Top tech guru calls for a complete overhaul of Tesla’s board

Loup Ventures’ Gene Munster calls for a complete overhaul of Tesla’s board. Is Musk hurting Tesla? With CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Tim Seymour, Brian Kelly, Steve Grasso and Guy Adami.


Alan Brown says:

Al Gore? Please.

Phoenix love says:

Lol he is just another idiot tryn to have a say about nothin. Wonder what he has to say about trump.. Lol

Shawnny says:

I”ve been a big fan of Gene Munster. However, I really think spreading such FUD on the paid off CNBC is a big mistake. Elon is the primary reason why I’m a Tesla investor. They don’t need a board overhaul, what they need is a second in command to run operations like Sheryl Sandberg at Facebook or Gwynne Shotwell at SpaceX.

Kyle V says:

You can’t do that. If you take Elon out of the leadership position at Tesla. It’s no longer Tesla. He will be micromanaged by a bunch of bean pushers and the spirit of the company will die. Personally I wish he would have been able to go private just to get parasites like that guy on TV off his back. They care nothing about his vision or his goals and just want to bleed every dollar they can from him and his company

N W says:

Marijuana stocks are rallying because of Musk.

Vishal Rao says:

The street will never really understand tech. Elon should take Tesla private and not be beholden to daily scrutiny.

Scoundrel 91 says:

You elon cult members are pathetic.

Andi S says:

Compare to Trump, Elon actually lost/fired more Es than Trump.

Mr3344555 says:

So step down from my company but still work for the board? CNBC, do you realize he doesn’t care about money…. it’s like your requesting his ass virginity…. You’re asking crazy requests that are driven by emotions. He creates and envisions everything, and he created the company. Would Stark leave his company because you don’t like alcohol? (Weed in Elon’s case)

Chris Kyle says:

Al Gore is a crook. If he was on the board the stock would tank.

Aaron L says:

Al Gore?

Ralphie Nugs says:


Ufo Trailers says:

Tesla is killing it! BIG oil is only dumping stock every time there is any bad news blowen up by the news! This manuiplates the stock and share holders follow… but the share holders with knowledge of Tesla and Musk never sell or short! I’m up 100% buying lows!

Alan Brown says:

Gene says they should move Elon to a “comfortable visionary role.” I can’t imagine that ever happening, because the vision thing is just a small amount of his time at Tesla. There’s zero vision involved in trying to scale production of a product. Elon is the chief engineer, first and foremost.

What he needs is someone that is great at operations and recruiting and that is able to contend with him. This is a very tall order, obviously.

It is often suggested that it needs to be somebody from the car industry. I don’t think that’s necessary at the top, but certainly they need more industry experience. Tesla needs to understand what already works. But not so much that Tesla just copies what everybody does. Solving problems without preconceived ideas is also valuable.

Maybe designing incredible technology and making it work are the core of Tesla. Making copies (manufacturing) might not be core. I wonder where we’d be right now if Toyota had been put in charge of manufacturing the Model 3.

Of course, like most people on the outside looking in, I really don’t know anything firsthand.

Four Eyes says:

Pretty reasonable commentary. Hard to argue that talent leaving the company in droves is good for the company.

The_vb says:

Elon just need pouch a couple plant manager and manufacturing engineer from Toyota to help him solve all the manufacturing issue. Elon is a engineer but he doesn’t have enough manufacturing experience .

Bradley Rosenberg says:

He’s pumping the stock since he’s super long….this is tainted info.

Elon is a fraudster as is former Vice President mr gore.

Richard Kung says:

You cant steal Tesla’s secret sauce when Elon IS the secret sauce!

Mike M says:

This guy wants Elon to stay. He just doesn’t want Elon to have any power. Idiot.


Munster is a loser with 0.0000001% the intelligence of Elon Musk.

OakhillSailor says:

Calling him eccentric only emboldens his behaviour.

Igal Avraham Javdanfar says:

Al gore is a bigger idiot. Ewww.

Mike M says:

All because he took a hit of a blunt. Sad day in America. Stay where you are Elon.

monkeyboy4746 says:

I don’t think he is serious about “Al Gore”, he is just using that name as a “placeholder”, he didn’t really want to name anyone.

weezenberg says:

Elon don’t listen to Munster. He has a heart to hear interview with joe rogan and the whole world goes crazy. That’s not cool. Elon Musk is Tesla!


oooo jez wake me up jan/19 and lets see what these morons will say

Christian Carnes says:

Welcome to the CNBC communist report where we attempt to rob a man of his buisness and replace him with a burocrat for the “greater good.”

Paxton Saramaga says:

CNBC seems to be short Tesla…

Nearpoint says:

Al Gore! lmao, after that I can’t take anything he says seriously. Al Gore will for sure attract the best engineering talent ahaha wow.

Mightbe Sherwood says:

Investors did this to Steve Jobs, and regretted it.

monkeyboy4746 says:

I think he may have taken the red pill.

knewdles says:

Al Gore – Fast tracked To Mars??? Okay – Munster Has A Point !

RICKY G.E.D says:


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