Top 5 Tesla Model S Features!

Some fun with a Tesla Model S P85+ and all its glorious tech!

Special thanks to Nathan and Coulter from Tesla Motors.

Video Gear I use:

Intro/Outro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over



TheXboxninja ! says:

Surprisingly, I ACTUALLY own this car in FH3!!

iGameOver says:

Loved the video! Thank you for doing something different 🙂

Sam Sonwane says:

congratulations on your model S

Aryan Puthran says:

Who knew he would buy it after two years !


I’m concerned about it being hacked or things like that. Security

Miles says:

look at the bmw 750i keys

Zachary Miller says:

Cooler key- Koenigsegg Agera

Jayeezy JUX says:

It sucks that we’re heading into a time where cars feel less type writer and more laptop, but again in the case of type writer to laptop, I do believe it is for the best. It’s a shame that cars will go from feeling like sentient beings with their own individual voice to being silent drones but I mean they’ll still be fast so i guess it’s gonna be fine at the end of the day

Swapsome says:

Bro you’re honestly a inspiration

- ManuelDaGamer - says:

I like the car, but man i wish it had a sound option. I like cars that make cool and loud sounds.

Kerany L. Johnson says:

what do you mean you’ve never owned a car with all them subs you be getting you should be able to get 3 cars but hey I’m not a youtuber so idk shit but yeah

carspotter 0 says:

I am sorry this guys knows k nothing about cars

MrHSX says:

Well since the iPhone 7, the only con is gone now I guess? 🙂

Divyansh Mishra says:

Do you own the car ?

thetreeshaveads says:

my brother’s p80 is wild. Living in Ohio, his is rwd (its like the highest trim without being awd) i drove it a couple months ago in a snow storm and did mean doughnuts. Video on my channel.

George Asson says:

Cooler key: BMW 7 series

Matteo De Faveri says:

He said “show me a key better than this one” (referred to Tesla). Well, take a look at the key of the Pagani Huayra: that’s a piece of art

abhyudaya goyal says:

does this have voice recognition?

Castle Bravo says:

How come theres no exhaust pipes?

Sven Lobeto says:

And now you just ordered a P100D. OMG I am fucking hyped 😀

Karim Dulatov says:

You have never owned a car p, but you have driving license?

rbc21 says:

tech guy only buys tech car

Matt Hall says:

The Model S is much nicer than I had imagined. I’d go with a different color. White is so dull…

Random Spot says:

Silent killer

I know you're right, but says:

I guess you have to the video again, as there are new features with the X release, like automatic open/close doors..!

WeNeedLoveAndTruth says:

You seem like a nice enough guy, so having never owned a car, how can you possibly have had a reference with which to compare the Tesla automobile. Your number one attribute of the car is the sound system? Really? And I assume you have made videos before. So why did you not shoot the car with a decent background on a street that does not have trash on it? Don’t hold your breath for you Emmy to arrive. Come on, friend. Tesla wanted YOU to review their car and publish an opinion. Ridiculous.

Co-Operativa Egoista says:


anthony-y says:

Also there’s only 1 forward gear so no more manual transmissions or jerky automatics 😀

David J Partida says:

watching this video for the first time. crazy to see how the pixel camera slays the one you used for this video lol

rizwaan nazem says:

you didn’t mention autopilot

Cyberosy says:

I’m curious how long it takes to charge

Boggy Bolt says:

Am i crazy or did he says it has onboard 3G?

andrionary says:

What about autopilot??

Alex Nguyen says:

oh Tesla removed the audio jack. So they were cool before Apple and google.

John Green says:

Your videos are very thorough

Donatella Jacobs says:

Who is here because Marques ordered a Tesla P100D? Insane!!!

Nathan H. says:

reminds me of the pagani huayra’s key.

Витя Белов says:

full charge cant provide you for a long trip, and charging will take a lot of time. it cant compete with ice engines yet IMHO

Anerdi1 says:

I need one!

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