a lot of rich people here, you never know.

Jeremie Bricout says:

i love how Tesla literally smoooked the competition in barelly a decade

utubedano says:

I’ll probably consider one in the next maybe 15-20 years. Can’t see why before that.

boy juice says:

now if only it could be solar powered while you’re driving throughout the day, it would be the PERFECT car.

Rhuan Santos says:


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